Why are white men so attracted to asi...
viet woman

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#27788 Aug 19, 2013
In my culture, men ask his relatives, his friends,..to look for and introduce g/f for them.
Matchmaker know everything about girl and her family and introduce that girl for him.
I was introduced to men like that. One in my country ( my relative introduced) and here ( my friend introduced..).
All of them were good, but my life was always changed and on the move.
viet woman

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#27789 Aug 19, 2013
Before I worked in Viet restaurant and a woman told me:" I have a friend who is looking for a wife. He is engineer".
viet woman

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#27790 Aug 19, 2013
In our culture we don't have g/f or b/f relationship.
If we like each other, date for a short time, get married.
Chinese Man

Teneriffe, Australia

#27791 Aug 25, 2013
Have you ever seen any Asian women crazily date Russian Men, Ukraine men, Polish Men! Why dont you American, Canadian, Australian white boys admit the truth that you white boys can only depend on what your country gave you. If you are a man from Ukrain, you can only fuck off,,, Asian girl thinks: you cant change a girl's life, you are just a sleazy soft ball. And also, white boys always try to get it fancy, thay imagine they are the top race and prince who pick up a cinderella. Chinese guys are "yes" physicaly attracted to beautiful white women, but we are not emotionally attracted to white women who are usually confident, have a sense of humour and bigger in size, which are male gene. Thirdly, I always see pretty white boy date ugly Asian women. And, I am not racist, I am just not comfortable with you white boys who are actually weak then not accept the truth, in stead, you try so hard to build those unrealistic rumors to cheer yourself up and spread around. We Asian men are not EMOTIONALLY attracted to white women just like the majority of you white boys are not EMOTIONALLY attracted to black women. NOW, think again!!!! Who is the top race now? OH,, Also the penis topic, right , white boys favourite. Statistically: White boys you have the softest cock in all races, why dont you mention that? and I never seen any black men or Asian men talk about cock subject so frequently as white boys. White boys, I think you guys really should consider accpting the truth. Because you can literally see the rise of China, the racial change in America,Australia and Canada. Soon, very soon, your country will be humped by Asian. At that time, the interracial dating will definately turn around,, ARE YOU READY? COZ I AM READY. this year I been picked up by two beautiful white girls, instead of acting like you white boys who enjoys all the fake pride, I literally told her in front of the crowd:"There are MORE THAN ENOUGH excellent white men out there, they are engineers, doctors, lawyers and so very nice to you ladies, I am looking up at them myself, I do understand when a woman gets hurt or feel left out from her own race, she prefers to date other race to proof something. However, thats wrong." ....... Now they are dating white guys and we are good friends.--------- Just the way a millionaire see things

Moline, IL

#27793 Aug 25, 2013
to chinese man; so, was there a point to this post, because i don't see one. except possibly the exercising of an inferiority complex mixed with a superiority complex at the same time. definitely schizoid.

Hastings, UK

#27794 Aug 26, 2013
I'm attracted to oriental girls because that's what I like. No deep psychological reasons. It's the same for any human, male or female. You like what you like.

Also @chinese_guy you have issues especially racial ones. You really don't like whites.
viet woman

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#27795 Aug 26, 2013
White, asian people have positive and negative parts.
But Asian people are not dangerous, violent, yell

Henderson, NC

#27796 Aug 26, 2013
Preppy wrote:
<quoted text>Maybe because so many white girls are with black men
I live in Los Angeles, Ca and the volume of straight white males with Asian women is truly amazing. It is almost an epidemic. Almost all day everyday, all I see is white male / Asian female couples.
If it is a straight white male over the age of 16, an Asian female is usually attached. I think that Asian women have an obsession about and with whiteness and to a lesser extent view themselves and Asian men as inferior.
I think white men go for Asian women because of the sexy girlish appeal that Asian women have. Asian women tend to have a stronger family and social values than some non-Asian women. Asian women don’t have an attitude problem like some non-Asian women.
It just seems very odd to see one group not date and marry their own in such larger numbers.
However, I think that Asian women are smarter and more logical than non-Asian women.
maybe because so many white women are with black men and white women seem to not have any family values

Henderson, NC

#27797 Aug 26, 2013
No. Really all this is just silly. People should love who they love and people are people no matter what the color. It doesn't matter who dates who. Hey. For any of us to ever be equal in anyway. We all have to just forget all this crazy talk. As long as we don't harm anyone else. They should any us care what the other person does or who they love. Look at the world..we are only different on the outside because of what part of it we came from not because we are different on the inside. The world would be boring it we all looked alike,but then we would have to get to know one another.

Henderson, NC

#27798 Aug 26, 2013
justsayin wrote:
<quoted text>maybe because so many white women are with black men and white women seem to not have any family values
I was making a point. We all can point the finger is the point. Find fault in one another. Maybe white men like asian women because they just do and that is ok. I like the color red and sometimes purple because I just like them. Green,yellow and orange are great too. People love who they love. Stop trying to make something it is not

West Mifflin, PA

#27799 Aug 27, 2013
youtube.com/watch... ……………
White men are not attracted

Salem, MA

#27800 Sep 2, 2013
I noticed that my fiance in China is Chinese. That is all well and good and was not my intention. It took finding a woman in China that was not infected with liberal feminism, did not suffer from personality disorders, and who had more than a 60 second bout of happiness every week. After meeting/dating 159 white professional woman in the US, I just could not tolerate another godless, sex-hating, radical liberal feminist miserable, narcissist bitch that is the very essence of modern white American woman. The joy of pleasant, loyal, loving, sensible, often-laughing woman are truly a wonder. My word how desperate has become the state of white woman in the U.S.
Asian girl

Markham, Canada

#27801 Sep 3, 2013
What's not to like about a white guy ? What ? Sexy chest ,sexy legs , bigger pines, nice eyes ,nice nose . I don't know any Asian women who does not dream about having a white baby . Sure ,its a big time statuses in our community .
Oriental Women

Markham, Canada

#27802 Sep 3, 2013
I like white guys too. I dream about white baby too.
Michael Australia

Carrum Downs, Australia

#27803 Sep 15, 2013
This is how it used to be in European countries before the Anglo/American system screwed it up for everybody.
Even thought I do have some issues with chinese (mainly mandarin, not Cantonese , they seem to be friendlier), nevertheless I would rather live under these Chinese laws that are more morally upright than our corrupt west.
But don't be fooled, this feminist sickness has reared it's ugly head in all nations, and china is not exempt. You have alot of those career "leftover" women. But I take my hat off to the Chinese men who reject these unnatural women, preferring the proper family type.
Edward wrote:
You know. Mainland China has some VERY different marriage laws. Gold digging just does not work here due to these laws.
In North America and many European countries, men pay their divorced wives a great deal of money. In Canada, many women get half, and receive child support if a child exists. In the states, it is more alimony.
In China, it is NOTHING. You divorce a man, you get NOTHING. If you put in equity in a property, you only get your EQUITY BACK. The man is not responsible to provide alimony or engage in ANY KIND OF MARRIAGE SETTLEMENTS. There are even various precedents stating that child support is not mandatory.
So in China, any gold diggers must wait until the man is dead before reaping any kind of benefit, if the man is NICE that is.
Beautiful girls (and trophy wives) usually "buy" into luxury apartments, cars and jewelry with their looks however, the moment they displease their host, everything will vanish; as native men in China are not stupid enough to actually buy property or cars in a mistresses name. In China, you can't marry a wealthy and educated man and "divorce" for a large settlement. It just does not work that way, there are LAWS that indirectly STOP gold digging.
Hence, the ones that wish for more security go for foreigners, and hope for marriage and actual financial compensation.

Apache Junction, AZ

#27804 Sep 15, 2013
to michael in Aus; the anglo-american system you speak of came from an amalgamation of the governments of Europe. and to edward, that's why we have pre-nuptial agreements here, so you can't be taken advantage of. if you choose not to do it then whatever happens is on you!!

Etobicoke, Canada

#27805 Sep 19, 2013
Another reason being is, when a girl looks sexy and she wants the D, you would be stupid not to bang her.

Hastings, UK

#27806 Sep 21, 2013
Asian girl wrote:
What's not to like about a white guy ? What ? Sexy chest ,sexy legs , bigger pines, nice eyes ,nice nose . I don't know any Asian women who does not dream about having a white baby . Sure ,its a big time statuses in our community .
My wife likes my nose.:)
xio waterwalker

Quezon City, Philippines

#27807 Sep 22, 2013
Why are white men so attracted to asian women? because of how they say the word... "me love you long time!" white dudes are dying to hear that... lmao
WhiteAmericanNav alOfficer

Arcadia, CA

#27808 Sep 23, 2013
This is not always true but American white mean like dating Asian women for several reasons.
1-They are not gold diggers like most white women.
2-They are generally very attractive and they stay young and fit.
3-They are very smart and logical and unlike American women, Meican merican women are worst and black women are up there with Mexican women, they don't spend money they save instead. They know that investment in a business or another property is more important than a new Mercedes every year.
4-Most of them come from good family values and they respect the sanctity of dating or marriage they won't mess around with other guys.
4-They actually want to make sure you feel comfortable.

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