The Mexican mafia is pushing their fa...

Baton Rouge, LA

#150 Aug 26, 2013
Just remember one thing. Yes the mexican mafia kills at will, including whole famlies along with the bad guy. But they dont have the history of political corruption. You cant survive for a hundred years as a criminal orginization in AMERICA, with out knowing how to buy judges, cops and politicisns. Guys stop letting your passive racism show through your analyisis od some stupid murderous gang of physcopaths. Have a great day!!!!

Cerritos, CA

#151 Sep 2, 2013
La eMe gained power a different way than most organized crime groups, they control the prisons, and all these criminals with their criminal careers thats the only place their gonna land, and if you land in there with a greenlight to your name your fucked, la eMe can greenlight entire street gangs, the gangs outside got the message and now they use the n#13 this includes big bad Mara salvatrucha, MC clubs, surenos, armenian mafia, and indeed any other crime group that will emerge in cali in the future
Irish Pride

San Diego, CA

#152 Sep 16, 2013
mike wrote:
az native- you do know that most italians, especially the ones in the mafia are sicilian and there for NOT WHITE- they are of dark skin complexion- you ignorant racist
Some Italians are dark,but they are european therefore are white.Mexicans are always trying to act like Italians are more like hispanic than white because they think the mafia's cool n' are jealous because that's part of us white people's culture.If you're white but not italian you can still be an associate of the mob and be a gangster but mexicans can't,so YES the mafia is a WHITE thing.The mexican mafia isn't even the same catagory as la cosa nostra,they're basically one step above s street gang.

Chicago, IL

#153 Sep 17, 2013

Goldens Bridge, NY

#154 Oct 9, 2013
No one seems to know what they're talking about in this post.. While the Mexican mafia is big and running the drug trade there is no structure or true loyalty.. What most people don't realize either is the Italian mafia is the most sought out organized crime syndicate by the United States police and FBI force.. What everyone needs to realize about the Italian mafia is they're falling back and taking a tip from the devil himself! The devils greatest trick was convincing man he doesn't exist!!
christ8337 wrote:
there is only two gangs in the hole world the devils gang which is to kill destroy and steal. But Christ came to destroy the works of the devil he came to give life to give u his love and friendship u just have to invite him in your heart and u will expirience forgiveness and happines that goes beyond any human undertanding.8337
Yg Baby Duce Time

United States

#158 Oct 13, 2013
Arturo Moreno F Detroit wrote:
But it seems like the two agressive criminal organized crime families as emerged with each other here in Detroit, Chicago, NewYork.
The Mexican Family as the La Eme is getting the signals from the Sureno 13 street gang from each of these northeast cities. The Italian family is not going to back down, so it seems like they are going to colide with each other on the streets of these cities. The Italians don't know why that they comming from the west coast to take over the thier turfs were they were at and taking thier bussinesss and money from the old families from the east coast. The Italians already haves problems with the most dangerous street gang as the Mara Salvatrcha gang that already attacking the Italian goons for money and turfs. So it seems that the so called hispanics gangs are taking over the Italian Mafia legacy in the northeast cities. The Mexican mafia is already cornered the mob by 6 out of 10 turfs in Detroit Chicago and NewYork.
Ms13 as a gang don't have the power to get rid of the mob because of two things 1) the lack of a superior power in numbers. There are alot of Hispanics in the Midwest but a mojority of them do not get along with west coast gangs like ms13, 18th, and others..., 2) because they are a street gang they have their own beefs (bloods, crips, gd's, vice lords, Latin kings, bps).. and also out side the southwest, the Mexican Mafia doesn't have much power..

Stockton, CA

#159 Nov 4, 2013
Carlo wrote:
<quoted text>
I take my hat off to you, sir. More people should read your comment.
:) I kind of think the Irish Mafia is a little bit legit though.
mostly all Mexicans are Italian descent dumbasses Italian family immigrated to Mexico back in the days I'm Mexican and have Italian in my family

Chicago, IL

#160 Nov 4, 2013
Yo forget the 5 got the calabrian ndrangheta going global including NY, mafias from southern italy still archaic and primitive , and closely related by blood. 100 billion annual turnover. That is current italian mafia, the Ndrangheta, not the five families, lol

Norwalk, CA

#161 Nov 7, 2013
The Mexican drug cartels got more money and power than any of La eMe or Cosa nostra ever had. The most powerful mob boss in the world right now is joaquin EL CHAPO guzman, #1 on FBI's most wanted

Norwalk, CA

#162 Nov 7, 2013
Irish pride, no mexican wants to join that fucken crippled organization, and Ebspezz you don't know what your talking about either, the most sought out by police and the FBI? Those guys can't even get together anymore without getting pinched, the FBI has dismantled they're NY crime families task forces cuz they're no longer needed, the NY crime families are well under control now
Big Tony

United States

#163 Jan 11, 2014
The Italians built Rome and the Roman Empire, they conquered whole civilizations. We are smart! Just look at the difference between Rome and Mexico. These Latinos are not even in the same league!

Glendale, AZ

#164 Apr 6, 2014
connected cartels wrote:
<quoted text>
I wish ya suckas even tryd to mess with us i personaly tell u to stay in the east coast couse you lames dont want gun play and if you really want some come to STOCKTON KILLAFORNIA couse like a dirty floor you will get mopped out here you meatball eating greaseball
You fat taco munching ignoramus, probably too dull for me to explain this,
but just how about you continue to sit there spineless, like the rest of the illegal shits like you, just sit there mindless.
Obliviously lazy, in bed with the president, wonder how you get your handouts, shit you ain't even a legal resident!
Ha and don't even ONCE compare your kind to the Mafia; with no respect, no intelligence, no Omerta; the only outcome you will see is la muerta.
Haha ya, you would pull out the gun, the gun to make up for your lack of intellect, lack of strength , or your small dick, huh son.
Just shoot them guns, sell them drugs, plop your butts on our soil; while you parasitically feed off of us people who toil.
You should probably count your blessings that it's NOT the east coast, let alone the Mafia on the east coast that you have to deal with. "mafioso" gangs would be out-witted and decimated before one could even say "espera"

Glendale, AZ

#165 Apr 6, 2014
Big Tony wrote:
The Italians built Rome and the Roman Empire, they conquered whole civilizations. We are smart! Just look at the difference between Rome and Mexico. These Latinos are not even in the same league!
I wish there was a 'like' button for this blog haha; i don't just like it, but I in accord with this factual statement.

Madison, WI

#166 Apr 22, 2014
Screw Mexican mafia we Italians still running shit!
Spartans beast

Woodbridge, Canada

#167 Apr 25, 2014
So Your saying that just because I'm dark, from El Salvador and my perents are Sicilian salvadorans then that makes me white? Hahaha what the hell is wrong with you? My tan is natural you white inbred swine. Stop deceiving people!! Whites will bleed red and die the same way!!!!
Aroo aroo
Fred Jaquez

Durango, CO

#168 Apr 27, 2014
The white-man wonder bread bitches and the Italian Spaghetti eaters are finished. Blacks, Hispanics and asians are taking over everything in America that was stolen from Native Americans. Examples would be Educational system, Judicial system, prison system, and the political system, street gangs, prison gangs and mafias. Good luck White Boys. punk ass bitches.
malcom sanchez

Durango, CO

#169 Apr 27, 2014
You bitch white boys and pasta eating bitches are finished. Just look at the numbers. Get me a salami sandwich bitch. Blacks, Asians and Hispanics are taking over the world. take it like women on the east coast. punk ass white bitches.
Deblasio 79

Westtown, NY

#170 May 7, 2014
mike wrote:
az native- you do know that most italians, especially the ones in the mafia are sicilian and there for NOT WHITE- they are of dark skin complexion- you ignorant racist
I don't where you learned your history from Sicily is consider Europe I lived there . Also threw generations and Roman Empire. Italian blood been almost every country in eruorpe . So does that mean someone from Germany not white because it was part Roman Empire . I would to see you go to Sicily and tell them that they are not white .
Criminal_profess or

Chula Vista, CA

#171 Jun 20, 2014
There is no war because it would be bad for business on both ends criminal wars arnt fought man for man they are bought with corruption power and efficiency.The italian Mob has alot that the mexican mafia doesnt.They are purely a force for terror and they lack diversification.Crimes like corruption and union infiltration are lost to la eme they have power over the streets but thats about all they cant buy politicians and political power.No body is untouchable even behind bars.La eme rules in blue collar crime but are lost in the white collar world they dont know how to influence the legitamate world and maintain power over it.and Carlo Gambino founder of the gambino crime family made millions in the early 20's-70's which is billions today he had hundreds of inducted member with 1000's of associates.And for the record in sicily your considered a boy until youve done at least 2 prison streches and the sicilians are working with the cartels to supply europe with drugs because the cartels know nothing about the world on the otherside of the atlantic.Its not a comepteion for the most part like the five families of New York we must all work together were all on the same side.
Street Scholar wrote:
All you idiots are full of imbecilic logic. The Italians have been around for a lot longer than La Eme, but that doesn't mean a goddamn thing. The Mob knows about the Mexican mafia and they have no interest in starting a war because in the end, the Mexican Mafia has a lot more man power and connections with other organizations outside the US (a lot of gangs work closely with Mexican Cartels) and MS-13 pays taxes to La Eme, while 18th Street is a worldwide gang that vowes allegiance to La Eme. The Mob has no stronghold in California, even crips and bloods have tried to clique up against Sureņos and lost. Sureņos have the numbers to spread outside of their stomping grounds where as Italians don't. Armenian gangs in LA adopted the 13 and take orders from La Eme and take orders. MS-13 are Salvadorans and take orders from Mexcan gang members. La Eme is a prison gang, meaning they are exclusive and call shots from the inside, Sureņos are the foot soldiers, Italians are scared to hit the prison l system because they have absolutely no power inside those walls. Prison politics are based on race, black white and Mexians but Mexicans are so damn crazy they got split into Norteņos and Sureņos! La Eme is a multimillion dollar organization. Not to mention Cartels produce billionaires, name one billionaire Italian mafia!

Sacramento, CA

#172 Jun 23, 2014
oregonboy wrote:
I hope the aryan brother hood takes control of all your bullshit. Im watching and waiting for all white power movement groups to merdg.... the usa. Will be perfect then. We can atleast trust eachother....
think about it, god made us all the same..except, for those who have a false sense of superiority....get a life.

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