why do black people wear ed hardy , e...
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Pittsboro, NC

#313 May 5, 2011
Acting white is generalizing all white people , so therefore we are not acting white we just dont follow sterotypes ,

White Plains, NY

#314 Aug 23, 2011
KKK wrote:
<quoted text>
And what culture do black americans have. Slavery, discrimination. food stanps shoes basketball and the ghetto
...Wow really? Its people like you that get shot or beat up. Also black people only have a background of discrimination, food stamps, the ghetto and slavery because ignorant white crackers like you tried to keep us down but look at us now, we rose above it! So shut up, grow up and get a life.

Honolulu, HI

#315 Oct 25, 2011
stop haten yall whitez just mad koz we look better in it and prejudices aint the word yall just haten koz we look gud in it and rock it better and wat do he care he got the money i mean damn ppl its 2011 stop the madness lol.....

Bruton, UK

#316 Oct 30, 2011
ced wrote:
shit ed hardy is not a bad look but im done wearing it if white people dont want us 2 we got good clothin line like coogi,evius,acidamic cant spell right now but u no what i mean i can keep going i look much better than sum ed hardy and rip ed hardy
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA All the black fashion comes from other races. All the people wanting gucci, louis vuitton & prada etc that aint black. All those people wanting bape or evisu that aint black. New eras and sports wear that aint black. I thought the only original clothing was the african stuff made with colourful cloth and i don't see white people trying to wear that
Amanda turner

United States

#319 Dec 31, 2011
Wow this is extremely ignorant you have to wear certain shit to be "cool"? Wtf !!! I live in north Carolina I wear Jordan's DC Levis south pole whatever I want to wear I'm not ghetto and date my own respectable color yet everyone thinks I date outside my race cuz my ass is like a black girl. I thought the ignorance was just NC but its everywhere and that's sad

United States

#320 Feb 7, 2012
I buy clothing based on what I like not the label our name behind it, if you like bedazzled ed hardy stuff more power to you its not for any race its for humans. Coogi was founded in Australia and I hear people say it is only made for black people...maybe its me but that makes no sense
shameless shane

Jackson, MS

#321 Mar 3, 2012
Who gives a damn who wears what. All you haters quit hating. If you can afford it wear it. If you have to sell your foodstamps or put your power or waterbill off to wear it stick to wal mart. No shame in it. Live your own lives and stop worrying about everybody else.

United States

#322 Apr 26, 2012
Yall buggin...

Littleton, CO

#323 May 10, 2012
why wrote:
its sad its like watching white people wear fubu ed hardy died and the people promoting his clothes he would have fired them.FOR A FACT...his stuff with all the sparkles and crap on it thats what they want.i dont care if black people want to support the whites its about time.
Ed Hardy... IS NOT DEAD!

Mission Viejo, CA

#324 Nov 25, 2012
African americans have lots of culture actually. A lot of the things you use today were invented by a black person. I fell sorry for you because your mindset is stuck in the 20s but I doubt you were even born back in that time so that further leads me to think that you received you ignorance from your parents. Sad.....
Hater the poor lady

Fairfield, CA

#325 Nov 25, 2012
biRace wrote:
African americans have lots of culture actually. A lot of the things you use today were invented by a black person. I fell sorry for you because your mindset is stuck in the 20s but I doubt you were even born back in that time so that further leads me to think that you received you ignorance from your parents. Sad.....
Absolutely they where pioneers of domestic worker's and mules!!! Woohoo!! L Lol

The only cultured they have is being a THUG!!

Brandon, MS

#326 Nov 25, 2012
Jay2 wrote:
<quoted text>
If we're such animals why does white america have such prominent figures such as the names above.
Harrison Graham, Henry Louis Wallace, Craig Price(sick fucker), Carlton Gary, Celeophus Prince Jr, Carl Eugene Watts(killed more people than Bundy and the green river killer, confessed to more than 80), John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo(i think we ALL know that these are the DC snipers, killing mostly white people, some just sitting on bench minding their own business), there's many more african american serial killers than you think, you just don't hear about on the news. for more go here :http://blackpeoria.wordpress. com/list-of-black-serial-kille rs/. the point of my reply is that evil is apart of EVERY RACE so your comment is irrelevant...

United States

#327 Feb 24, 2013
why wrote:
ED hardy never would have never thought his flash art would be a urban trend.
he seemed cool when I met him. I went to his tattoo party met alot of other tattoo artist and even had a shot with ed he even complimented my work lmao dude stop trolling eds cool if I didnt actually meet him I wouldve probably bit lol
The Real Basil

Fairfield, CA

#329 Feb 26, 2013
Black men or women look like ASHY APES

Since: Apr 13

Location hidden

#330 Apr 5, 2013
I like the Ed Hardy line. I think it is fun. I don't see it as a color thing. I think everyone should like it. I like fun clothing like the fun designer T-shirts I've found here: http://www.spncolors.com/designer-t-shirts/ . They have big clock T-shirts (a little different from those work by Flave-O-Flave.)

Chicago, IL

#332 Jan 12, 2014
Redneck haters wrote:
<quoted text>Teach your children hate? Your the worst.
You are a sad person!!!!

Gainesville, VA

#333 Apr 14, 2014
I wear ed hardy and im mostly african american, i don't find an issue with it because i wear it for the artistic style, and someone put blacks are only good for living in the ghetto and playing basketball having food stamps, etc. well i wouldn't say that... my family owns alot of businesses and most likely lives in a far bigger and better house than an average white person or any race, and ive never even seen a food stamp in my life so don't put race into a simple matter because some people are not as blessed as other
Helping_the_hope less

Gainesville, VA

#334 Apr 14, 2014
The Real Basil wrote:
Black men or women look like ASHY APES
Did you know not every "black person" is that dark some you cant even tell if they are black or not... Just a little fun fact for your dumbass

Sacramento, CA

#335 Apr 20, 2014
I'm black and I really could careless if ed hardy liked blacks or not. I never seen a reson in arguing with people over their beliefs. If he doesn't oh well who cares, you wouldn't want to argue with someone or have them try to convince you to believe otherwise. I personally don't wear it but the blacks who do wear it its because they want to. So that should answer that ignorant question, blacks wear ed hardy because they want to.

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