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#9267 Dec 4, 2013
Have reasons to worry that think tanks in Waterloo Canada are running the gang stalking games. Seems the ex CEO from blackberry is into workplace mobbing. Ontario seems to be home to a lot of Internet it's who may be perps.
Article about how they are bullying the local universities.

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#9268 Dec 4, 2013
ptw wrote:
"Organized Scheming,"
as with Obstruction of Justice and Investigative Tampering is a felony crime recognized by the U.S. Justice Department, as is "conspiracy of silence."
"Organized Scheming" (civil servant corruption)," hosts a combination of crimes:
Organized felony violations to (civilian) civil/legal rights and liberties.
Organized felony violations to privacy (phone, cable, email, mail, refuse)
Organized violations of Patriot/Safe Acts provisions, secret laws.
Organized collusion, collaboration,(civilian database tracking/victimization).
Organized obstruction of justice, investigative tampering, corruption.
Organized domestic terrorizing, criminalizing, villification.
Organized medical, legal, employment, financial violations/crimes.
Organized agency, entity, enforcement cover ups, conspiracy of silence.
Organized dissemination and assimilation of incriminating evidence.
Organized victim/witness intimidation, harassment, provocation.
Organized misconduct, excesses, abuse (service/office/reso
Organized entrapment, baiting, framing, misfeasance.
Organized premeditation, fraud, falsifications, fabrication.
Organized illegal and unwarranted actions, tracking/surveillance.
Organized deception, manipulation, lying, downplaying.
Organized inciting/recruiting/propagatin g hate/racial crimes.
Organized trespassing, break-ins, vandalism.
Organized disinformation, discrediting, defamation.
Organized patterned practices of depraved indifference.
Organized staging, manufacturing, projecting crimes.
Organized threats, hostilities, assaults.
Organized stalking/cyberstalking/bullyin g (by civil servants/accomplices).
An "Organized Scheming" structure/culture is in play long before a victim recognizes stalking !
Focusing on stalking,(as some only do) by intentionally dismissing or downplaying the elephant in the room, "a culture of organized scheming felony crimes and violations," makes no sense and appears deceptive !! Stalking only exists because of these other combinations of established crimes; NOT by some act of stalking itself !!
Difficult to prove any of these especially since the first part of the stalking is to psychologically scramble the targets brains and then to publicly humiliate them.

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#9269 Dec 4, 2013
State Terrorism

State terrorism refers to acts of terrorism conducted by a state against a foreign state or people or - its own people.[1][2][3][4][5]

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#9270 Dec 4, 2013
LG Admits Smart TVs Spied On Users

online news by InformationWeek - connecting the business technology community
11/22/2013 by Mathew J. Schwartz

LG admits it collected information on consumers' viewing habits, promises firmware update to honor opt-out requests.

South Korean multinational LG Electronics Thursday confirmed that its smart televisions can track what consumers are watching, and that they continue to do so even after consumers select a preference that purports to deactivate that tracking.

Viewing data -- including viewing duration, real-time tracking of the selected channel, and the names of all files stored on connected USB drives and network shares -- "is collected as part of the Smart TV platform to deliver more relevant advertisements and to offer recommendations to viewers based on what other LG Smart TV owners are watching," according to a statement LG emailed to security researcher Graham Cluley.

(read more at the following link or search: "LG TV spying on users"

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#9271 Dec 5, 2013
Psychological Warfare

Psychological Conditions Of Manipulators

Motivations of Manipulators:

Manipulators can have various possible motivations, including but not limited to:[1]

*the need to advance their own purposes and personal gain at virtually any cost to others
*a strong need to attain feelings of power and superiority in relationships with others
*a want and need to feel in control (aka. control freak)
*a desire to gain a feeling of power over others in order to raise their perception of self-esteem
*boredom, or growing tired of his/her surroundings, seeing it as a game more than hurting others

Manipulators may have any of the following psychological conditions:[1]

*machiavellian personality
*narcissistic personality disorder
*paranoid personality disorder
*borderline personality disorder
*dependent personality disorder
*histrionic personality disorder
*passive–aggressive behavior
*type A angry personalities
*antisocial personality disorder
*behavioral addiction

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#9273 Dec 5, 2013
Fisa court documents reveal extent of NSA disregard for privacy restrictions

Incensed Fisa court judges questioned NSA's truthfulness after repeated breaches of rules meant to protect Americans' privacy

by Spencer Ackerman in New York, Tuesday 19 November 2013

Newly declassified court documents indicate that the National Security Agency shared its trove of American bulk email and internet data with other government agencies in violation of specific court-ordered procedures to protect Americans’ privacy.

The dissemination of the sensitive data transgressed both the NSA’s affirmations to the secret surveillance court about the extent of the access it provided, and prompted incensed Fisa court judges to question both the NSA’s truthfulness and the value of the now-cancelled program to counter-terrorism.

While the NSA over the past several months has portrayed its previous violations of Fisa court orders as “technical” violations or inadvertent errors, the oversharing of internet data is described in the documents as apparent widespread and unexplained procedural violations.

“NSA’s record of compliance with these rules has been poor,” wrote judge John Bates in an opinion released on Monday night in which the date is redacted.

“Most notably, NSA generally disregarded the special rules for disseminating United States person information outside of NSA until it was ordered to report such disseminations and to certify to the [Fisa court] that the required approval had been obtained.”

In addition to improperly permitting access to the email and internet data – intended to include information such as the “to”“from” and “BCC” lines of an email – Bates found that the NSA engaged in “systemic overcollection”, suggesting that content of Americans’ communications was collected as well.

(read more at the link below or Search "NSA privacy violations")

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#9274 Dec 5, 2013
posted nearly 2yrs ago;
ptw wrote:
Gang stalking is all about felony violations of "civilian's families" privacy/civil rts/liberties and the obstruction of justice implemented in the suppression of a victim's efforts toward reporting this national atrocity of corruption and felony crimes which also makes it a whistleblower hate/reprisal crime. Gang stalking is a national crime, documented/recognized by the Justice Department, and obstructed as well at every level to the point of obsurbity, deception, manipulation, misleading, misinformation, recycling of victims between entities/departments, bogus off the mark responses, phone attempts toward closure and the catch all, "unresponsiveness". The actual physical gang stalking you and everyone experiences comes about after years of violations to every aspect of your personal/professional privacy, cowardly and illegally behind your and your family's back. It's a felony crime targeting it's nation's naive, unsuspecting and defenseless citizens behind their backs, and what makes it all possible, the illegal use of the latest development of sophiscated technologies and especially wireless and communicative (digital, massive informational capability) technologies, cellphones, GPS and even digital TV set top boxes, industries that all have been approached by your federal governmental agencies to instill capabilities into their software/hardware to allow for eavesdropping/wiretapping/reco rding,(search eavesdropping, wiretapping, surveillance on the internet.) Gang stalking does not exist in a vacuum, it's an organized scheming, controlled violation on the public, enhanced by not your paranoia but by that of federal governments, and their attempts in trying to stay ahead of the game (terrorism). Unfortunately the very individuals exposed to using these levels of violations exit the military and get jobs in the only place, many of them can or are guaranteed, local, county, state, federal civil servant service/enforcement, and that's where is continues to be a problem for their neighbors and other unsuspecting citizens.

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#9277 Dec 6, 2013
theguardian editor, Alan Rusbridger, defends decision to publish leaked files from the NSA.

Telling the Metropolitan Police and the Commons home affairs select committee (members of Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats) on Dec 3, 2013, that the British newspaper has revealed only 1 percent of total (approx. 58,000) files/material, provided by former security contractor Edward Snowden (leaking no names).

In defending his reputation: " love of country," Mr. Rusbridger responded:

"We live in a democracy and most of the people working on this story are British people who have families in this country, who love this country. I'm slightly surprised to be asked the question but yes, we are patriots and one of the things we are patriotic about is the nature of democracy, the nature of a free press and the fact that one can in this country discuss and report these things."
"I think there are countries, and they're not generally democracies, where the press are not free to write about these things and where the security services do tell editors what to write, and where politicians do censor newspapers. That's not the country that we live in, in Britain, that's not the country that America is and one of the things I love about this country is that we have that freedom to write, and report, and to think and we have some privacy, and those are the concerns which need to be balanced against national security, which no one is underestimating. And I can speak for the entire Guardian staff who live in this country that they want to be secure too."

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#9278 Dec 6, 2013
Americans...Victims...! Recent news publications of "NSA privacy violations", identifies the extent and dynamics of civil servant corruption in play, behind which an "organized schemimg," systemic and bureaucratic (institutional, organizational, entity, agency, enforcement) culture of abuses, misconduct, excesses, violations, crimes and (stalking/tracking) assaults, have been operating above and outside the law in this country for decades !!

(post from nearly 2yrs ago).
ptw wrote:
Gang (group/organized) stalking is a heinous crime [from within] by what appears to be a culture of pure [civil servant] corruption [local, county, state, federal] that has permeated the very entities/agencies that are to protect the rights of citizens, instead illicitly protecting this atrocity. Gang stalking is a universal crime, a national crime a systemic crime that is nothing less than an assault on Democratic values, beliefs, trust, privacy, rights, libertries and freedoms through gross vioations to constitutional rights and provisions to the Patriot/Privacy/Safe Acts and should be documented as state and federal authorities. Documenting this corruption allows victims at each and every learn about how this corruption is obstructively handled [or] neglected; and exposes patterned practices of depraved indifference, in essence obstruction/delay/denial of justice to "documented" federal/felony crimes/violations/assaults. This corruption is perpetuated by the cowardly violation of every aspect of your personal privacy, whose sole intent is to engage in anonymous, cowardly defamation campaigns, staged/manufactured crimes, false/fraudulent reports/filings to terrorize, harm and jeopardize vicrtim's lives, safety and security. No one has that right! If you've encountered a constant pattern of assaults (all based on violations to your privacy/liberties/rights) also in response to your reporting this corruption (Whistleblower hate crimes), then [consider] documenting this to the locations in which these crimes occur.......and eventually since these locations are now being used in the commission of federal crimes/violations/assaults; document and report individuals [to state / federal authorities] you believe knowledgeable to and or participating in these felony crimes. Without this documentation, you have nothing to carry you to the next level, you just remain a victim to felony crimes/violations/assaults targeting and threatening your families, lives, safety and security. Again,[organized scheming] gang stalking in a national,(USDOJ documented) felony crime and should be identified and reported as such (with all due respect).

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#9279 Dec 6, 2013
A Special Place In Hell wrote:
State Terrorism
State terrorism refers to acts of terrorism conducted by a state against a foreign state or people or - its own people.[1][2][3][4][5]
Some state terrorism might happen because of lazy leadership.

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#9280 Dec 6, 2013
Sydney wrote:
<quoted text>
Some state terrorism might happen because of lazy leadership.
Seriously? Laziness?

That's the excuse your giving them? F*cking LAZINESS?

They are not paid to be neither lazy - nor terrorists.

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#9281 Dec 6, 2013
You're AB-SO-LUTELY correct,.. in the realm of politics, "lazy" at best, should accompany the words, "and incompetent" ! Case in point, theguardian reports:

"Surveillance technology out of control, says Lord Ashdown"
Former Lib Dem leader says it is time for high-level inquiry to address fundamental questions about privacy in 21st century
by Nick Hopkins and Matthew Taylor, The Guardian, Monday 18 November 2013

The technology used by Britain's spy agencies to conduct mass surveillance is "out of control", raising fears about the erosion of civil liberties at a time of diminished trust in the intelligence services, according to the former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown.

Ashdown is the latest senior politician to demand a review of the powers of Britain's intelligence agencies – GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 – and the laws and oversight which underpin their activities.
Ashdown made clear revelations in the Guardian about GCHQ and its American counterpart, the National Security Agency, had raised important issues that "could not be ignored or swept aside in a barrage of insults".

He also criticised the Labour party, which was in power when the agencies began testing and building many of their most powerful surveillance capabilities. Labour's former home secretary Jack Straw was responsible for introducing the Regulation of Investigatory Power Act 2000 (Ripa), which made the programmes legal.
"Ripa was a disgraceful piece of legislation," Ashdown said. "Nobody put any thought into it. Labour just took the words they were given by the intelligence agencies.

"We charge them with the very serious business of keeping us secure and of course they want to have powers. But it's the duty of government to ensure those powers don't destroy our liberties and Labour utterly failed to do this."
One consequence of Labour's negligence was the development of surveillance techniques that could damage civil liberties and erode privacy, said Ashdown.

He said that he was "frightened by the erosion of our liberties" and while accepting that there was a need to keep the nation safe it was the "habit of politicians who are lazy about the preservation of our liberties or don't mind seeing them destroyed, to play an old game.
"They tell frightened citizens:'If you give me some of your liberties, I will make you safer'".

The Lib Dem also dismissed the parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee, chaired by Sir Malcolm Rifkind, which is supposed to scrutinise the agencies.
He said that it was an institution "wholly incapable of coping" with the new circumstances.
Although he was careful to be respectful of its Conservative chair, Ashdown argued that "we are no longer in the age when a grandee's emollient words are enough to assure us that our liberties are safe" and concluded that the committee was "past its time".

Ashdown defended the Guardian's reporting of the issues over the last five months, and the paper's right to publish material that it deemed in the public interest.
He said: "I am not going to back every single thing the Guardian has done. But overall, in my view, the Guardian has done a very important in job exposing a really important issue that must now be properly considered."

Santa Clara, CA

#9284 Dec 7, 2013
A Special Place In Hell wrote:
<quoted text>
Seriously? Laziness?
That's the excuse your giving them? F*cking LAZINESS?
They are not paid to be neither lazy - nor terrorists.
Yes, I think some leaders delegate too much because they are lazy and want to win popularity contests. In my case I can see how the police are allowed to do illegal things because the current leader in charge has decided that they know what's best for their communities. So, they abuse privileges with no accountability. This leader truly means well but doesn't know anything about authority, as whT was learned in stanford prison experiment.

Hope that makes sense, probably not.

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#9285 Dec 7, 2013
Respectfully, this forum is now closed!

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#9286 Dec 8, 2013
Chris Tolles, CEO Topix Inc,

Again, what gives?
ptw wrote:
USA Today, Gannett News Organization, Topix Forum....
Is Hector Seven speaking for you ???
Is Hector Seven responding on your behalf ???
Does some type of "back door, outside third party" intent exists between Topix Forum and Hector Seven as a result ???
Does a "privileged relationship" exists between Hector Seven and "your" enforcement forum; who obviously would have influence over deletions of posts,(and therefore a "victimizing" direction and control over message documenting federal crimes and violations)???
What relationship exists such that Hector Seven can engage in deception and manipulation by sanitizing or controlling posts (free speech on a national forum), identifying civil servant/enforcement organized scheming corruption, violations, crimes and assaults (stalking) taking place in this country ???
What gives Hector Seven the confidence to boast control over deletions of posts (of any real victim documenting crimes) on "your site" forums, while exerting (visual) control over their own victimizing actions (still available on servers)???
Why have approx.1000 posts on 400pgs. been visually deleted (yet on servers), "documenting" (to ever surfing enforcement) victimization by a national crime of civil servant excesses, abuses and misconduct ???
Are these civil servant/enforcement/entity/age ncy data-mining forums ???

Homestead, FL

#9287 Dec 8, 2013
Chris Tolles, CEO Topix Inc,

Please explain how an inter-state cyberstalker has been allowed to remain on this forum!
ptw wrote:
Chris Tolles, CEO Topix,
How has a boasting "cyberstalker" been able to egage in "inter-state," premeditated bullying/stalking, inciting, baiting and entrapment, harassment, threats, defamation and intimidation specific to targeting victims of organized scheming felony crimes/violations, "AFTER" you and 32 State Attorneys Generals signed a "Joint Agreement" to conduct and assist in investigations and prosecutions of [at least 2yrs, 10mos, 6days of server documented] cyberstalking and cyberbullying on your forums ??
How has a "cyberstalker / cyberbully" been able to engage in premeditated "inter-state" cybercrimes (victim targeted computer hacking) after Topix and 32 Attorneys General announced measures to improve safety and to deter abusive activity, fraud/falsifications and threats ??
How has this "cyberstalker / cyberbully" been able to gain access to both Topix "technical tools" and "human resources" supposedly refined and improved to stop this type of illegal activity; but instead utilized with premeditation specific to engaging in "inter-state" targeting and assaulting of victims of felony crimes posting on this Topix forum (in partnership agreement with enforcement)??
Mr. Chris Tolles, CEO Topix, are thousands upon thousands of American "inter-state victims" who have been targeted by these "cyberstalking criminals on your forums;" and are the foundation of your "Joint Agreement" with 32 State Attorneys General, now considered by you to be little more than "horse slobber" as defined by this criminal who appears to have privileged access to your network and the confidence to speak for Topix ??
Mr. Chris Tolles, CEO Topix, is there some reason why this felony, inter-state "cyberstalker / cyberbully" criminal believes that your "Joint Agreement" with 32 State Attorneys General (protecting the rights of its citizens/residents) is little more that "horse slobber," and therefore not worth the paper it's printed on ??

Homestead, FL

#9288 Dec 8, 2013
Chris Tolles, CEO Topix Inc,

Do you not have an obligation to report this cyberstalker's (2yrs, 10mos. 6days of admitted postings documented on servers) criminal behaviors and protect the safety of individual posters?
ptw wrote:
USA Today, Gannett News Organization, Topix,
What again, is that "Joint Statement" Topix has signed with 32 State Attorney Generals including several U.S. Territories?
You know, the one in which Attorneys General collective and individually have taken steps to combat cyberbullying:
.......proposing and/or supporting legislation to outlaw cyberbullying or cyberstalking......
.......conducting or assisting in investigations and prosecutions of allegations of cyberbullying and cyberstalking.......
.......partnerships....with government agencies to enhance public awareness of the psychological harm of cyberbullying.......
What is this "Joint Agreement" all about again Chris Tolles, CEO Topix ??
How has your boy "cyberstalker" has been able to continually delete specific posts (as much as 30 within as few as 10pgs,[although still available on servers]) to, you know, attempt to "fake out" some "fake" prosecution so it seems.
What concerns me is these clear collaborative attempts to cover up crimes by either your boy "cyberstalker" itself; or through its involved relationship with your enforcement partnership on this forum; or of its ability to hack into your network (for <quoted text> ); or the fact that its criminal acts are being assisted by an employee (crimes covering up and contributing to crimes)??
What concerns me is not only has your boy "cyberstalking" engaged in cyberbullying and cyberstalking but openly flaunts (in case we're all too stupid to figure it out,[victims/FBI/Topix/CEO), that it's engaging in cyberbullying and cyberstalking through intentional "psychological" targeting to discredit and defame its victims !!
Why is (yawn, sleeping) "cyberstalker" able to openly flaunt its attacks, in spite of this agreement Topix; Mr. Toles, CEO; Attorneys General; FBI / Director James Comey (felony crimes)??

Homestead, FL

#9289 Dec 8, 2013
Chris Tolles, CEO Topix Inc,

Who is this criminal interstate cyberstalker and how is it related to Topix or your enforcement partnership's dedicated site such that it boasts of control over posts!
ptw wrote:
Chris Tolles, CEO Topix,
Who is this "attack dog"? Why is it able to engage in fraud on your forum,(2yrs, 10mos, 6days); from which to cowardly and criminally hide behind "debate" with clear premeditate intent to engage in inter-state "cyber attacks" ??
You've invested in sophisticated software systems and employ screening for evaluating and reviewing posts as indicated in the "Joint Agreement" with 32 State Attorneys General; Is this process of software and human resources now claiming it's disfunction and is incapable of distinquishing this criminal's stupid "semantics," vs. "actually reality" ??
Who is this "cyberstalker / cyberbully" Mr. Tolles? You have its IP address and email address !! Who are its accomplices protecting its crimes through post manipulations/deletions/saniti zing [their own, accomplices and victims documenting assaults]??
Who's assisting this criminal as is evident by the targeting of victims (documenting crimes on your forum) suddenly encountering malware/spyware/malicious utilities, upon immediate access to your forum (locking up and shutting down browsers)?? Clearly to engage in this level of targeted activity, this would obviously require programmed use of data-mining information !!
Again, Mr. Chris Tolles, CEO Topix, who is this felony, inter-state "cyberstalker / cyberbully and their accomplices" ?? You have this criminal's data mining information available !! Has its IP address and Email address along with collaborative server history documenting this fraud and these inter-state cyber-attacks and crimes ever been provided to the FBI ??
If not, then why?? What more valid information of an example of this sort of cyberstalking / cyberbullying criminal, and apparently collaborating activitity on your forums do you need ??

Since: Dec 09

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#9290 Dec 8, 2013 is easy with eyes closed
...misunderstanding all you see...

Katy, TX

#9291 Dec 8, 2013
Hektor Seven wrote: is easy with eyes closed
...misunderstanding all you see...
STFU This thread is closed.

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