women have nothing to offer men AT ALL
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Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#204 Mar 18, 2013
Cassius Chaerea wrote:
<quoted text>
Now enters Ye White Knight. No I wouldn't say that to my mother. My mother came from a generation when women were actually feminine and had a sense of class and character. Totally unlike those of today.
OH PLEEEEAAASSSEE..the WOMEN of yesteryear.. LIVED a LIFE of DRUDGERY!!.. Everything from scratch, had to look prim and proper WHETHER she was scrubbing the toilet OR having the Hubby's BOSS over for dinner.. WORK WORK WORK..NEVER a moment to enjoy her NEW Lingerie EVEN.....EVERYTHING..FOR SOCIAL STANDING!!..BULL CRAP..WOMEN from our Mother's Time to present HAVE made the DIFFERENCE in The amount of time it takes to prepare a meal to changing a tire!!... Every generation LEARNS from the previous one to make things easier to do!!! MEN .ONLY CARE...HOW GOOD YOU LOOK NEXT TO THEM..!!.. Dips!!!


Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#211 Mar 18, 2013
Cassius Chaerea wrote:
<quoted text>
Objectiveness is akin to true intelligence, so let me be objective. I totally agree that a great many males (not Men) stopped maturing at age ten and only want a "trophy" or a mommy to wipe their ass. I'll be the first to concur. My gender, race and religion doesn't prohibit me from recognizing the good AND the bad in either. Men are being emasculated and women are being masculated. Just turn on your television. However, it likewise does not prohibit me from recognizing the same in others, ie...women. The fact is women aren't being held accountable for their behavior these days. Bad behavior is somehow equated with empowerment. Someone intelligently explain that. Every excuse under the sun is made for their ever growing pedophilia and infanticide to which they are NEVER punished accordingly. Most but NOT ALL have flushed whatever class or character they have had down the proverbial toilet. Such behaviors are even encouraged these days. The point is, women aren't feminine anymore. For men who think with their brains instead of boys who think with their genitals, most but NOT ALL women have zero to offer aside from sex, as such, for the most part they are useless.
EVEN before the 60's Chicks BURNED THEIR BRAS, They were the HEAD of the HOUSEHOLD, Their MEN off to WAR, they held jobs in the sewing mills, the airplane factories and WHATEVER job they could get.. TO keep a roof over their families head, food on the table and HOPE their hubby will come home safely.. MEN will date a chick a few times, get her in bed and SPLIT.. NEVER looking back to see if she is pregnant!!!... They run like the jackals that they are..
IT IS MEN who have become NOTHING more...THAN a FUN TIME anymore w/o strings attached anymore.. WOMEN had to step up to the plate.. OR else their families would be on the streets.. MEN.,SHEESH!!!...GROW UP!!!

Mission, Canada

#213 Feb 21, 2015
women would have nothing without men. Even the "feminist movement" was entirely concocted and executed by men. Now women are "liberated" yet their entire existence still depends on the favour of men. WE MEN BUILT ALL YOU WOMEN TAKE FOR GRANTED, so don't tell me or anyone ever that women don't need men, that sounds great to your brainwashed, small, feminazi mind, but it all goes out the window the moment the oil light or engine light comes on in your trashy import car, DESIGNED AND BUILT BY MEN. Queen Victoria knew better, she said; “I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of ‘Women’s Rights,’ with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were woman to ‘unsex’ themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings and would surely perish without male protection.”...and so here we are, awash in the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings, totally assured of their own primacy and for no other reason than because some men decided to tax the other 50% of the population, create chaos and social disorder leading to war - ENDLESS WAR - brah-fucking-vo ladies, bravo, all feminism has done for you is throw you into chains. Laughable. Really. I was working as a doorman at a nightclub and there was this great after-hours, clean, classy, art on the walls, nice real leather couches and chairs, I was sitting their in my tailored suit, enjoying a drink after work with a buddy and one of the female bartenders, across from me, there was this rotund, whiney bitch with a gaggle of other twit females and a couple of vaginized males and she was moaning about how "men have fucked the planet up for long enough, it's time for women to be in charge". I laughed out loud, literally. She looked at me and said "you have a different opinion?!? I said "yes, as a matter of fact, I do, We men built all you take for granted, you wouldn't have a pot to piss in if not for us, so here is what we men are going to do; we are going to rip down all the power lines, tear up all the sewer and clean water lines, pull down every building; we will destroy every last iota of civilization everywhere, not one stone piled upon another, then, we will hand the reins to women and you can all have your go. Nothing will get done as you all clamour and fight over whom is to be in charge. We men will sit back, file our nails, chatter with other men, drinking beers, moaning about how useless women are. ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I guarantee, after 10,000 years of female rule, we will still be living in dung huts - MAYBE. Her jaw dropped as did everyone else's, then she said "YOU CAN'T SAY THAT!!!!" I leaned in a bit and winked at her, "sweetheart, I just did". This tight little mulatto chick, recognizing a real man when her pussy went TWANG, stalked over and did this magnificent ass-dance display, shaking her sexy all over me front first, then swung her hot little ass over for some back-end sexy, then she stopped, walked really slowly and languidly around me, dragging her nails across my chest, then leaned over me from behind, slid her hands down my front, right under my belt, I whispered "now don't start any fires you can't control luscious", she stood back up slowly and walked away. I looked over at my friend and the bartender chick, both of their mouths were agape, they were completely stunned, I said, "that was pretty neat, huh?" So you see, there are men and there are metrosexuals play-acting at being men, the ration is about one - million. There are some real women left, but that is like one in a billion, but we still search for them like the elusive "unicorn" some mention here, probably never to find them, but because we are men and are industrious and talented, determined, we keep up the search. Hope is a bitch, don't become one girls. END

Long Beach, CA

#214 Jun 13, 2015
That why men chase us all the time

Danville, VA

#215 Jan 30, 2016
illegal beagle wrote:
<quoted text> No kidding, its like they think we actually NEED them. Truth be told, I need to go buy some batteries! LMAO!!!
Who do you think invented batteries and the pc/ smartphone ur using to troll here you dumb bitch!? Lol

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