Optifast 800 calorie diet

Columbus, GA

#170 Oct 24, 2008
I have done Optifast before and so have many friends and family. They liked what they saw! The only person to maintain the weight loss was the one who incorporated regular and sustained exercise. The rest of us gained back all and more of our weight. I am ready to do it again - many years later and committed to changing my lifestyle to keep the weight off.
Rhonda US wrote:
Okay I am seriously considering going on Optifast. However, I am worried about the statistics. 95% gain their weight back? Not very encouraging. Has anyone kept their weight off with this plan?

United States

#171 Oct 26, 2008
Casey- Whatever you do DON'T DRINK WINE! I made that mistake and paid very dearly the next day. I am a woman who has a very high tolerance for alcohol but when there is no food on your stomach the effects were awful. Don't do it.
Casey wrote:
I made the commitment today to start on Optifast tomorrow. I am extremely nervous as it is a real commitment of $, but I am desperate to loss 70 + lbs. I would appreciate any hints as to staying on the diet -- also need advice how to handle nightly glasses of wine. Has anyone been successful at incorporating something like this into the diet, or do I need to go absolutely cold turkey?

Brisbane, Australia

#172 Oct 26, 2008
Hi Alicia (and all females!)
You have to remember that, as girls, we retain a lot of water during certain times of the month. So, while the scales may be saying you're not losing anything, you're probably just retaining water right now (especially if you're doing it properly and drinking lots of water). Wait through your full cycle and see what happens...

Firebaugh, CA

#173 Oct 27, 2008
I just finished my program and lost 97lbs total, been off Optifast for 1 month and eating regular foods, I loved the program and loved the fact how my dr modified it for me. Dr.Caldron was great. He really took care of me. I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to avoid surgery.


#174 Nov 1, 2008
I am in my first week of Optifast. The place I go has a doctor on staff. I had blood work before I began. When the doctor went over the test results, she told me that I am a diabetic. Several times this week I have felt faint. Is this normal?

United States

#175 Nov 3, 2008
Thank Lori for the referral. Dr. Caldron was great. Just started today. I am doing three shakes and two bars. Cant wait.

Hammond, IN

#176 Nov 5, 2008
I'm on my 5th week of Optifast. I've lost 25lbs and I have 25lbs left to go. I really love the program and think I may have a hard time going back to solid foods. I've already been thinking of ways to get around it. For example when I trans to Veggies, I'll just drink a V8 and a huge water. Hopefully I get over this feeling before the trans happens. I really didn't have a lot to loose to begin with. I started at 188 and i'm trying to loose 50lbs. But if anyone has any questions or would like some extra support feel free to email me at [email protected]

Santa Ana, CA

#177 Nov 12, 2008
I tried Optifast to only fail with program. I saw Dr. Kerendian in Beverly Hills. His program was expensive, plus he never really saw me. I always saw his staff instead. Maybe the program works, but the doctor was charging for his new office. Is there something better out there. How is Tristar. Are they good? I would consider doing it again. It seems like they have more of a staff.

Palatine, IL

#178 Nov 17, 2008
How many optifast 800 should i drink in a day?
Angie wrote:
I too have just started this diet, and from what i hear depending on how well u adhere to the limitions (NO FOOD and PLEANTY of WATER!!!) you should lose the 100 in a mater of maybe 4 to 5 months. but why for throught the surgery if you are going to loose the weight so fast naturly? keep me posted on your progress and ill do the same.

Palatine, IL

#179 Nov 17, 2008
How many optifast 800 do you recommend drinking in a day?

United States

#180 Nov 18, 2008
Patty thanks alot, I loved Dr. Caldron's offices, they actually took my insurance for my office visits. It's affordable program. I love Nicole, and especially Cleo.

Santa Ana, CA

#181 Nov 19, 2008
I saw Dr. Kerendian with his Optifast program, I lost weight at first but only to regain it. The shakes work, but I guess I needed support during the transition, which he did not provide any. Had flake of a nutritionist in which she rescheduled me three times. If, it was not for the receptionist I would of left his program

San Antonio, TX

#182 Nov 19, 2008
Going to start Optifast program this week. Dr. suggested one half of Phentermine 37.5 pill daily. Hesitant about pill. Any one tried that with program? Need to take off about 45 lbs. to be satisfied. Do not want a quick drop but gradual small drop weekly. Not easy to exercise but can walk. Program is expensive and want to be successful. Any problem mixing small amount of regular food with glass of wine 2-3 times a week and staying with Optifast rest of week. Thoughts?

Since: Nov 08

Newport, RI

#183 Nov 25, 2008
I just started Optifast this past week and while I by no means consider myself to be an expert, I did do so research so I thought I'd try to clear some things up/answer some questions.

First and foremost everyone needs to understand that Optifast is a very drastic weight loss regimen. The purpose of the program is to help individuals that very much need to lose weight do so very quickly. I would honestly say that if you are looking to lose less than 30 or so pounds, look elsewhere as the program can be very difficult.

Basically Optifast is either a complete or partial meal replacement program that focuses on a very low daily caloric intake. It is very important to enter into this program under a doctors supervision.

A person either enters into a full fast program, in which they only consume "shakes" or a partial or modified fast program where a person consumes fewer shakes per day and has one very much regulated meal consisting of exactly 5oz of lean protein, 5oz of vegetables and specific fruits.

In the program you should only be taking in about 30% of your daily carbs and 150% of your daily protein and you really need to see a doctor to make sure you don't start starving. Literally, if you screw up the program it is possible for a person to start seeing organ damage from starvation.

Optifast operates under the idea that a person very much starts to "fast." After four days or so on Optifast a person should begin fasting, where their body adjusts to start burning fat to compensate for the lack of calories. For this reason it is very important that a person not cheat. If for example one day you splurge and have a cheeseburger you reset the fast clock and it takes your body another three or four days to adjust back to only being on 800 calories. From what I've read, if a person desperately needs to eat something they should stick to either very lean meat or vegetables. Fruits should be avoided as the additional sugar can screw up your system.

Fried or fatty foods really really need to be avoided in the program as after several weeks, your body just doesn't know how to handle them. They can apparently make a person pretty sick and need to be phased in gradually at the end of the program.

Since: Nov 08

Newport, RI

#184 Nov 25, 2008
From everything I've read and what my doctor told me, Optifast does not equal Slimfast. Optifast is very low carb/high protein whereas Slimfast is very high in sugars, carbs, etc. Slimfast is essentially a whole meal replacement and shouldn't really be considered similar to Optifast.

In terms of weight loss, it is entirely dependent on a number of factors.

Men tend to lose more. If you think about it, men in general have a higher daily caloric intake and need more calories daily, so cutting that is going to result in more drastic weight loss.

The heavier a person is, the more weight loss you are going to see on a weekly basis. A 200lb woman looking to lose 50lbs isn't going to see the same weight loss as a 400lb woman looking to lose 250lbs. Generally speaking, the larger the body, the greater number of calories that body needs to simply operate daily. Necessarily that person is going to lose more on a weekly basis.

Patients tend to see less weight loss the longer they are in the program. This simply has to do with the fact that the more weight a person loses, the less weight there is to lose and the fewer calories a now smaller body needs to operate daily.

A great deal of water needs to be consumed each day. Generally at least 64oz but there doesn't really seem to be an upper limit. Again, the nutritional/vitamin make-up of Optifast is crazy so a person really needs to consume enough liquid to make sure they aren't dehydrated.
In terms of exercise, if someone is entering a Optifast program, that program should contain some sort of exercise evaluation and stress test where your doctor tells you exactly what you should be doing. Walking and light jogging is good, but because of the diet, especially on full fast, excessive exercise should be avoided. Any sort of weight lifting aside from very very light toning should be avoided as your body simply isn't taking in enough protein to build proper muscle mass. If a person tries to put on muscle, their body can actually react by breaking down other muscle to compensate and could end up pretty messed up.

It seems entirely possible for Optifast to be comparable to any sort of weight loss surgery. It's entirely possible for a very heavy person to lose 150lbs or so over six months on Optifast. Plus you get to avoid being cut up.

The most important thing to remember is that Optifast, at least from what I've gathered, is for very drastic short term weight loss. After being in the program a person really needs to evaluate their life and adjust their normal eating so the weight doesn't pile back on.

Hope someone finds all this useful. If so, I'll try to post some other info later.

Tampa, FL

#185 Nov 26, 2008
I have just completed my first week of optifast. I have absolutley no food, drink water, and I walk. In one week I have lost 16 pounds. This stuff is amazing!!!!!!!!

United States

#186 Dec 1, 2008
Alicia wrote:
I have just started on the diet, I have been on it for about two weeks. I see people saying how much they've lost in such a short amount of time. I in my own opinion have lost no weight and i'm doing it perfectly (Meaning no food!). Could someone please tell me if this is normal and if I should actually stick to it?
I did optifast in the past. It is 'rapid' weight loss, therefore it is normal. I wasn't as obese as others in my program, so some people lost 2-3 pounds a week and others lost as much as 20 in their first two weeks. Overall, this program was the best thing I have done for myself.

It's important to follow through with the maintenance portion of the program and not rely on it as a quick fix. Follow the plan as prescribed and you won't have to worry.

Good luck!

Long Beach, CA

#187 Dec 8, 2008
Thanks to all of you for taking the time to comment on this blog. I am starting the Optifast program tomorrow (12/9/08)I am 50 lbs overweght and I have invested everyting financially, and emotionally into weight loss. I am very nervous about doing this especially right b4 the Holidays but I have to get rid of 50 lbs asap. Any and all helpful encouragement or info is greatly appreciated.

Long Beach, CA

#188 Dec 8, 2008
Jacqueline wrote:
I have done Optifast before and so have many friends and family. They liked what they saw! The only person to maintain the weight loss was the one who incorporated regular and sustained exercise. The rest of us gained back all and more of our weight. I am ready to do it again - many years later and committed to changing my lifestyle to keep the weight off.
<quoted text>
Wow...how sobering. 95% gain it back???!!! This progrqam is very expensive for me and I really want to maintain the wieght loss.(I start tomorrow 12/8/08) I just can never go thru the anguish of obesity anymore

Mount Waverley, Australia

#189 Dec 17, 2008
I am doing a trial with a local hospital and have been on OF for 2 weeks. I have lost 6kgs at 2 week mark which I was happy with. I have 3 OF meals a day with 2 cups of vegetables. I am on rapid weight loss program versus slow weight loss with which is better to maintain..so far so good!!! I did last week go out for dinner and had a piece of grilled fish but had wine also..next day was I sick!!!

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