Optifast 800 calorie diet
michelle qld australia

Brisbane, Australia

#5628 Sep 27, 2013
Being optifast 4 weeks lost over twenty lbs going well and had small piece o myf sons birthday cake on second week ...and little chicken accasionally....still loosing weight ....all good!!

Arbil, Iraq

#5629 Sep 27, 2013
I am so glad to find this discussion board. Today marks my 6th week of Optifast without cheating. I started back in July but was really only on it for about 4 days for a total of 2 weeks.Then I restarted August 14 and have not gone off plan since except for a few days where I have chewed a lot of sugar free gum.
I find that on the Optifast the first week was really awful. All food called my name all the time. After that it got easier. That first week I lived on diet jello, diet soda, added fiber to the shakes, and made my own diet frozen pops. I also used flavoring extract and fake sugar in the shakes. I made a mantra of "I support my thin self" and would scream it loud when tempted. ha ha ha tried to do that screaming only when alone.
Now I am back at work in a foreign country. TSA confiscated my extracts in the airport stating I was only allowed 1 zip lock bag of liquids. I had 4! Can't buy extract here. So I have been doing the shakes plain with extra water and no fake sugar.
Went out of country to get emergency medical treatment for a knee injury.(silly accident) Bought extract and found I no longer like it! That was a surprise.
Anyhow what works for me on this plan is to keep the flavor of the shake the same every day and to add extra water to the shake. I make each shake with 800mls water. I avoid diet soda except for special occasions, this is because I no longer like the taste of it.
Weekends are harder. I space out my shakes and also add in 1 bowl of "soup" which is just low calorie broth.
My starting weight was 286.8 pounds.(gasp! I am only 5ft 2inches tall if my hair is teased up high enough). Today I weighed in at 237. It is better than where I started but not yet where I want to be.
I feel better, except for the knee I injured. I sleep better. I do not have to take any antacids. My doctor did all the blood work and said the numbers are good.
My main success strategies are to avoid high risk situations. I do not go shopping for water while hungry. I time a shake for when I have to join friends for meals. I do not keep food in my house.(Maybe not so easy for those of you who live with others.) I watch a lot of you tube featuring successful losers like The Joy Luck Club, Fat Doctor, Biggest Loser, Supersize vs SuperSkinny, etc. Watching these shows helps me to remember that you can be very large and then lose a lot of weight.
I would love to hear what others are doing to try to keep inspired. It is hard for me because all of the people I work with are extremely thin and they seem to eat a lot. We all eat morning tea and
lunch together which is provided by our employer. I drink a shake at that time. Colleagues are quick to remind me to check that the lid is secured since a few weeks ago it wasn't and I sprayed everyone with optifast. oops.
One kind soul said to me the other day, "Wow you are looking positively skinny." She meant it in a nice way but compared to her 100 pound frame I am far from skinny. I would like to be around 130.
I also have the dragon breath from Optifast and I can smell it coming out of my pores as well. But it is worth it as this is the only diet that has released me from cravings.
Bonnie - Rancho Mirage CA

Palm Springs, CA

#5630 Sep 29, 2013
Starting 4th week today and down 13 lbs. Feeling much better now. Tattoocutie81 - I had stomach pains for week, but it passed. I've had a couple of chicken breast with grilled veggies dinners and still didn't effect scale. I tell myself, the light at the end of the short tunnel is a chicken breast on Fri night - it makes it better. The light at the end of the long tunnel is to be at 160 lbs.(at 210 now)
Vonda - how ya doin'?

Downingtown, PA

#5631 Sep 29, 2013
Kay - you are doing so awesome! You have your head in the right place to succeed. I am so proud of you. Thank you for re-motivating me to get back on track. Please keep posting your progress. I found chewing gum helps me get though my hunger or get over the smell of food. And, I like to stay busy and keep my mind occupied.

Chino Hills, CA

#5632 Sep 29, 2013
Bonnie - Rancho Mirage CA wrote:
Starting 4th week today and down 13 lbs. Feeling much better now. Tattoocutie81 - I had stomach pains for week, but it passed. I've had a couple of chicken breast with grilled veggies dinners and still didn't effect scale. I tell myself, the light at the end of the short tunnel is a chicken breast on Fri night - it makes it better. The light at the end of the long tunnel is to be at 160 lbs.(at 210 now)
Vonda - how ya doin'?
Bonnie!!! So glad you are doing so great!!!! Keep up the good work.!!!

Since: Aug 13

Newark, CA

#5634 Oct 2, 2013
so in 7 weeks I have lost 27lbs... I cant complain I just thought it would be more then that by now. only have a few more weeks of the active phase.. I am hoping to be under 200.. don't know how that is going to work out... I started at 271 and today I am 244.. we shall see what happens!!

Balgowlah, Australia

#5635 Oct 3, 2013
What's your most helpful tip/s of optifast? Care to share

Arbil, Iraq

#5636 Oct 3, 2013
I love reading everyone's posts. It keeps me energized. It is now the weekend for me which is the hardest time to not eat.
Tips for Optifast. hmm avoid the "too anything". Meaning don't get too tired, too hungry, too stressed, too upset, too blah blah blah.

In my life I have used food as a coping strategy for so long that I find myself, at times, unable to cope. So in those moments I give myself a time out. I take a bath or sleep or go for a walk as a way to refocus. I realize that I can only do what is human and normal. I should not have the expectation that I be superwoman and able to please everyone and do all things for others. Saying on an even keel helps me to stay on plan.

I have become mean. If someone asks me to make cookies or food I give a cash donation to the cause instead. Sometimes people will say, "Oh I miss eating your blanks..." I email them the recipe instead of making it for them. I feel free to say no to attending events that I don't feel strong enough to avoid the foods at. Somedays I can handle being around tons of food while other days I can't. If people really are my friends they will understand these things.

Really I think living without food is for me like an addict without their drug. I have to learn how to cope in other ways.
I do make crystal light ice pops in my freezer for moments when I must have something to eat and the sugar free gum fails.(Some experts think gum stimulates the appetite too much, I do not notice a difference in my case.)I may have a bowl of chicken clear bullion/broth. Mostly I pray that the urge to eat passes. It always passes in about 30 minutes. I ride it out. It is like a wave that comes onto the shore. It crashes and then breaks up. I use that mental imagery.

For me my biggest tip is remembering what my life will be like if I do not take off the weight. The idea of being in a wheelchair due to destroyed joints, not being able to wash myself properly because my arms are not long enough to get around the fat, being denied boarding on aircraft because I need 2 seats (big issue when you work internationally because not all air carriers have seats as wide as USA airlines. Southwest is a little bigger than average Asian airlines and even it is small for my butt), and never meeting a man who loves me for who I am... These reasons are now greater than the desire to eat. It wasn't always that way for me that my reasons for weight loss were bigger than the desire to eat. But when I hit 278 pounds and those things became a reality I decided enough was enough. It just happens to be now. The time to lose weight is now for me. Not yesterday and certainly not tomorrow because I have lied to myself for far too long about the healthy eating starting tomorrow. Kind of goes like this, "Oh I can eat the nameoffood today because tomorrow I will start my new diet."

The first 2 weeks were the worst. Now as long as I am on plan I do not have to go through that withdrawal from food. I want to stay on plan until the end.

Am going to visit the weight loss specialist doctor in about 1 week in India. That is closer to me than going back to the USA for consultation. They are using Optifast in India and a local similar version. There is an incredible obesity problem among the middle and upper classes in India. I found that out when I lived there a few years ago. Hard to see obesity side by side with starvation and malnutrition. Will be focusing at that appointment on how to do transition and maintain loss.

Good luck to everyone. We can do this. Just think how much thinner we will be by 1 Jan. While others will be just starting, we will wake up and know that our journey is well underway.
Cheers and have a happy weekend.

Arbil, Iraq

#5637 Oct 3, 2013
Oh I forgot my most important thing.
I bought 5 big shaker bottles from a health food store. Everyday I pack a bag with 5 packets of shakes, those bottles, and a plastic grocery bag since the dirty bottles leak. Then I use cold water and have my shakes on time everywhere I go.

When I am on travel, I pack some thicker paper and my shake packets. Then I buy individual bottles of water as needed and make a funnel out of the paper by folding it into a cone shape. I dump the powder into the bottle's funnel and shake it up. Does not mix as nice as the shaker bottles but no clean-up either.

Some fast food places will give you a big cup for free and let you get water out of their machine. This is mostly in the USA. I offer to pay for the cup. A Burger King in Turkey gifted me with a cup 2 weeks ago. Thank you Burger King!

It is easier in a cup because you can use a spoon to mix it. I am not shy about explaining the doctor put me on a diet, blah blah blah.

Downingtown, PA

#5638 Oct 3, 2013
Kay - wow, you beautifully put into words just how I feel. Thank you! I am so proud of you and am energized by your drive to focus on you!

We all find so many execuses of why we don't or can't succeed. I think it's because we love others more than ourselves and it is rewarding (and easier) to help others. We never thank ourself for taking care of ourself. WHY NOT. We need to love ourselves more and then we will be better for and to everyone else. I am going to start saying "thank you" to myself every time I am good to me!

Enough philosophy for today ;0)

Since: Aug 13

Newark, CA

#5639 Oct 7, 2013
nearing in on week 8.. down 30 lbs... hopefully will be a bit more before weigh in on Wednesday.... am I on track? not sure? was hoping for more by now..

Arbil, Iraq

#5640 Oct 7, 2013
It is so hard to see the weightloss in myself. I can see how some clothing is bigger now.

Recently I had to go for a new government ID. When I saw my face in the photo I can see the weightloss in it.

That got me to thinking I should take more photos of myself at least one per month to be able to see my results more objectively.

A friend who is also dieting buys or finds something that weighs as much as her weight loss to help herself visualize the loss.

Am wondering how do you all notice your weight loss?
Bonnie - Rancho Mirage CA

Palm Springs, CA

#5641 Oct 7, 2013
Down 17 lbs. so far. Came up with a fab. recipe. One package Shirataki noodles (20 calories) with a package of powder chicken soup. YUM - sprinkled top with chives. It was really good and when something is only 20 calories it's an added bonus. You can buy the noodles at Ralph's Grocery store and lots of health food places. $1.69 at Ralphs. The real key is to rinse and rinse the noodles before adding them to your soup. I even boiled them to improve the taste first.

Since: Aug 13

Newark, CA

#5642 Oct 7, 2013
I have been taking photos a lot.. you can really see it in the photos.. trust me.. I wish I can post the photo on here...

Dunnville, Canada

#5643 Oct 9, 2013
Try Optifast Australia they have a lot of information available

Dunnville, Canada

#5644 Oct 9, 2013
Anne wrote:
I lost 35 pounds while doing a supervised program a year ago but now the old bad eating habits and pounds are starting to creap back. My plan is to do the Optifast 800 plan again, but this time, to save money, on my own without medical supervision and the support of a group. Is there anyone out there in the same boat? Suggestions on going at it alone? Any and all advise welcome. Any other sites I can get support from. Thanks!
Try the Optifast Australia website they have lots of information

Arbil, Iraq

#5645 Oct 9, 2013
The formula used for Optifast in Australia is different than what is used in the USA. I used to live in Australia so have checked it out. If you want to follow the Australian protocol ship in the Australian formula. You can buy it from any pharmacy online in Australia or New Zealand.

For the USA the minimum is 5 packets a day if you go full fast. If you take any less than 5 a day on full fast you run immense health risks due to lack of potassium and other vital nutrients.

I am doing it on my own using the USA packets. Every month I get my blood drawn to check for nutrient imbalances or other signs that my body is stressed. I also make sure I get an EKG once a month to check for heart abnormalities that may occur in a small percentage of people doing Optifast. I live overseas so I can get my own healthcare done but there are no doctors experienced here with Optifast.

I suggest you go to Weight Watchers instead and try their program because that is my plan for maintenance after I do the transition. You can easily have a few Optifast shakes on the Weight Watchers program, count their points and then eat some other regular food and still lose weight. Since you do not have much to lose maybe that will work?

Overeaters anonymous has a website and they have online meetings. It is free and might be helpful for you.

I would also check out any books written by Geneen Roth on the issues of eating. She is an excellent clinician and her books have really helped me figure out why I eat. That I think is the key to lasting weight loss, figuring out why you eat, how to use food as fuel only, etc.

Good luck. You can do this and lose weight successfully. My neighbor lost more than 120 pounds and has kept it off for years. She says her secret is getting on the scale every day. If her weight goes up more than 3 pounds she will then eat only protein and vegetables steamed until she is back at goal weight. I guess we each have to find what works for ourselves.:-)

Springfield, VA

#5646 Oct 21, 2013
I started the Optfast 800 two weeks ago I only lost 7 pounds. I thought you loose a lot more. I am 36 but I am in menopause because of my health. any advise please

Arbil, Iraq

#5647 Oct 21, 2013
The amount of weight you lose and the speed with which you lose depends so much upon different factors.

Men lose faster than women, generally.

People who have less total weight to lose also lose slower. I get annoyed when I see people post big weight loss per week and then I find out they weigh 600 pounds. Of course they will lose more than the rest of us who are around 250 pounds...

People who have less muscle mass lose weight slower because muscle is more metabolically active than fat.

Some people think they are being compliant with the plan but then add in too many extra calories with gum, crystal light, etc. I find even a taste of regular food takes me out of the mild ketosis which means I am then hungrier and suffering. If I do this diet as planned then I have very little hunger.

For me the weight loss seems to go in spurts. I have weeks where I don't seem to lose but 1 or 2 pounds. Then all of a sudden I notice my clothing is getting too big. I try to use a tape measure as a way of looking at my progress in addition to the scale.

The other thing I remember is that there are 52 weeks in 1 year. If I lose 2 pounds a week than means that by this time next year I will be 104 pounds lighter. That is pretty fast weight loss if you ask me, considering it took me how many years to get to this size?

Why don't you ask your doctor about adding in some weight training exercises to increase your total muscle mass. I don't mean become like a bodybuilder, just tone.

Consider drinking green tea. Many people make it wrong causing the tea to become bitter. Just bring the water to the point you see the first tiny, little bubble. Turn the heat off and pour water over tea. Count to 60 and take out the tea bag. Ready to drink.(I lived in Japan so they taught me how.) Take at least 6 mugs a day. It increases your metabolism.

Cut out all fake sweeteners. The new research showing how artificial sugars are not good is scary. I thought I was doing the right thing using them but turns out they are not really helpful.

I hate to drink water so I dilute my shakes way down with lots of water. That keeps my water intake up without me actually having to drink a lot of water. I got used to the new taste after about 1 week so now it seems normal to me.

Try to be patient with your body. It will eventually get to where you want it to go. Hang in there, you can do this. It is not forever, just a season.

Springfield, VA

#5648 Oct 22, 2013
kay, thanks for your reply. yesterday I had my appointment to see how much more I was down. I only lost 2 pounds :( well actually its not bad since i used to gain now i lose. Also you are right if you loose only 2 pounds in year would be a lot. I need to loose 45 pounds so I need to be patient with my body.

I think I am not patient because its little expensive that is why i wanted to loose fast. my body is getting used to it now.
thanks again I will update about my results. its nice to talk to people whom they have same journey.

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