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#27338 Feb 1, 2013
The average weight of caucasian women in America is 165 lbs.

That brings to mind one word: MOOOOOOOOOO!!!

They look very bovine.
Who Dat

Sugar Land, TX

#27339 Feb 2, 2013
Hey Jackson, I thought I'd drop by while you're trolling as "Jon Sack" to congratulate you on busting yourself with this post. How dare you make a statement about white men don't want a woman after black men had her. But you lied and said you was married to an asian woman who had 3 black children by a black man, and you don't have any kids with her. Dude you're pathetic...!
Jon Sack wrote:
<quoted text>
This is true. Who would want a white woman after she's been pounded half to death by some negro with a donkey cock? One of the reasosn white men like Asian women so much is that Asians have more class - they don't jump all over negroes just because they're all over MTV.

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#27340 Feb 2, 2013
According to US government statistics, 65 percent of white women are classified as "OBESE" or "OVERWEIGHT."

That's 2 out of 3.

Dallas, TX

#27342 Feb 7, 2013
There are tradeoffs in any relationship. White men may seem cool and sexy when they’re young, but whites age much faster than Asians. This means that when they reach middle age, they begin to look much older than most Asian women of the same age. That’s why you see these old white men with Asian women who look young enough to be their daughter. They may actually be the same age, but he is no longer young and sexy looking, while she still is. This can lead to some awkward situations for both the man and the woman. Also, statistically Asian men have more education and earn more money than their white counterparts. This might not seem important when you’re young, but once you get married, have kids, and are struggling to make ends meet and figure out how to pay for your kids’ college education, this suddenly becomes very important. And there is the white stereotype of Asian women as exotic and submissive to deal with. This is not to say that Asian women should not pair with white men. There are many happy and successful Asian woman / white man couples, just as there are many happy and successful Asian woman / Asian man couples and white woman / white man couples. The key is to understand the trade offs, and to be clear in your own mind what you want and what you are willing to trade off for.

Denver, CO

#27343 Feb 7, 2013
Wow you sound like a real fly chick!! Yea i have to be honest. I have had a thing for Asian girls for some time now. Although it has nothing to do with all the typical stereotypes we get stuck with as you already know. I just find then more open and not as critical as you find in white girls. Most white girls i have been with are complete tools. Asian women don't need their ego stroked and know what they want. White girls have to be consistently pampered and make you feel guilty all the time. If you love me you would buy me this, like wtf. Guilt trips are not going to win you respect. Asian women are confident and expect their man to be the same.

You draw off each other's strengths. This might be a reason why some people see that as being submissive. What Asian women wants a man that can't stand up on his own to feet. I have actually had non Asian women tell me. A man sole purpose is what you do to make them feel good about themselves! Wow how selfish can you get lol. How about how you make her feel and not what you do. I want an Asian women to be my equal my warrior in arms! No games no reading between the lines. Just someone who accepts me as a man! Someone of which to rule the world with! May great success and happiness come before you!:b

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#27344 Feb 7, 2013
White are too fat. Too boring. Too stupid. Too slutty.

Philadelphia, PA

#27346 Feb 9, 2013
Michael wrote:
<quoted text>
GREAT POST.... Asian women are the best!!!!
You're both as deeply racist as the research states. cheers

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#27347 Feb 10, 2013
Why are white women so insecure, especially the overweight ones?

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#27348 Feb 12, 2013
I am a white woman and I think many Asian girls are gorgeous. I wish I had their figures, hair and brains!

San Antonio, TX

#27350 Feb 13, 2013
I think Asian women are not happy with their race and they try to mix with White men to improve their genes. I personally do not approve interracial marriage the children look odd and the couple look strange to me.

San Antonio, TX

#27351 Feb 13, 2013
Guys who are insecure and want to be in the center of attention like Asian women!
And You

Los Angeles, CA

#27352 Feb 15, 2013
Wasn't it you that that put the skip in our step and make us reflexively so happy just thinking about you

We just had to talk to you to find out how it could be

Wasn't it you that made us at peace with the world
We just had to get to get you know you truly, the balanced serenity

Wasn't it you that we somehow find ourselves returning to in the end

Wasn't it you after all

As the fleeting last minutes close on they day of You
And Them

Los Angeles, CA

#27353 Feb 15, 2013
There is a steadfast truth on these discussion boards: You can recognize instantly the legitimate Asian females, as the estrogen in us, having the most estrogen out of all races, innately reacts the way estrogen naturally reacts to the many enthralling facets that is You. The rest of these posts which are almost all of them --a rare legitimate Asian female it is on these discussion boards-- the rest of these posts are a done by less than a handful of those who have made it their full time or more than full time job to defraud they are gazillion of personalities or of false facts because we exercise our choice in men, of You, not them. No wonder why

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#27354 Feb 15, 2013
Guys like hot Asian babes.

Most white women in America are obese or overweight (65 percent)

So fat slob white chicks feel threatened by cute, slim, sexy, feminine Asian girls.

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#27355 Feb 15, 2013
I pity guys I see stuck with dumpy-looking, fat white women.
Truth is my gift

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#27356 Feb 15, 2013


THERE OBESE BIOTCHS... just saying bros!!
Truth is my gift

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#27357 Feb 15, 2013


THEYRE OBESE BIOTCHS... just saying bros!!

And wops have banana noses, ugly Snooki faces, saggy "pasta azzes," hair on their forearms, hair on upper lips, hairy armpits, greasy skin, frizzy hair, bushy eyebrows (like the dad in American Pie, hahahahaha!) and garlic stench breath.

Truth is my gift

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#27358 Feb 15, 2013
TOP SHELF wrote:
White bitches are too fat. Too boring. Too stupid. Too slutty.
So true!

San Antonio, TX

#27359 Feb 16, 2013
Asian women know when to be warm and kind to white men but in reality every one knows how they are very cold blooded and they just prefer to be with white men because white men will respect them more and also they are so insecure about their own race. I have many Asian friends and insecurity is all over their conversations and attitude. Although there are some good ones with a strong personality but mostly they are extremely insecure and some times rude. They don't believe in introduction and greeting and some times I realized that they can be really tricky and not generous at all. Their labels are hard working and focus but most of them loose their label after a period of time of being in U.S.
I also think they are taking away many good jobs from Americans that we can perform alot better in an American way.

San Antonio, TX

#27360 Feb 16, 2013
Not to mention I think their eyes are very ugly and also their nose and face. If my dad married an Asian women I would have been very upset with him for giving me those genes by choosing an Asian women as my mother. Beauty is a gift that we are responsible to pass to our children as we become parents. Asian women aren't nice at all they just fake it.

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