My American nightmare

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#44 Jul 4, 2013
54. Trap

On April 13, 2000, I took a bus from Vientian to Parkse in Laos. The bus should have arrived in Parkse at 8 pm. An accident made it there at 2 am. In bus terminal, the driver of little transferring vehicle turned his face away from me, carried the other passengers away. I was left alone in bus terminal at midnight. It was dark wild field outside the terminal. While I was helpless, a man appeared. He said he was a businessman from China and knew where hotel was. When I was rejoiced for the help, he said he had other two friends and they had no I.D. He hinted to use mine to cover them. I recognized it was another trap and left him immediately. The man, realized his failure, like his sudden appearance, faded away in darkness. About half hour later, the little transferring vehicle came again. This time, the driver didn't refuse me. He took me to the hotel in town. But if they wanted a photo that I was talking to someone, alone and at midnight, they succeeded.

Then in Viet-nam, harassing and attempted murder made me again going to Foreign Ministry asking for help. They turned me to a "consulate officer", who was more like a police officer and suggested me to go to China. He said that was the only way for me and there was no option. Of course I didn't obey him. But his attitude made me believe that there was a contract between the secret police of US and China.(see "24. Fluorescent lamp killing")

55. Internet censorship

I had feared they might plot a framing case in later January, it didn't happen. But they did activate a wave of attack on my message in internet. This is the third time I suffered from such large attacks . The first time was on January 31, 2001, the day Ashcroft passed his nomination. The attack was comparatively mild, they only put a lock on thread or delayed posting or shut down the forum. The second time was on June 6, 2001. And the latest one, as I expected was in later January, my thread was moved away from more than ten web sites. And the method they used were improved one. When I click on URL, the page said," You are not allowed to access this club" ( ') or ' You are banned from this board.( ) I even had no chance to enter the forum. In the other web sites, They moved my thread away, no trace left. I call this kind of censorship an undercover way. Like in 70's Argentine and those totalitarian countries, people disappeared without trace, nobody knew where they went.

The most dramatic one is at:
Where on Jan-28, I found eye catching boxes like this:(In that web site, each message is posted in a small window, the window became small long box if the message was deleted)

"Message 70 of 74 was Deleted
Message 71 of 74 was Deleted
Message 72 of 74 was Deleted "

In a thread 'No free speech in Austria', I put a comment: "Talk about this topic, I found my messages in previous two months were all deleted....." Then someone posted:
'Go to the left of your screen where it says "show messages" and select "all messages." ' I followed his instruction, it worked. This is 'Civil liberty' forum, I have had technique problem on last year's Jan. 31 attack I had made a complaint, the guide of this forum gave me an E-mail which said:
"I've even received complaints because I allow some truly vile people, such as racists
and Nazis, to voice their views.

I hope you feel comfortable raising issues in the forum, and rest assured
that I will never shut down a discussion because of the topic."

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After one year, he didn't move away my thread like others' but deleted my recent messages. I believe he must have suffered large pressure from FBI and did something against his will. I speculate that agent forced him shut down my thread, promised him that I would not come back. He deleted my messages of recent months. When I did come back and complain, agent installed a programme. Which creates a strange scene: when I clicked in with 'unread messages', there are many small boxes of 'message....deleted', once I entered with 'all messages', these deleted messages revive.
56. Internet censorship (2)
On Jan. 28, my thread in more then ten web-sites of different country were removed.(They are Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, New Zealand, South Africa, Nepal.....The owner of all these forum of different countries is same one.) I have posted in the 'open board' of these country's forum for more than 6 months. Which reminds me a 'close for post' ten months ago.
I had same thread in ' '.. I found it was closed for post on Mar. 20, 2001. I asked why. Moderator said he did not know, and hinted the problem was in U.S.A.. Later administrator said it was partial right, there was a 'break' from US political issues. Apparently, the pressure came from top ranking. On March 22, news paper said US expelled 50 Russian diplomats for FBI espionage case. It seems that my event is part of government operation. I put the dialogue here. Please notice that the time was a little earlier than the expulsion of Russians.
I asked:
"Why close my post?
My thread "How U.S. law enforcement agent murder people" on March. 18. was closed for post. You can go there to see why they close it. Just because what I said are true, they are scare of it. If you like to see more complete story, see 'My American nightmare' in:
' '
20th March 2001 09:55 IP:"
benCA Moderator
" I don't know why it was closed but i guess its because it was about some country but russia. don't forget where you are
20th March 2001 10:22"
admin Administrator
" That is partially right, Ben. is taking a "break" from US political issues. At this time, it is too hot of a topic for rational discussion._________ admin
20th March 2001 19:49 "
Ten months ago, the method they used was mild. Only put a lock on thread, I could still take part in discussion. And they gave a reasonable reason: the side effect of Hansen's espionage case. US was anger at Russia. They didn't touch my thread in other countries boards.
Last month's (later January) attack was severe. They removed everything without leaving a trace. I tried to complain but failed to post, only got a page said:"Sorry! The administrator has specified that you are not allowed to post." The administrator gave me an e-mail which said because my thread was 'anti-u.s. propoganda'.
You can see that 1. Ten months ago none of them thought of using the reason of "anti-US" even it's same message. 2. It was a joint operation which happened simultaneously and used same severe method. Readers knew nothing of what happened. I could not complain even I came back. 3. It happened at a time I predicted in "53. Fear". Part of a frame case. 4. The action was operated by owners. Not moderators. So it's not against any rules, but in politics. Obviously these administrators were intimidated.

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57. FBI's interest

On Jan. 31, 2001,(the first wave of attack on my thread) one web site I failed to post was . It's a big firm. So the level of moderator was high too, I suppose. Perhaps they were unwilling to shut down my thread without proper reason. They simply shut down the forum. A message said that "If you are looking for the and Fox News Channel community message boards, they have been temporarily disabled while we build a new and easier to use format. We'll have them up and running again as soon as we can." This is obviously cover words. The format they had used was a good one which is using now by big firm such like ,..... The promised 'new and easier to use format' never come true. From time to time I went there, found the page of 'temporarily shut down' was still the same, with threads posted on last day (dated Jan. 31) laying there, showed shut down took place abruptly.

Shut down a prosperous message board was by no means an insignificant event. It hurt Fox's fame and popularity. The decision must be from top ranking. It also helped me to strengthen a belief of how FBI control this country.

I learnt that Walter Disney was an informant of FBI. He died in 1960's. I think there were many VIP informant like him worked for FBI. In early 1990, I believe a helicopter accident was a result of a conspiracy of selection for CEO of Disneyland. I had a puzzle then. Whoever selected a CEO would be co-operate with FBI. Why did they select with violence? Unless they needed one whom was more than an informant, that was, a candidate of their own. Walt Disney was an informant, but once he was required to do something which was conflict to the interest of Disneyland, what would he do? He might choose to protect the interest of Disneyland.

HP and Compaq's emerge is a good example of the difference of a CEO and an owner (I can't find proper word for it. I mean someone who has real interest in business.) HP CEO Fiorina proposed to emerge with Compaq, HP heir Hewlett opposes the deal. Fiorina wants to make HP the biggest PC manufacturer. Hewlett think it's too risk to emerge with a rotten business. I think Hewlett is real care for HP's interest. That's because he has big financial interest in HP.(18% of HP's stock) And he has personal feeling on HP. It's a company set up by his father. Same thing like W. Disney to Disneyland. If the deal is a failure, CEO's loss will be much less than him. And she may become a CEO of another big firm.

Through Disneyland's story, I have a feeling that 40 years ago, FBI got VIP of big firm as their informant. 30 years later, they are not satisfy with this, they need a representative of their own interest.
(I have no intention to link HP and Compaq's emerge with FBI at all. It's different from the shut down of message board of Foxnews. I only use it as reference to show that CEO's decision could hurt the company they work for.)

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58. Manipulating media and killing by radiation

In later 1992 and early 1993, I felt unwell and suspected agent using radiation material which hurt my health. I complained. Then in early 1993, the newspaper I used to read, were full of news about deadly radioactive material. Such like "RADIOACTIVE LUMP FOUND IN CHINESE WELL KILLS 3", sick 90. "VIAL OF RADIOACTIVE POWDER LOST" It said that a metal container filled with cesium-137 powder was lost or stolen. People hold it for 30 minutes would result in radiation burns and an increased risk of cancer and would lose their hair if close contact with it for a few days, and probably would die if they stayed in close contact for a week or 10 days. The state Department of Health Services ordered employees to take lie detector tests,.." In 'World Journal'(Chinese) there was an article said a mafia head felt disposed but could not find what's wrong. He at last found his chair was contaminated with radioactive material after he was diagnosed he had cancer. Later I realized it's psychological persecution frequently used by agents to influence people's sentiment through media, it increased my fear then indeed, but also kept me alert on it. Sometime later I had toothache and got my tooth pulled. When someone urged me to wear false tooth, I remembered that story and refused. In 2000, newspaper said John Gotti, an ex-mob boss, dying in jail for neck and mouth cancer. Newspaper said it was believed that cancer was caused by dirty false tooth. I believe it was the second edition of that mafia story and thought it might be one of regular practice for agents to wipe out their dislikes.

In early January, 1998, I went to State assemblyman Mike Honda's office to complain about harassment from state government.(I will talk about this story later) Within days newspaper continuously reporting bad news of Honda's proposal in state assembly, said his amendment suffered a major setback and may be dead. I was quite familiar with such negative information war then. It's a tactic of discouragement. In early February, Honda's aid told me he could not handle complaints about FBI, I must seek help from my representative. He gave me the address of Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren.

I went to Zoe Lofgren's office. The staff being responsible for law enforcement agency was not at town. Other staff arranged for an appointment for me for next week(set about on Feb 13). Then on Feb 8, an article in Mercury News shocked me. The title is:"TWO BEST FRIENDS SHARED LIFE, DEATH ", The news said Joni Commons and Elaine Manley White were best friends, old comrades, fellow victims. Linked by Democratic politics, and victim of cancer. They worked for the same politicians, served on the same boards, fought for the same causes.Joni Commons died of a malignant breast cancer on Jan. 29. Elaine White died on Feb. 1, of a malignant brain tumor, The deaths of two were within 65 hours. They met 16 years ago, when Commons was working as an aide to newly elected Supervisor Zoe Lofgren, they worked for Lofgren for about 5 years.

This was a warning to me. It also an intimidation to Lofgren's aids, probably to Zoe Lofgren too, if they would accept my complaint. From my view then, Federal agents control media, manipulate politicians, spread cancer. They are malignant cancer of democratic society.

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59. Continuing cough

In later February, 2000, when I was in Bangkok, I had a continuing cough. It was unusual, because Thailand is a country with warm climate. After several days, it became worse. I started to worry. Then I noticed the cough always took place when I was outside. And I also noticed the cough stopped when I was inside the reading room. So the problem probably was from the bag. In South East Asia, I always brought a bottle of water when I went outside as well as a tourist guide book which was a thick one. For convenience, I carried them with a bag. I had to deposit the bag at the reception of library when I went inside to read newspaper. And cough would stop then. I washed my clothes everyday, that night, for the first time I washed the bag. I washed it thoroughly, especially the suspender because it cross my breast. It worked. Severe cough stopped next day when I went outside.

But cough came back that night when I went to sleep. I couldn't help to cough once I laid down on bed. After several tests and with experience of yesterday's discovery, I knew what happened and moved to the upper deck.(the bed was a double deck one) I put the lead protection apron beneath me for protection. Lay there I thought a lot. Should I report police? But it was secret police trying to murder me. What would happen if you ask for help from one who try to murder you? It was a way hard to go through.

I didn't change the hotel because I gave the telephone number to my wife, I was waiting for her call.(In cheap hotel, there used to be only one public telephone which could not make international call, but could receive call in.) I asked manager to change room for me. She gave me the one which was next to my original room.

To my surprise, the cough came back again at night. This time it was from my original room. I had presumed they would have moved the radiation contaminated bed away, they hadn't. The man, apparently knew nothing of it, coughing constantly while laying on bed. Since I was under 24 hours surveillance, in my opinion, next room was used to be occupied by undercover agent. At first I thought, how could they be so negligent even hurt their own people. Then I thought, how could he be so stupid, even was not aware of what caused his cough. At last I decided even if he was an undercover, he was innocent of this malicious murder method, I must tell him the dangerous situation he faced. I knocked at his door. A man opened the door, when he saw me, he quickly shut the door before I could speak to him. He knew me and had been warned not to speak to me, that's what I concluded then. To my strange, when I went back to my room, no more sound was heard. Either he was ordered to leave, or he realized where the problem was and slept on upper deck. I never know. I had a puzzle until now, was that man a dislike of secret police?

Next day at entrance when I was waiting for phone call, a lady with a bagage came in. She asked me to help her to bring the bagage to second floor.(All bedrooms were in second floor) It was a heavy bagage. I estimate it must have been more than hundred pounds while I dragged it to upper floor. I wondered how could she move such a hevy bag into the hotel. I suspect there might be a metal container inside with radiactive material. Once again, I asked manager to move me to another building though I had to pay double price. One day later, when I saw a lot of customers in that building checking out, I left too, with fear.

During the period I was in Thailand. There was an event of radiation killing. Someone picked up a metal container and sold it to junk handler. Nobody knew the material stored inside was isotope until people got sick and death occurred. The isotope was from an import company which was accused of negligence of storage dangerous material. It was a big topic in newspaper when I were in Thailand. I suspect there was links between the two events.

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60. Plant, Frame and alleged murder

On Sept 30, 1992, I was astonished to read an article on Mercury News. The topic was "Activist to sue FBI over bombing of car." Judi Bari was an environmentalist who was against logging company. She organized Redwood Summer in 1990. She received several death threats and then on May 24, 1990, a bomb exploded in her car which shattered her pelvis. Within hours, while she was still in coma in hospital, investigators issued a warrant labeled she was a violent terrorist for transporting the bomb that injured her. However, D.A.'s office refuse to file charges for lacking of evidence. The person planting the bomb was never found. Two years later Bari and another bomb victim sue FBI and Oakland police for false arrest, illegal searches and violation of their civil rights. Bari said "It's terrifying to stand up against FBI. Who tried to frame me for the bombing of my life."

At that time, I was complaining at Government office that FBI and DEA using isotope money which hurt my health and then trying to murder me by radioactive material.(I was not aware of the other high tech. weapon killing then yet) I knew how evil they were. But did Bari know what danger she was facing? I really worried for Bari's safety. I kept that newspaper.

It was dismay to learn her death. "CANCER KILLS EARTH FIRST! ACTIVIST BARI ". On March 3, 1997, San Jose Mercury News wrote, " Bari, 47, died less than 48 hours after her attorneys pleaded with a federal judge for a speedier review of the 6-year-old civil rights lawsuit."

On Oct. 8, 2000, another news caught my eye. "Pratt, new book examines role of FBI." It said that Pratt, ex-Black Panther activist, was sentenced to death about 30 years ago for a murder case. As a matter of fact. He was in a meeting in Oakland the night murder occurred, hundred miles from murder site. FBI wiretapped the meeting but hid the tape. Further more, FBI even planted letters to convince the group's already paranoid leaders that Pratt was against them. So they refused to testify for him.
If US Supreme Court had not temporarily suspended capital punishment in early 1970s, the government would have executed an innocent man."

I sent an E-mail to writer of Mercury News. Wonder why FBI could use all dirty methods to frame people, it's no other than attempted murder. The reply mail said, anyway, FBI would pay settlement for the case, "THAT'S A DEVELOPMENT". It seems FBI and other Federal law enforcement agency are outlaws. They could plant, frame, murder without being punished. Once it was revealed, nobody has to be responsible for the crime. And if they paid victims some compensation, that became a development, even the money was come from tax-payers. Pratt luckily survived, Judi Bari hadn't . How many innocent people died in black box practice? And how many will be the next?

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61. Resignation of FBI chief

About in early April, 2000, when I was still in panic mood of Thailand event, I read a news from a Chinese newspaper that FBI director Freeh would resign from his post, because FBI abused their power to a man whom bought a house which FBI wanted. It was a strange news. I had a strong feeling the article was for me. In US, when I complained in government office, FBI could cover it up with their power. In Thailand, I complained to US Embassy, then seeking asylum. It seemed that they couldn't cover it up anymore. Someone had to take responsibility. As for the house, there were something unusually took place when I bought it in 1985. But I could never expect it would bring me such a disaster.(I would talk about it at very last in my thread) However what the newspaper said didn't come true then. Freeh still stayed at his post.

On July,2000, I went back to US. I learnt that in 1999, when I just left US, all three old people of neighborhood died.(see "10. The death of the old people".) On July, 1999, Jr.Kennedy died in airplane's accident. They felt they were unable to control me abroad as they did in USA and feared I would reveal their criminal activities. They worried about Jr. Kennedy's political potential.

Feeling they would frame a big case to silence those whom knew my story. I started to post my experience in internet in later 2000.

On April, 2001, both directors of FBI and DEA announced resignation. Freeh left on June, two years short of his ten years tenure. I alleged they plotted a big drug case to frame me and person in the know on the month he leaving.(see 'Why DEA, FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane?' in my web-site.) It seemed they would attribute the responsibility to person whom left from his post.

After I posted my opinion that anthrax attack was done by Federal law enforcement agency, I felt strong murder threaten. I had said they probably would have done it in late January. It didn't happen, but there did be a big attack on my thread in internet. Then in early February, the chief of FBI Sacramento office said he would retire in May. They never stop persecution. Will there be another plot designed for him to take responsibility? Because once there is a responsibility taking, there would be a wrong doing. In most condition, it is killing to silence. Though under the coverage of suicide or other form they designed.

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#55 Aug 24, 2013
62. Plot

On Nov. 12, 2000, San Jose Mercury News carried such an article. Topic: " Killing Pablo" It said "Pentagon officials were concerned that US forces were possibly violating a presidential directive that prohibited American involvement in assassinations of foreign citizens. " To kill Columbia drug lord Pablo Escoba, US government spent millions in a covert operation in which a secret group assassinated about 300 people. No one was ever prosecuted. US ambassador, DEA, special force of pentagon were involved. The full extent of the US role has never been made public. Then why do they reveal this questionable maneuvers? To let people know some aspect of dark side of government? That's their taboo. Consider media are in the hold of intelligence. It's unusual.

I started to write about my experience in internet on September. I realized those Federal law enforcement agency were in panic. They couldn't wait any longer. Article "Killing Pablo" was a warning to other government department,'you committed crime overseas, now I will commit mine, don't interfere.' It seemed they would frame a drug case and silence those who are witness of my story. But how did they murder citizens in their own countries? Most of them are still young.

In early January, 2001, Clinton issued an order, creating a new czar with a broad mandate, namely, to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities. It oversaw all intelligence include CIA, FBI. Freeh became the czar. Which meant FBI could carry out their plan without obstacle then. I think this 'counter intelligence' post was created for the particular purpose of this frame case. There is no news about this post ever since, and three months later, Freeh resigned his post of FBI director.

On Jan. 21, S.J.M.N. reported "Feds widen Nuestra Familia probe", it said federal attorneys in Northern California were dramatically expanding their charge to gang members and attempting to penetrate its leadership within Pelican Bay State Prison. This may lead to the first federal death penalty trial in the Bay Area in decades. The unusual thing was why the federal government using its resources to go after a state prison gang. Local atterney puzzled, "how this became a federal issue. A prison gang is a state problem."

I could resolve this problem. It would be a murder for less penalty bargain between federal law enforcement agency and prison gang. In 'Killing Pablo', I learnt they would frame a drug case to kill many people. I also knew they used to murder people by "suicide" in jail. But they can't say all people died "suiciding", by then I realized they would kill by the hands of prison gang.

About at same time a TV news impressed me which said City of San Francisco announced that they forbid walking dog on beach to prevent they bitting people. A doubt in my mind was immediate, "Absurd rule. If people can't walk their dog on broad beach, they 'll walk dogs on crowded street. The rule creating more chance for dog to bite people." Several days later, on Jan 26, two dogs mauled a woman to death. What shocked me was not my doubt came to true, it was the background of the owner of the dogs. They were lawyers. They have an inmate as their adopt son named Schneider. Schneider was infamous among inmates and prison authority. He is serving a life sentence for stabbing a prison guard and stabbing an atterney in courtroom. He was in Pelican Bay State Prison. He is a member of Aryon brotherhood gang.

It seems they were picking up possible murderer whom fit their demand. In "Fear of frame", I expressed my worry. And in message "10. the death of old people", I expressed I feared they would kill by the hands of gang.

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63. A well planed frame case

There is another reason for them to frame the owner of the dog. Knoller and Noel are lawyers. Noel once had been a lawyer in President Nixon's Justice department. The couple then were practising their business by representing inmates and correction staff in lawsuits against the state government.

In Won Ho Lee's case, though FBI had no evidence, they still determined to frame him. Even CIA had warned FBI that Lee case was flawed. What FBI did was when they threw Won Ho Lee in prison, a news was spread that former CIA chief committed same crime as Lee, down loading classified document without permission. Were they intending to enforce law on former CIA chief? Of course not, it's same game they had played when publishing news "Killing Pablo". An intimidation of "no intrusion". Won Ho Lee could have been spent the rest of his life in jail if he had not a daughter. Lee's daughter is an undergraduate. She tried her best and found her father a good lawyer. The lawyer proved FBI agent's testimony was inaccurate and exaggerated. Lee's daughter played an important role in Lee's release, as well as a good lawyer.

In April, Freeh announced he would leave his post in June. Then they suddenly delayed McVeigh's execution date from May 11on to June 11. I alleged they planed to cover the murder by a big event which would attract public's attention.

On April 20, newspaper reported there were racist graffiti recently in Standford University against Asian. On June 10, an ethnic Chinese, 21 years old film student was shot in head and died outside a nightclub. But friends standing nearby and hundreds of bar patrons said they saw no gunman. Newspaper said, "Police described Maria Hsiao as "crystal-clear, a random victim". setting off a rare homicide investigation in a city known more for serenity and Stanford University than violence." Just like they did in other murder cases, they always pre-prepared a reasonable situation. If they are performing a fluorescent lamp killing, they have a news of "solar storm attacking earth" in advance, make death look like a stroke. If they are going to kill by EM wave, they will produce "meningitis" cases. This time, they made a background of racial random killing. Maria Hsiao, unfortunately, became a scapegoat.

My nephew, like Won Ho Lee's daughter, was an university student. He studies in Stanford University. He is the son of my youngest sister. And I talked about them in previous message, they are the target of FBI and DEA, because they are rich. Federal agents seemed considered everything in advance to make it a perfect frame case. Yet there were flaws.

64. My Brother in law was targetted.

About in 1992,(see message 6), B's house (my youngest brother in law) was burglarized for three times within a week after I talked about isotope money. Because B is a successful business man, I think money was the target of burgler(Feds).

In early April, 2000, the house where my parents lived, was damaged in a fire. It is a house of three storeys in Taravel St of San Francisco. It was said the fire caused by a candle in top floor where a tenant lived. Though my parents lived underneath, most things were damaged not by the fire but the water pumped in by fire brigade and had to be abandoned. I think it was a search under the cover of fire or a revenge. Because it happened about two weeks after I seeking asylum in Thailand.(March 22, 2000) The house is B's property.

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#57 Aug 24, 2013
In April, 2001, both director of FBI and DEA announced resignation and would leave post on June. Then a news in internet drew my attention. It said US paid a large amount of ransom to China for the releasing of the crew of spy plane. FBI and DEA were signatories and guarantors agree not to use the term of Chinese Secret Police on dope traffic interdictions to Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, and related locations and not mention Southwest China. It was a strange news, and was much more a framing drug deal than a spy plane deal. In which drugs would be smuggled from China to US and be captured, but the media would be under control so it won't hurt China's fame. I realized China was bribed to frame a drug case. It was a real good idea, the case would be believable since China was in dispute with US in spy plane accident, US law enforcement officer could do their business more relieved that they didn't plant drug, they only enforce law. B imports tens of containers of merchandise from China each year. It's easy to plant drugs in it.

The expiration date of my drive license was May 24, 2001. I received renewal notice in March. I hesitated to mail renewal form to Sacramento DMV office because many things strange happened then, such like attemption to got my signature in blank paper. Then in May 12, a news said there was a malfunction in machine which issuing renewal drive license in Sacramento DMV office, sent a lot of renewal drive license to wrong addresses. I never mail the renewal form. I don't think I can get new drive license. They even made the missing of drive license reasonable.

In early May, Justice department suddenly delayed McVeigh's execution date to June 11. June was the last month Freeh stayed in his post. I think they planed murder case then. And they needed a big event to transfer public's attention. I expressed my worry in internet in later may and early June. Talking about the resignation of FBI director Freeh and the delayed McVeigh's execution. On June 6, I suffered the second wave of internet censorship. At least seven web-sites I posting were attacked simultaneously.

Later I learnt from my sister she lost her tenants at same time. B runs his business in a warehouse. His neighbor was a book company. The book company not only rented the warehouse next to B, but also rented an office room inside B's warehouse, so it was B's tenant, too. There is an independent living unit in the back yard of B's living house which he rented to a single man. In may, both tenants moved away with different reason. It reminds me the event in about 1996, when G lady quit the job one month before 'operation Fire Dragon' took place.(see '32. Operation Fire Dragon') In my experience, Feds monitor as close as they can and avoid to be involved as possible as they can.

I do believe they planed a framing drug case in early 2001. For some reason, it soured. Because I didn' t mail the renewal form of drive license? Or I posted revelation in internet? Or some other reasons, I would never know.

Now the Chief of FBI Sacramento office will retire in May. Will there be another plot then? Probably in my sister's birthday party when so much people who know my story attending. Whatever happening, one thing is for sure that my messages in internet will be attacked too. On April 25, newspaper said, "US intelligence officials believe that the Chinese military is working to launch wide-scale cyber-attacks on American and Taiwanese computer networks....and are bracing for a possible wave of hacking attacks by Chinese students against US in coming weeks" The secret deal of last year is still effective and it's the best way to get rid of US intelligence's dislike: by the hands of foreign country so US officer take no risk.

Since: Mar 11

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#58 Sep 6, 2013
65. Birthday Party on May 3 (5/10)

After the house in San Francisco was burned down, my parents moved to Shanghai, China, live with my uncle. Two months ago(Mar. 2002), the house in Shanghai was said in a development plan and would be dismantled. It motivated my sister to buy a house for them to live. Last month (April), my youngest sister (B's wife) bought a house in Shanghai, within two weeks, another sister bought one, too. I think the deal cost my sisters a lot of money.

On April 28, I learned B would have a big birthday party on May 3. It's Friday. It was unusual. My family union are used to be on Saturdays and Sundays. People won't have to be in a hurry in holiday. Friday is a day fit for plot in jail. Jail won't do any bail work on week ends. So there are two extra days for agents to do 'suicide' job there. I recalled the house deal two weeks ago. Was that a pre-set to transfer victim's would be bail money?( I am sensitive on this because I had experience, I'll tell the story later) I called B, telling him about my worry. He said he didn't do anything illegal so what I said was impossible, he won't change his decision. He talked a lot of how grateful he was to US because his success in business. My feeling is that he didn't talk to me, he talked to agent who monitored the phone call. We are first generation immigrant. We always use our native language when we talk. This time he spoke in English. I could feel he was in panic. He thinks he is innocent, he may obey everything agent tell him to do. Yet I know a lot of people like him have been killed. What I could do was to post my worry in my thread "64. My brother in law was targeted" (first posted on April 30)

I learned the plot was postponed on May 3, the day of the party held. There was a letter from credit card company that day with a renewal card inside. My wife's Visa card expired on 04/02. So a Renewal card should have been arrived in March. But they held the card until May 3rd when they knew the plan soured.
Next day was week end, my wife would shopping with it, they couldn't hold it anymore.(See my experience of credit card at "34. The lost credit card")

I post in BBC's forum. Their format lifts the thread to top when you post a message to it. My thread failed in this function after I had about 20 messages posted. So each time I have to started a new thread for a new message. And each time I repeated:"I failed to lift "Secret police" up to top. Since the problem I posted here, such like messages missing, lagging show up of messages.... for readers who are interested in whole thread, go search "The dark side of USA" in 'goggle', or to 'guardian's 'talk', find 'Unbridle power of Federal agency' in category 'Europe and world' of 'Politics talk' "

BBC is a famous broadcast company. My commend repeated for months which might make them uneasy. So on May 1, they couldn't help to put a reply:
Quote, <"re: Secret police < ; Jessica W - HOST - 1 May 2002 06:37
Dear Kat Sung, I hope your cough is getting better. Thank you for alerting us to this story.
In another order of things, I hope the new message board lay-out that begins tomorrow Thursday will help us all follow threads more easily.
Thank you for your post and do keep them coming. ">

I just posted "59. Continuing cough" there. You can see the sarcasm of the Host. She might be told I would not come back after May 3. Same thing like what happened in .(see "55. Internet Censorship") Then on May 3, there was a post from another Host:

Since: Mar 11

Milpitas, CA

#59 Sep 6, 2013
Quote, <"Messageboard relaunch problems < ; Alice Castle - HOST - 3 May 2002 17:54

Hi everyone - big apologies for the recent messageboard hiccups - we were meant to relaunch with a new, neater layout this week but technical problems have meant there's been a delay.
Also, you'll notice that paragraphing and character formatting are not working at the moment, and post counts are gone - again, sorry about this: things will be fixed and running as planned soon! ">
The relaunch problem will continue while I continue to post.

66. Turn innocent into criminal (5/20/2002)

On May 5, in World Journal's Week-ends Publish,(Chinese edition) there was an special report "Thousands eyes outside the door" which talked about Federal jail. There were six small topics in this article, four of them were story of inmates. The first one was a former Chinese Navy officer. After retirement he worked temporarily for shipping company to earn some extra money. Two years ago he was employed as chief engineer in a British ship. One day in Atlantic ocean, he found about one hundred strangers on board the ship. He asked Captain and Chief mate, they only staring at him..... then they were arrested by INS agent. He thought he was innocent because he knew nothing about conspiracy of smuggling illegal immigrant but was told if he pled guilty, he would get about 18 months jail sentence, if he trying for a jury sentence and failed, he could get 10 years. And most serious thing was that Captain and Chief mate were trying to wrong him in a plea bargain with prosecutors to be their witness. While he was hesitating, one thing changed his mind. A little smuggler was sentenced to 87 months for his disobedience in court. He thought he couldn't resist this power and gave up. He now could be released less than a year for good behavior in prison.

The second one was a landlord. He had planted some marijuana in his yard. He enjoyed it only for himself and never selling it. Once when he found neighborhood were suspicious, he destroyed the plant. So when DEA searched his house, they got nothing. Still he was arrested without any evidence. The writer asked, "In US, issuing a warrant must base on evidence.." The landlord said, "No, no evidence, only the mouth of neighborhood." He intended to go to court, but lawyer advised him better not. "Federal case is different from state's. Even they have no evidence, you can't win. You win one prosecution, they'll prosecute another.It's endless." He had to choose guilty for 3 years sentence. If he failed in court, it would be 15 years.
He said, "In jail, I saw so many cases which shakes my belief that US is a justice country." One of inmate serving 7 years because he doesn't like President Clinton and once said, "I'll get a gun to shoot Clinton." There was no action, only speech. There are 15 similar cases in whole US.

The third one was a gay. There was only one sentence about how he was put into jail. His lover put drugs at his home which was found by police after neighbor complained noise of a party. The rest whole article was about homosexual activities inside jail, miserable,aids......

The last one was a police colonel of Cambodian. He once took a tour to US. His close friend asked colonel to accompany some of his relatives with him. He promised. In custom, these relatives were arrested for forgery passport. For self protection, these illegal immigrants wronged him as smuggler. His friend cheated him.

There was also a picture in article with no story. Only said, "Reincron(pronunciation) is cleared from murder verdict after a DNA test He served 10 years in prison already." The picture shows a laughing man after release.

Since: Mar 11

Milpitas, CA

#60 Sep 6, 2013
The whole article give people an impression that Federal jail is full of framed cases and a lot of people were wronged. Do they intend to reveal dark side of US justice? Of course not. World Journal is a popular Chinese newspaper published nation wide and read by my family members. The article might be neglected by people in normal times. But if there was a frame case took place in May 3's party, then the May 5's article would have been an advice or instruction on time to tell innocent people how to do to fit Federal agent's demand. The life in jail is miserable, to resist Federal power is hopeless, for best interest of people wronged into jail, is to cooperate with authority to be prosecutor's witness and plea guilty. That's how they turn innocent people into criminal. And they really considered everything from lawyer, bail..... to even witness. It's a big case. Once cost both directors' post of FBI and DEA, and postponed McVeigh's execution date for a month. Though the target is a little figure, he knew by his experience the high tech. weapon agent used and criminal activity of Federal law enforcement agency. And all attemption were the action of a criminal group do to a witness of their crime.
67. Turn on into local police (5/29/2002)

In mid-May, I clicked on to , a web site of San Francisco Cronicle, only found it closed its forum.
"SF Gate Conferences Closed as of 5/15: Read about it < ; The SF Gate Conferences have been closed. Many of the regular users have moved their disussions to Cafe Utne, which uses the same Motet format."

I went to Cafe Utne, started a new thread "My American nightmare". Today I went there to continue, but couldn't find posting window. There was no 'lock' up, no 'close for post' note. I studied the follow up, then understood it's a 'nice notice' of hidden 'close for post':' That is very sad and it is interesting, Kat. But, I do not want to run a topic on something as specific as your own experience....".

In the alleged plot of May 3, I found they using "US intelligence officials believe that the Chinese military is working to launch wide-scale cyber-attacks on American and Taiwanese computer networks...." instead of "forbid, ban" me from the web site. And there is no trouble found except this one. Actually, they shut down a SF web site, include its archive, and nicely discontinue my thread in a replacing site. Since readers should be mainly local people, they try to hide something (my story) from them?

In May 19, 20, 21, for continual three days, SF Cronicle published a long article criticize SFPD. Topics:" SFPD dead last in solving violent crime " ,"S.F. SLAYINGS GO UNSOLVED " ,"WHERE SOLVING CRIMES TAKES TOP PRIORITY ". It said, "The San Francisco Police Department solved, on average, just 28 percent of the city's murders, rapes, robberies, shootings, stabbings and other serious assaults between 1996 and 2000. Among the 20 largest U.S. cities, only police in crime-plagued Detroit and rapidly growing Phoenix solved murders at a lower rate than the SFPD between 1996 and 2000." It published a lot of data. The data was released from FBI. The long lasting article certainly put a large pressure on SFPD. And when a news of such released, there is always a purpose. What is FBI's intention this time?

T(see #44. My Tenant,#45. Tenant) said in mid-May he found another job and might move to Oakland or San Francisco. About four days ago he said he found a room in Oakland and would move in on June. It's a one week notice.

Since: Mar 11

Milpitas, CA

#61 Sep 6, 2013
Something seems will happen next month. When one plot was revealed and soured, there always be another. This time they turn on into local police whom are driven to raise their bad record and eagerly to solve big case if they are tipped. All this is in a hurry,(because FBI is in a hurry to be reformed?) closed its forum without predict in mid-May, T gave a one week notice to remove. Other pressure, such like attemption to set up illegal money, make me in a hurry too, to write this message, before I can finish another message about May 3 plot.

68. Ashcroft's revenge (5/31/02)

On May 30, A.G. Ashcroft announced he authorizing FBI to monitor the internet, political groups, libraries and religiouns organizations. All these are under the label of anti-terrorism. But I think it's an attempt to find a legal base for agents to wrong people by "investigation without evidence".

As a matter of fact, communication such like internet are under surveillance for a long time already. We know there are Carnivore, Echelon. And my message in internet which reveal the dark side of Federal law enforcement agency is the sabotage target. I alleged there was a big plot of murder and elimination of my message in internet on June, 2001. After that plot was soured, in July, Ashcroft came to Bay area where I live announced a national cyber monitor programme. News paper title:"ASHCROFT UNVEILS PLAN TO BATTLE CYBERCRIME NINE NEW COMPUTER CRIME UNITS LOCATED AROUND THE COUNTRY WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROSECUTING FEDERAL VIOLATIONS RANGING FROM HACKING TO STEALING TRADE SECRETS." The nine teams, with computer expert, are spread in US. I alleged they are doing hacking and harassment they themselves. I suffered a lot of harassment. I was banned from about more than 70 web-sites. For those active sites, readers disappeared. I think they were intimidated individually. It's a big job.

After I expressed my view of "anthrax attack", the frame attempt intensifies. Now Ashcroft even authorizes FBI agent more power which they can abuse. Perhaps for another view which I expressed on May 22. Here is an intimidation, an swift response to my thread "FBI knew terror attack in advance":

Quote, "arjurg
Senior Member
posted May 22, 2002 05:57 PM < ;
The FBI receives literally hundreds of 'tips' every day. I would suggest that you consider the fact that this administration is operating as if this were wartime, which it essentially is. In these times even the paranoid and conspiratorialist 'warnings' must be handled judiciously.

There is nothing untoward in John Ashcroft's using a private airplane to go on his fishing trip."

The event arjurg was so sensitive at was the story I posted to reveal that Ashcroft avoiding commercial flight since later July. One month later, it was 911.

Since: Mar 11

Milpitas, CA

#63 Sep 18, 2013
Re: "FBI knew terror attack in advance"

A news in July 2001 may reveal that FBI knew the coming hijacking.

Quote, "WASHINGTON, July 26, 2001 (AP)

"There was a threat assessment and there are guidelines. He is acting under the guidelines." FBI spokesman (CBS)

Fishing rod in hand, Attorney General John Ashcroft left on a weekend trip to Missouri Thursday afternoon aboard a chartered government jet, reports CBS News Correspondent Jim Stewart."

"Earlier this week, the Justice Department leased a NASA-owned G-3 Gulfstream for a 6-day trip to Western states. Such aircraft cost the government more than $1,600 an hour to fly. When asked whether Ashcroft was paying for any portion of the trips devoted to personal business, a Justice Department spokeswoman declined to respond. "

"In response to inquiries from CBS News over why Ashcroft was traveling exclusively by leased jet aircraft instead of commercial airlines, the Justice Department cited what it called a "threat assessment" by the FBI, and said Ashcroft has been advised to travel only by private jet for the remainder of his term. "

Be noticed the news was in later July, 2001, less than two months before 911. And Janet Reno, Ashcroft's predecessor as attorney general, routinely flew commercial. She didn't enjoy the special benefit of security. Can you explain why?

When FBI is accused of failure to warn the nation of 911 attack, this news revealed they did do something to deal with coming threaten already. Though only to their boss.

Question and answer

"Maybe the threat was personal, not terror related."

Someone said this might be a personal threaten. But we know a personal threaten to celebrity is used to be assassination, such like President Kennedy's, Martin Luther King's. And a private plane is more vulnerable for a personal threaten, such like Jr. Kennedy,(died in 1999) whose political potential is a nightmare to those who assassinated his father and uncle. Carnaham, former governor of Missori, in campaign for Senator against Mr. Ashcroft,(in 2000) and a Disneyland executive, in campaign for CEO of Disney,(in 1993) were all died in accidents of private plane. Commercial flight's hijacking? In world, we know mostly done by Mid east terrorist. In US domestic flights? So far I know there was none until 911. So it goes back to the topic, how did FBI knew there would be an 'personal threaten' on commercial flights which hadn't happened before?

Re2. CBS might be punished for the news (6/10/02)

CBS published the news revealing Ashcroft travelling by charted flight in private tour. It was two months before 911 attack. FBI said it was for 'threaten assessment'. CBS might been punished for that news because it accidently revealed FBI knew hijacking would happen.

On December 2001, I had my opinion in message "My view of anthrax attack". Which talked about the first victim Bob Stevens is likely a revenge target of US celebrities more than a target of terrorist. Now it looks like CBS is the same. Though originally CBS was only pointing at corruption,(Ashcroft rent a private jet for his personal vacation) FBI knew what it could really mean as it now does.(FBI knew there would be commercial plane hijacking in future) CBS was a victim of anthrax attack. CBS Anchor Dan Rather's assistant tested positive of skin form of anthrax. Small trace was found in Rather's office.

See message #39 . The first victim, Bob Stevens, died on Oct. 5. He was an photo editor of Sun, a tabloid focus on scandals of celebrities such like Princess Diana's affair, Clinton and Lewinsky affair or President's drunken daughters. It seems he was much more a revenge target of some powerful celebrities then OBL and his Al -Qaida. Do you think terrorist know Bob and choose him the first target?

Since: Mar 11

Milpitas, CA

#64 Sep 18, 2013
Re. 3. Atta was under surveillance earlier

Public know little of other 18 terrorists but Atta. He was the most familier one for people among 19 terrorists.Such like his background; his student life in Hamburg, German; "his allergy hands"; "his visiting crop dust plane"; "his visit to Czech"; and his passport was even found two blocks away from WTC after 911 attack....Newspaper called him terrorist leader as if they had taken part in the terrorists' meeting. But how could they know he was the leader, not the others?

Intelligence always benefited from terrorist attack.(more police power and increased budget) In anthrax attack, they released an information that 911 terrorist leader Atta had made contact to Iraq diplomat. They discussed a plot of bombing US broadcast station. I think the release of information was on purpose that Iraq had connection to terrorist so there was excuse to extend war to Iraq. But this also meant terrorist leader Atta's talking was eavesdropped. And he was under surveillance of intelligence at least as early as this spring. Do you believe that intelligence knew nothing of 911 bombing in advance?

Re. 4. A war without evidence given

Mystery informant and evidence

If you still remember when Bush started war in Afghan, they didn't show people the evidence that OBL was behind 911. They said they had evidence, but couldn't make it public for the sake of safety of informant. Now, after eight months, where was that informant and evidence? Was he still with OBL? If so, why couldn't we capture OBL? There is another explanation, they did have evidence that OBL would attack. So there was such "threat assessment" for charted plane. And they need it like 'Perl Harbour' in WW2. They couldn't show it to people otherwise it also revealing they knew attack in advance. Perhaps that's why they want a military court. Perhaps that's why there is little news activity from Afghan. Most we got are from Army's saying. They want to bury the truth forever.

Re. 5. Culture of FBI

A lot of sources said there were more accomplices involved in OKC bombing. And after Waco event, FBI had penetrated militia organizations. Quote, "Some time prior to the bombing, the DEA planned a raid on Elohim City, from which McVeigh is alleged to have worked out his plans. but the FBI warned the DEA not to make their raid, because the FBI had "an informant in place" ( )

The motive of OKC bombing by McVeigh is to revenge government's injustice in Waco. His target was FBI and BATF in Murrah Federal Building. Yet on that day, all staffs of FBI and BATF were absent. They knew the bombing in advance. Other federal employees became scapegoat.

The content of "Patriot Act" which G.A. Ashcroft proposed after 911 attack had been proposed by FBI director Freeh after OKC bombing. Freeh failed to pass his proposal but Ashcroft succeeded. Perhaps with the help of anthrax attack. From two similar terrorist events, we can see the culture of FBI. They value their lives very much, they absented in office on OKC bombing day, they gave a 'threat assessment' for their boss before 911 attack.(fact) They tried to get more police power from the panic of terror attack (motive) and neglected public lives' loss. As a matter of fact, only the huge loss made people give away their civil right to FBI.

Since: Mar 11

Milpitas, CA

#66 Oct 16, 2013
Accustomed to unbridle power, agents used to flaunt their ability. When I complained they committing murder, they even sent a message "So what, they even killed President Kennedy". To show off their ability to control everything, they sometimes forecast to informant that they knew everything. Like what happened in BBC.(see #65. Birthday Party on May 3) But it's not a surprise that they ignore lives of innocent people.(compare with OKC's victims) Perhaps they could benefit from the deaths, from personal treasure to credit cards, or could set their resource for another group's surveillance?

Re. 9. Ashcroft in Moscow

Secret police have their own deals. It's convenient to commit crime by the hands of foreign hands. I have experience of this. Then what does Ashcroft want secret police of Russia do?

India suddenly changed its attitude to Pakistan. The war threaten demolished. War or peace, only depends on leaders' desire. US government must have activate large resource to mediate.

I speculate there will be a big operation in Pakistan. Or probably there will be a big terror attack which government had said,"Bombing is inevitable." This administration, especially intelligence, are under criticize for failure of 911 warning. They need a big event to diverge the pressure. What can OBL and Al-quada do? From embassy's bombing,'Cool' vessel's bombing, 911, to recent bombing of Consulate in Pakistan, were all simple: by powder or hi-jacked airplane. In a land which is so poor that even unable to produce glass cup, I don't think they have any high-tech, bio-tech weapons. Even when they lost war in Afghanistan, I didn't see they had shoot a missile which said given by CIA before. So if there is such an attack, the weaponry, possibly a dirty bomb, the radioactive material may came from Russia. I speculate.

Since: Mar 11

Milpitas, CA

#67 Oct 17, 2013
69. Juror summon (6/16/02)

On May 13, I received a Juror summon. I returned the notice with a letter as following:

"May 22, 2002

Dear lady/sir

I think I am disqualify for a juror. I circle the first box for limited ability of listen and speak English. English is my second language. I had been rejected for a juror by court staff for poor English. I can understand about 70% of a TV movie. And often with help of dictionary to read and write. The following is the commend from internet chat.

valois Member Member # 21360

posted May 02, 2002 09:15 AM < ;
His 'broken' English is inconsistant. I studied foreign languages and syntax for a lot of years; this guy's about as foreign as Jersey City or Fresno.

mystic - 01:55am Apr 11, 2002 EST (#57 <..[email protected] bSEbMkb^5@.eede6a3/56> of 88)
Message boards are very forgiving places for spelling and grammar, but we would appreciate it if you could at least get some basic sense of English syntax.

Domer </PoliticallyIncorrectCafe/ profile?Sent: 5/3/2002 5:11 PM

Kathaksung: If you express more clearly and precisely what your thesis is, I might be inclined to join this discussion.(Incidentally, is English your first language?)


Kat Hak Sung "

It could be a regular summon. For me, it also could be a trap they set. After May 3 plot soured, I could feel new pressure. Seven years ago, I sold my car. Last May, I didn't renew my drive license.(see #64) Since then, I even can't drive. I rarely go out. Do they want me leave for a while so they make a secret search? Or planting something, or install something? Or produce an accident on road? I don't know. I return the notice on May 23. the duty time should be on June 17-21. Then on June 11, there was an article in the newpaper (Chinese). Topic "Chinese ethnic lawyer call citizen to fulfil their duty" Sub topic:"Can you refuse to be juror if you don't understand English?". It said now it's very strict on juror's rule. Even your English is no good, you still must go to the court, let judge and lawyer make the decision. It's their way to communicate, or influence the people. Their intention is clear, they want me leaving home for court. My return letter was certified, but they still could make it lost. Here I put down the certified mail receipt No. 7002 0460 0002 3588 0731. The last Juror sumon also came on purpose, which I'll talk about later.

Since: Mar 11

Milpitas, CA

#68 Oct 17, 2013
70. Manipulating my wife (6/25)

In February 2000, when I went back to Thailand from Cambodian, I had two purposes, to get remittance and file tax return. I needed a low telephone rate and convenient communication system.

My wife at first promised to mail that to me as soon as possible. But several days later, remittance became impossible (see 37. Manipulate Bank operation) and my wife also refused to mail me the tax documents. She said she would do it herself. It was unusual. In 1995 even when I was in China, she mailed documents to Shanghai so I could finish the return. What startled me was she even said she would hide rent income from file because it was paid by cash. My wife clearly knew I was under persecution of Federal agency. How could she do something illegal to give them an excuse? I argued with her but failed. Then she told me in phone that there was a court summon for me. At last I got it that was a Juror summon. Blocking remittance; intimidation by court juror summon; threaten to hide cash income; all these were efforts to force me back to US to their own control. After about half month waiting in vain, I was angry. I went to US consulate, complaining FBI abusing power. The staff there instructed me to write a letter to Legal Attache.

It took me whole day to write the letter. I went to General Post Office to certify the letter next day. Since the Post Office was next to Telephone office, I made a phone call to my wife first. To my surprise, she changed her attitude and promised to express the tax documents to me. Finished the call, the first thought came to me was my complain worked. While I was waiting for the mail, I went to bank again, wishing it work, too. The supervisor of foreign remittance division received me. She assured me that her department received a lot of remittance from US. No account needed. The problem must be from US. I was disappointed. Just then another manager came to me said she could help me to get the remittance by open a local resident's account. The only problem was it had to change US currency into Thai's and when I need US dollars, I had to change Thai currency into US dollars again. Which meant I had to suffer a double exchange rate loss. It was a compromise. But I rejected it. I didn't mind to lose some money on it but I did mind I lose the right of normal way of remittance. While others could do it why couldn't I?

I re-wrote the letter, cancel the first part which complain about manipulating my wife but kept to request an investigation about FBI abusing power on bank operation. The letter late caused the attemption of a frame drug case and finally made me seek asylum.

71. Police violence (2002)

The first time I got Juror summon was ten years ago. I went to court. The staff lady there rejected me when she found my conversation was poor. Next time I had experience FBI using it as a tool of intimidation. This time, after read newspaper article on 6/11, it turned out to be another plot. That's why I hastily post message "69. Juror summon" on 6/16. Because 6/17 was the day for Juror service. I can't drive so only way to go out is by bus. I worry they might do something on bus. That's why I talked about my situation of no car and no drive license in that message.

What happened on next day (6/17), was my daughter was called to go for a swimming. I couldn't stop her. But I advised her not to go to deep water area. My worry about relative's safety is not over sensitive. Which I'll talk about later.

Since: Mar 11

Milpitas, CA

#69 Oct 17, 2013
It took me whole day to write the letter. I went to General Post Office to certify the letter next day. Since the Post Office was next to Telephone office, I made a phone call to my wife first. To my surprise, she changed her attitude and promised to express the tax documents to me. Finished the call, the first thought came to me was my complain worked. While I was waiting for the mail, I went to bank again, wishing it work, too. The supervisor of foreign remittance division received me. She assured me that her department received a lot of remittance from US. No account needed. The problem must be from US. I was disappointed. Just then another manager came to me said she could help me to get the remittance by open a local resident's account. The only problem was it had to change US currency into Thai's and when I need US dollars, I had to change Thai currency into US dollars again. Which meant I had to suffer a double exchange rate loss. It was a compromise. But I rejected it. I didn't mind to lose some money on it but I did mind I lose the right of normal way of remittance. While others could do it why couldn't I?

I re-wrote the letter, cancel the first part which complain about manipulating my wife but kept to request an investigation about FBI abusing power on bank operation. The letter late caused the attemption of a frame drug case and finally made me seek asylum.

72. My daughter (7/5)

On 5/8, I received a letter from school, said my daughter was caught cheating.(she is 8th grade in middle school)

I asked my daughter. It was about a reading program. They were assigned by teacher to read 19 books for the semester. There was a test for each book, then get a grade on average mark of test. It was the 19th book when she followed other students to copy answer each other. She said crying that she didn't understand why it's so serious because a lot of students did so.(Teacher told me he caught 50 students cheating in that book test) I told her it was a good lesson. Not everything is correct even many others did so. It's lucky only a test of reading. I remind her never imitate others if it's smoking, drinking especially drugs. I remember President's drinking daughters, and a former vice president candidate,(former President candidate Mondale's partner, Feraror her name?) whom was defamed by her son's drug event. Those agents will do anything if they want to extort, even to target's children.

Though I advised my daughter nicely to take it as a lesson, I told my wife I worried it's an attemption of defame. The event was on 4/25, 9 days before May 3. School only let us know after that. And it was strict, in addition to re-grade the reading score, my daughter had to write a confession letter, plus 2 hours detention. If there was a frame drug case on 5/3, the confession letter could used to discredit my daughter as a witness.

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