To All Asian Women: Do you like Black...
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#9806 Jan 18, 2013
Oh my, a "genius"

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#9807 Jan 18, 2013
African Genius, 14 Year Old Self Taught Engineer makes Electricity For Village

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#9808 Jan 18, 2013
Self-taught African Teen Wows M.I.T.

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#9809 Jan 18, 2013
Amazing 15 Year Old Headed To Harvard.(Must See)

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#9810 Jan 18, 2013
Millionaire in the Making
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#9811 Jan 18, 2013
4 year old speaks 4 languages (Polight's beautiful daughter)

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#9812 Jan 18, 2013
I'll stop there I've proved my point. The list goes on and on of genius from the black culture.

Jackson can you tell me why so many black people are geniuses over an intelligent man like you?

And this is some of the results below.

The African Billionaires 2012

South African billionaire Patrice Motsepe

This year, a record 1,226 billionaires made it to FORBES’ annual ranking of the World’s richest people.

African billionaires occupied a little over 1% of the positions on the list. Here are the 16 Africans who made the cut:

Aliko Dangote,$11.2 billion
Nigeria, Sugar, Cement, Flour
Africa’s cement king has shed more than $2.6 billion from his net worth since last year as a consequence of Nigeria’s floundering stock market. But don’t feel sorry: Dangote still remains the richest man on the continent. He famously started trading commodities three decades ago with a business loan from an uncle, then went on to build the $15 billion (combined market capitalization) Dangote Group which now has interests in everything from sugar refineries, flour milling, salt processing and cement plants in Nigeria, Zambia, Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa.

Nicky Oppenheimer & family,$6.8 billion

South Africa, Diamonds

Last November, Oppenheimer agreed to a historic sale of his family’s 40% stake in De Beers, the world’s largest producer of rough diamonds to Anglo American in a $5.1 billion deal. Oppenheimer has vowed to invest a substantial part of the money in Africa. So far, he has invested heavily in Tana Africa Capital, a $300 million private equity joint venture with Singapore state investor Temasek Holdings. The fund will invest primarily in the agricultural and consumer goods sectors across Africa. Passionate cricketer.

Nassef Sawiris,$5.1 billion

Egypt, Construction

Nassef Sawiris, the youngest son of Orascom conglomerate founder and fellow billionaire, Onsi Sawiris, heads Orascom Construction Industries, one of Egypt’s largest publicly-traded companies. Sawiris also owns substantial stakes in cement companies Lafarge and Texas Industries.

Johann Rupert & family,$5.1 billion

South Africa, Luxury Goods

Luxury goods billionaire Rupert serves as chairman and chief executive officer of Richemont, a Swiss holding company that controls premium brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, Alfred Dunhill, Montblanc and Chloé. Also chairs South African investment holding companies, Remgro Ltd and Reinet Investments Manager. The automobile enthusiast established the Franschhoek Motor Museum which houses his personal collection of over 200 antique vehicles.

Mike Adenuga,$4.3 billion

Nigeria, telecom, banking, oil

Reclusive tycoon was the first Nigerian to strike oil in commercial quantities through his firm, Conoil Producing. Today, the company is Nigeria’s largest indigenous oil exploration company producing some 100,000 barrels per day. Also owns Globacom, Nigeria’s second largest mobile telecom operator which boasts over 15 million active subscribers.

Naguib Sawiris,$3.1 billion

Egypt, Telecom

The eldest son of Onsi Sawiris, Naguib built up Orascom Telecom to become the dominant mobile telecoms operator in the Maghreb region. In 2010, he sold off his family’s stake in the company to Russia’s VimpelCom for $6.5 billion. He subsequently made his foray into politics, founding the Free Egyptians party in April 2011 to promote free markets and a secular platform.

Christoffel Wiese,$3.1 billion

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#9813 Jan 18, 2013
Jackson, and before you trip on the difference of amount of rich people between cultures, it's not about the amount, it's about all people are capable of achieving the highest plattform of geniuses, especially when they're not being systematically or personally discriminated against, purposely disenfranchised.

Shanghai, China

#9814 Jan 20, 2013
My fiancé is African-American so yes i like them very much :)

Atlanta, GA

#9815 Jan 20, 2013
Changying wrote:
My fiancé is African-American so yes i like them very much :)
Like "them" or him?
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#9816 Jan 21, 2013
Making a troll connection from you here to the very next post.
Jackson wrote:
<quoted text>
I suspect I'd have to pay!
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#9817 Jan 21, 2013
Jackson again, really! Dude Kennesaw Ga. is used as your location as jackson on the previous page. You're jumpimg from one country to another and from city to city just to troll not to mention all over topix. You and BASIL have the same blood line. But yet you're the voice of reason as a very intelligent white man huh?

I like when I read another poster wrote, "when a white man fear a black man, hatred and racism follows" I can't agree more. That statement is 100% "TRUE"
Lucas wrote:
<quoted text>
Like "them" or him?


Since: May 12

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#9818 Jan 21, 2013
Californian wrote:
Speaking for myself, I am not used to being around black men. I guess Asians and blacks don't usually mingle. The 2 cultures are too different. I want a man with at least some college education, high ambition who is faithful, nice, and respectful whether he is Asian or black. It's not about being materisalistic but these qualities are our identities and show how "well" we are prepared to support our future families. So if the black man has the above qualities, he'll have a higher chance of catching the Asian women's attention.
I think you live in the past.


Since: May 12

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#9819 Jan 21, 2013
Jon Sack wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't think white men are in the slightest bit insecure about black men. How could you feel insecure and inferior to a race you effectively owned and dominated? Seriously, you have to do better than that.
While we're on the subject on mass killings, let's look beyond the USA shall we?
Try not to forget that Whites were owned and dominated by Africans for a longer period in history. The farm killings can also never even compete with one situation of mass killings by Whites.

For instance this;

Body count 15 million Black Africans.


Since: May 12

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#9820 Jan 21, 2013
Californian wrote:
To Tony: Are you sure it's not because you can't get an Asian lady's attention even if you want to? Aw, rejection always sucks so the rejected goes around pretending to reject his rejector to alleviate his pain.
To Spartan: Go back and read my post several times again will you? When I read your post, I could tell your reading skill was below average even though you claimed to be a teacher. First of all, I was giving an advice to another black man. Secondly, I was talking about myself. I said SOME college education (not high education) high AMBITION (not exclusively white men nor wealthy black/Asian men,)NICE, RESPECTFUL, and FAITHFUL REGARDLESS of what ethnicity the man is. Since when are these superficial qualities?
What you wrote told me that, as you read my advice to another black man, you already had a stereotype about Asian people in your mind (even though your wife is Chinese.)You saw some words you associated with Asian people's beliefs without thoroughly reading my EXACT words and thinking about what I meant, right away you jumped at the opportunity to vent. Also, like I said, Asians think about these qualities as our identities, our accomplishment through hard work. It's not so much about being materialistic. I don't think you understand Asian culture at all. Sure there is exception but we're talking about the majority here. And I am not saying it's good or bad. It just i, and so I was trying to tell the poster about this so he would have a higher chance of dating an Asian lady because more likely this is what he'll need to deal with. But the traits I listed are universally desirable anyways for the opposite sex and for someone to have himself, aren't they? Why are you so bitter?
It's fine to me that you do not have what I look for in MY man. It's not like I was even rejecting you for being who you were. Last time that I remembered, I was giving some people who asked for advices. Give others your advice without trashing others will you?
You think Spartan's reading skills are below par when you personally can't even write in English? Let me help you;

1)"I could tell your reading skill was below average even though you claimed to be a teacher"

It should be; 'I could tell your reading SKILLS WERE below average though you claim to be a teacher'

2)"First of all, I was giving an advice"

It should be giving advice not "giving an advice"

3)"Sure there is exception but we're talking about the majority here"

There is no chance there is just one exception to the rule, and I'm sure your silly arse didn't mean that. The correct grammar would be; there are exceptions.

But to hell with your poor English, even what you say is nonsense. What Asian culture? Are we talking about curry? You really think getting a good education and wanting a man who can take care of the family is exclusive to the aspirations of Asian people? You think this is a culture thing? Then Nigerians (the highest percent degree holders on the planet) must be Asian too right? Asians don't share one culture, and the normal aspirations that all humans have for their kids and drum into them cannot be described as culture.

The same way that hip hop can not be called Black culture even though some fools call it that. Go to Africa if you want to experience their cultures. Education and family are highly regarded.
Do not waste your ugly arse trying to patronize Black people.

My X was Asian I loved her but my mum hated her and said she wasn't good enough. At the time I never understood it, now I thank my mum. She had no education but was very beautiful. Like you she believed only I had to prove I was worthy of her. I have a degree she never got one and today is a loser. Do not come here showing your ignorance.

There are plenty uneducated and educated Asian girls who would love to date a Black man so don't talk nonsense.
Anne Ying

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

#9822 Jan 22, 2013
Jon Sack wrote:
Not to make you feel even more bitter and depressed but how sweet it is with some of my country women celebrating the re-election of a black man in Washington (See Picture Below):

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#9823 Jan 22, 2013
And congratulations to my wonderful, fabulous president Barack Obama!!!
You are something special. You’re a brother and a brother’s keeper.
You are loved and we know you love us.

From sea to shinning sea, from the U.S. to the mother land of Africa, under the rising sun of Japan, we celebrate with and for you!

From Who Dat:


Browsing:/ Home / 2012 / November / Did the World celebrate Obama’s re-election?


Did the World celebrate Obama’s re-election?

By - wavuti on November 7, 2012

Cross-posting this article from The Assiciated Press

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP)-- From his old school in Indonesia to a Japanese beach town that happens to share his name, people around the world cheered President Barack Obama's re-election Wednesday and expressed hope that he will help allay global conflicts and economic woes.

The results of Tuesday's election were closely watched in many countries. Several U.S. embassies held mock elections and threw parties as returns came in.

At Jakarta's Menteng 01 Elementary School, which Obama once attended, students happily marched with a poster of the president from one classroom to another after hearing that he had defeated Republican Mitt Romney to win a second term. "Obama wins ... Obama wins again," they shouted.

A statue of a young "Barry" Obama, as he was called as a child, stands outside the school.

"I want to be like him, the president," student Alexander Ananta said.

The news also thrilled Obama's former nanny in Indonesia, Evie, who became well known this year following reports of her struggles living in the conservative country as a transgender.

"Hopefully, he will contribute to the betterment of not only American citizens, but to the world as well," said Evie, who like many Indonesians uses only one name.

China's Foreign Ministry said President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiaobao phoned Obama to congratulate him. Vice President Xi Jinping, who is to begin taking over this week in China's once-a-decade leadership transition, phoned Vice President Joe Biden to congratulate him.

British Prime Minister David Cameron posted his regards on Twitter: "Warm congratulations to my friend (at)BarackObama. Look forward to continuing to work together."

In China, Obama's re-election was good news for people concerned about Romney's vow to label China a currency manipulator if elected. Some feared that would ignite a trade war between the world's two biggest economies.

"His re-election is in line with what the Chinese people want," said Hong Zihan, a graduate student who monitored the results at a U.S. Embassy event in Beijing.

For Obama, Japan, the president's re-election means more opportunity to capitalize on their shared name. Obama means "little beach" in Japanese.

The western coastal town threw a party as they watched the election returns. Hula dancers known as the Obama Girls swayed in homage of the president's home state of Hawaii, said Obama city hall official Hirokazu Yomo.

"Four more years," Yomo said. "So we are happy this will continue and help with building our city."

In Myanmar, which is pushing political reforms forward after five decades of military rule kept it isolated from much of the rest of the world, some said they were relieved Obama was re-elected because he chosen to engage rather than sanction their country.
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#9824 Jan 22, 2013



Obama Speech Inauguration 2013: President Gives Inaugural Address (VIDEO)

Posted: 01/21/2013 2:23 pm EST

Obama Speech Inauguration 2013: ...

15 hours ago ... President Barack Obama gave his inaugural address in front of thousands at the ... Watch a video of the president's inaugural address above.
Who Dat

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#9825 Jan 22, 2013
Anne Ying wrote:
<quoted text>
Not to make you feel even more bitter and depressed but how sweet it is with some of my country women celebrating the re-election of a black man in Washington (See Picture Below):
Who Dat

Sugar Land, TX

#9826 Jan 22, 2013
Japanese hot spring of Obama celebrates Obama's reelection ... 12/11/192506.html

... Obama celebrates Obama's reelection. People at Obama hot spring resort in Nagasaki Prefecture shout ''banzai'' around a statue of U.S. President Barack Obama after his reelection ... Japan …

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