Why are white men so attracted to asi...

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#27835 Jan 9, 2014
yip wrote:
why are (some) white men so attracted to asian women?
because they know (many) asian women are attracted to THEM.
everybody wants to be desired...to be adored. It's no secret to white men (and now black men) that many asian women have a thing for them.
so if you are a white guy who's afraid of rejection, has a hard time with his own women, targetting asian women is your best option...it's like taking candy from a baby.
Perhaps the real question we should be asking here is 'why are asian women so attracted to NON asian men?"
psuedo intellectual asian women who also date white men love to go on and on about how much they hate being objectified...about how much they hate the concept of this supposedly rampant yellow fever. But you see...these self-hating asian women who are with white men are very clever. By planting the idea in people's minds that many white men have yellow fever, it takes all the focus off of HER, and makes people wonder if her man went for her simply BECAUSE she's asian.(Of course she'll always turn around and so 'oh not my man....he's not like that'.) But the fact remains that she's already planted the idea in people's minds. And then no one will think to question HER....why she agreed to date HIM...why she stays with him...what it is about him that she likes.
Very clever....
Im half filippino and white.. Im just half asian. I know the truth of asian womens and their in love with american mens... But like i said im just half. Full blooded asians all i know likes american men because they think they have money and that if she dates one like her dads age or younger u would know why. Especially they like white men because they think that the guy can make them citizens to take them to the U.S. And than the asian women cheats to find guy her age in U.S. to fuck with for fun if her man a military leaving for awhile for his job. Like i said im half asian.. I know the truth of full blooded asian womans. There not all perfect.

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#27836 Jan 12, 2014
I do think white men will always be attracted to white women and asian women will always prefer asian men. People in general stick to their own race and culture. But if ever one married someone outside of their race and culture then it's because of preference. Besides, you can't control your heart when it comes to choosing the person you will love

Darlington, UK

#27837 Jan 13, 2014
It is known as the Lion Pride Principal, In general white men have always, been fascinated by Asian women. America had a huge influx of Japanese, Chinese women, and more recently, Indian women. They have since the days of the Raj, been attracted to women who are subservient and a female of another species is coveted, and welcomed. This is an evolutionary hereditary trait, where genetic variation kicks in. You will note that the male of any species is fought off even killed. indeed this has happened in that they host alpha male,(in a land which is not their women and they took over and in that area killed the Native American Indian male.) You will note that the media will show the Native Indian women as a comely wench, the male as inferior, and so many movies were made where the white westerner male hooks up with an Indian Squaw. Never the other way around. In England East Indian women were till about a year ago the fashion accessory whilst everybody hated the Indian Male. Since the huge influx of Chinese women, last years model,(namely the Eat Indian female has been dumped), and the rage is to get a Chinese women.
I have seen White females who have dated black guys as slags, and with the huge and increasing Indian/ Pakistani Population any white woman which will have a relationship with them is deemed a slapper. It is cool and even applauded when a white male has got a female from an outside race. The same with Polish women, they are coveted, however society deems the Polish man as undesirable. It is a evolutionary and pack animal instinct. I have noted like the Great British dish you phoo phoo it, ridicule it, and then champion and even go on to say that the host nation actually invented it like, curry, and the Muslim's stealing mathematics from Indians, and then rewriting history to say they invented it. This I think in essence is why the first thing conquerors do is burn books, which may reveal the truth or origin and so then you can rewrite history. A distortion of truth,

Kailua, HI

#27838 Jan 21, 2014
I am mixed,but look more white than anything and I am married to an Asian girl from hawaii. I really am attracted to the fact that Asian girls for the most part seem to be so into their man and will wear their heart on their sleeve for him. Asian girls are also very freaky in the sheets and it's so sexy, way more than white woman. White woman just want you to go on top and that's it lol. She's done after that. Also Asian woman don't like their own kind due to the "TOO SMALL ISSUE " if you know what I mean. Hay you want the facts well this is straight from a true Asian wife OK. She grew up with all Asians. She knows. One bad thing about Asians is their attitudes omy goodness. It's just as bad as a peurtarican girl. Lol we are going to make awesome babies.

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#27839 Jan 23, 2014
WTF!!! Why the hell are people on here so fucking ignorant. Goddammit. All of you guys are so close-minded. You guys posting shit about Asians having these "rules" of submission and how they see white people as superior, don't know ANYTHING about Asians. I am Korean and hearing all this is new to me. I have never experienced any of this. I would like to ask you folks; where did you get this "valid" info?? Get over your white dominance fetish.

Libertyville, IL

#27840 Jan 23, 2014
I'm making the above reply just in general to a lot of forums like this on the internet.To anyone confused.. I was replying to the first page of this topic.

Libertyville, IL

#27841 Jan 23, 2014
Too small issue? How would you know that all Asians have this problem. Shut the fuck up. You're old enough to get over these dumb ass assumptions. I'm so ashamed that adults are so ignorant! We're past the age of making conclusions on "mysteries" without solid facts. We're past thinking the world is flat and that Ouija boards are bad. Please I ask of you THINK AND USE YOUR BRAIN. If you still don't understand what I'm trying to say then you really need help.

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#27842 Jan 23, 2014
helo wrote:
<quoted text>
hahha this is obviously some Asian women who is delusional enough to think they have any type of features similar to Europeans. Even the skin tone is different. White people have a different skin than you asian people.
What did you even read what she said? She said their skin tone is different. She is right saying that they are similar to white people's skin tone. Why does it offend you that Asian's have similar skin tones to white people?

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#27843 Jan 23, 2014
Anna wrote:
<quoted text>
What did you even read what she said? She said their skin tone is different. She is right saying that they are similar to white people's skin tone. Why does it offend you that Asian's have similar skin tones to white people?
Sorry biotch you ppl are YELLOW/ BROWN... Unless You Used The Bleach Creams You Women Are Notoriously Known For.

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#27844 Jan 25, 2014
Men love beautiful women of any race. Unless you are gay and not interested in women you won't understand how men are attracted to beautiful women. My guess is if an Asian woman is beautiful then white men will take notice of her. It's just natural.

Reynella, Australia

#27845 Jan 27, 2014
I think some of the comments I read on here are laughable as it reflects the views of some racist and ignorant people. These people seem to focus so much on race rather than seeing couples as people together. I am an Asian girl, I have dated white males before and it has got nothing to do with I think white males any better than Asians or other races, unless you suffer from some form of racial predjudice, I think most normal human beings are attracted to people that are different,exotic and can bring something different to the relationship. The attraction is not just physical but also cultural differences, these differences can make the relationship more interesting and fulfilling.
I find it quite offensive that some ignorant white people out there, who are very judge - mental even though they do not personally know any Asian women themselves saying " Asian women are submissive". These people can't be more wrong. Asian women are not submissive. The reason they might appear that way to some white people, because in the Asian cultures in general, it is considered to be very rude and tactless to be really reactive and confronting in a public place when you have a disagreement with your partner. it is important to them "saving face".

basically I am attracted to anyone that pocess qualities that I value, I don't care what colour they are. I am interested in different cultures, I find these differences stimulating. I don't believe in this crap of white is superior than any other. It seems some white people been brought up to believe that and assumed others agree with them.

Aspley, Australia

#27846 Jan 27, 2014
I once read a saying that I thought was soo true " the problem of this world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts and the idiots are full of confindence"

my advice to anyone who isn't Asian is that if you want to what Asian women are thinking, talk to one and get to know them. stop stereotyping people such us " Asian women are submissive" it is offensive and untrue.

In my experience, its the case of white men are seeking out Asian women and not the other way around.

Aspley, Australia

#27847 Jan 27, 2014
I can hear the voice of some very angry and bitter people on here. have your husband left you for an Asian woman or something, or may be you are just a racist. I think people who are racist have a alot of fear attatchment and I feel sorry for them.

Aspley, Australia

#27848 Jan 27, 2014
Its funny to hear from some people who are racist telling others what they think Asian women are thinking, stop being delusional and get yourself educated.
tip for you also, not all Asian men have a "small" you know what I mean:) I have seen very small in others too.

racists are dumb and cowards, because often what comes out of their mouths just based on fear and ignorance.

people are with who they want to be with, if you fear that you can't compete then its time to take a look at yourself, may your attitude is what making you unattractive.

Fitzroy North, Australia

#27849 Jan 27, 2014
I love it how this topic continues :)
Here: I'm white, 180cm, 70kg and yes Hitler would like me (race)

PROS with my gf
I had an Asian FOB girl; very sexy, not arrogant, intelligent and she had awesome boobs - just lucky ...- me! plus the sex was just crazy :).
CONS with my gf
She would never shave her facial/pubic etc hair! That's disgusting! Smells a bit differently (probably because of the food she eats). Has this squeaky voice and accent.

I got used to all these cons after some time probably because of this 'love' thing that just flips your mind.

She started everything in Target (yep, I know) but I thought; "Never had an Asian girl = adventure and she has some awesome boobs" So I just went for it.

It was just fun, she moved to my house maybe a month after the start of our relationship but then after around 3 months we have decided that we don't need to be with ourselves anymore plus she had to go back to her country. I wouldn't probably merry her, I wasn't in this kind of love so maybe I wasn't completely in love? And I don't want to get chained in my 20's! It's too fun ;)

Oh yea and if you want to know if I would still go for an Asian girl and my answer would be 'yes, but maybe not a FOB this time'.

Truth can hurt sometime and it's easy to share it somewhere where people don't know you.

Maybe this answered your question but I hope you had fun reading it.

Enjoy your life & have fun!

Baytown, TX

#27850 Jan 31, 2014
It's not because the men are white its because men love beautiful classy women and its natural for them to love us. I love American guys, they are gorgeous and a lot of fun. Most of the men I date are white guys and I love the way they treat me and I want to marry a white man because I am comfortable with them and love handsome men.

San Diego, CA

#27851 Feb 1, 2014
Ive been with a much younger Asian lady for 5 years now. Shes the sweetest thing I could ever have wished to come into my life. Forget all these dummies with their "Asians are submissive" comments, actually they are the most independent women Ive ever met. But once your lucky enough to penetrate the heart of an Asian woman, she will be yours forever. I find her much more honest and open than white women, and I certainly trust her WAY more than Ive ever trusted a white woman. Im 54 years old, 6'6" 212 lbs, she is 27 years old, 5'4" 98 lbs... and was a virgin when I first met her... OH... and did I mention that the sex is GREAT???!!!

Baytown, TX

#27852 Feb 1, 2014
Why do people get pissed when Asian women date white men. People have freedom of choice in who they date and marry, are we going to now have government control who we date. Must we date blacks or get arrested ? I don't want to date blacks and that's my choice.
Rugby Rules

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#27853 Feb 6, 2014

You'll more likely find me, not at the town the market visits at times, but down by the bay, next to the hills

from the link above:

"Silent Running"

"Take the children and yourself
And h
.ide out in the c
By now the f
.ighting will be close at hand
Don't believe the church and s
And everything they tell you
Believe in me, I'm with the high c

Can you hear me, can you hear me r
Can you hear me r
.unning, can you hear me calling you?
Can you hear me, can you hear me r
Can you hear me r
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There's a g
.un and a
Just inside the doorway
Use it only in emergency
Better you should pray to God
The Father and the Spirit
Will guide you and protect from up here

Can you hear me, can you hear me r
Can you hear me r
.unning, can you hear me calling you?
Can you hear me, can you hear me r
Can you hear me r
.unning, can you hear me calling you?

Swear allegiance to the f
Whatever f
.lag they offer
Never h
.int at what you really feel
Teach the children quietly
For some day sons and daughters
Will r
.ise up and f
.ight while we stood still

Can you hear me, can you hear me r
Can you hear me r
.unning, can you hear me calling you?
Can you hear me, can you hear me r
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Can you hear me r
.unning (can you hear me calling you?)
(Can you hear me) hear me calling you?
(Can you hear me r
.unning) hear me r
(Can you hear me r
.unning) hear me r
Calling you, calling you"

Only some of those lyrics
only to the appropriate party
and the appropriate party should read this post
and read this post again
to find out the addressee

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#27854 Feb 9, 2014
FACT ------ research shows that men rate Asian women as having the prettiest faces.
The study found that men rate attractiveness of faces, thusly:
1. Asian
2. White
3. Black (sorry Lion!)
Read it and review the statistics for yourself.
As it states (look under RESULTS):
"For the female faces, Asian faces were rated as being most attractive followed by White and then Black. A three-way ANOVA showed these differences to be significant (F(2,297)= 11.861; p<.001) with all of the comparisons significant (p's<0.05). "
And, in case you were wondering, the large majority of men in the study doing the ratings were White.
So okay this links is interesting.

Since my friend and I come to study in America it is remarkable to notice right away how interested in Asian girl are American guys-- Korea, but also China, Japan girls, etm.

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