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#8685 Sep 11, 2013
The sock puppet trolls in this forum seem reluctant to discuss this. I thought I should give them another chance...

Apparently, U.S. military contractors are hiring lots of "surveillance role players" with backgrounds in counterintelligence. You can find the job ads by searching online for jobs involving "human intelligence" and "surveillance role players."

According to the job listings, applicants are required to have an active security clearance, and told that their work will involve "coordinating with local law enforcement officers."

The "surveillance role players" are expected to "conduct surveillance operations at various discretion levels" (presumably referring to covert and overt surveillance). Note that there could be a very fine line (or no line) between “overt surveillance” and “stalking.”

According to Wikipedia's entry on the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) "personnel stationed in major U.S. cities have been monitoring the movements and activities - through high-tech equipment of individuals and vehicles...this occurred parallel to the NSA's warrantless surveillance that was of similarly dubious legality."

Is anyone in this forum curious about that? You can view the job listings and my analysis in today's post on

Feel free to weigh-in if you have a theory about whether this is connected to gang stalking.

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#8686 Sep 12, 2013

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#8687 Sep 12, 2013
Gang Stalking vs. "Generic" Systemic Crime
___A Response

"This is NOT the reason people are Gang Stalked.

It is true, there are numerous reasons a law abiding citizen is Blacklisted, and then becomes a target of surveillance, harassment and psychological "torture".

However, what you have described is reminiscent of nothing of what a true TI (Targeted Individual)experiences when Blacklisted.

The overall explanation for Gang Stalking can be found within the morally-compromised system of enforcement in this country (FBI,CIA,DOJ,DEA,DIA,NSA,etc.) that has, continually, proven its' arrogance of being above the law.

One should only have to educate oneself regarding the information that is now public (Edward Snowden/NSA) on the U.S. government's penchant for spying, controlling its' citizens AND the world population, at large. And, lying also factors in.

With all due respect, nothing you've described is an indicator of Gang Stalking. Were your life have been put in ruins by the controlled tactics of Gang Stalking, you would have mentioned that, as well.

Gang Stalking is the continuation of the FBI's, Cointelpro. It has never ended. Please, educate yourself on this crime by the U.S. government.

Cointelpro 2.0, as "we" are calling it, can be seen as the overall suppression and oppression of citizens by a corrupt police-state government and its' tax-dollar-funded corporate/war/spying machine.

And, useful-idiot "neighbors"."


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#8688 Sep 12, 2013

1) The COINTELPRO Papers: Documents from the FBI’s Secret Wars Against Dissent in the United States by Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall

2) AARC Public Library Contents

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#8689 Sep 12, 2013
Michaela wrote:
How long have you been targeted, to your knowledge? <quoted text>
I've been a target for 14 years. The first time I was targeted was in High School when I was 17. I'm pretty sure it was cause I pissed of a girl at school. I was left alone for a while but was still under the influence of DEW. I was later targeted when I was around 20 or 21. I think it was because I psychological abused my girlfriend. After we broke up, I continued to call her, I went after at in school even though I knew she wasn't interested in talking to me..etc. Classic unwanted pursuit / stalking. It wasn't in the extreme but it was what it was. That's why they targeted me again. I guess I can't blame them.

I think some of these groups exit as rogue vigilante groups. I guess they did what they thought was necessary. I had no say in the treatment. I no high eros is unrealistic and dangerous. I don't want to a player though.

Whatever. They did what they had to do I guess.

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#8690 Sep 12, 2013
hoop de wrote:
Wow the lunatic s have taken over the asylum.dam u f#e
Yeah, that's funny I guess. Some of these stalking groups are psops. They exist to correct behavioral problems and to get revenge on people who act like assholes. I'm going through a tough time right now. The realizations I'm having are extremely painful. It's not funny.

I guess it wasn't funny when I made fun of you either.
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#8691 Sep 12, 2013
from another forum - A reply to my comment about the job ads for "surveillance role players" - followed by my response...
Eleanor White wrote:
<quoted text>
This is really interesting. I posted the search term on the other forums (giving you credit), and Julianne McKinney, former U.S. Army Intelligence officer, found the search results very interesting.
Julianne believes that corporations are up to their ears in organized stalking.
My thought is, would it be interesting for targets to apply for some of those jobs to see what they might learn?
Eleanor White
A legitimate TI with army intelligence background who is willing to be a whistle-blower would be helpful. Unfortunately, Julianne McKinney appears to be a disinformation operative gang stalker - as noted for example at this website (among other places):

The problem with applying for one of these jobs to find out more information is that no one without an active security clearance is going to even be considered for employment - let alone given any information.

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#8692 Sep 12, 2013
LunaticFringe wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah, that's funny I guess. Some of these stalking groups are psops. They exist to correct behavioral problems and to get revenge on people who act like assholes. I'm going through a tough time right now. The realizations I'm having are extremely painful. It's not funny.
I guess it wasn't funny when I made fun of you either.
are PSYOPS - Pyschological operations.

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#8693 Sep 12, 2013

By Dell Cameron

A media gag was recently ordered by a federal judge in the federal case against journalist Barrett Brown. Under the order, neither Brown nor his attorney are permitted to speak to members of the press on matters related to his case. Brown is still allowed to continue publishing his work from behind bars, but he's no longer allowed to comment on the charges against him.

I attended the gag order hearing on September 4 and listened as the U.S. government spoke candidly about the journalists who've covered Barrett's case. Twenty articles were admitted into evidence from various writers and websites. Much to my surprise, the U.S. government has great taste in journalism. I've collected the online articles it selected as evidence against Barrett Brown for your reading pleasure.

Here's your summer reading list. Enjoy!


(The Daily Dot)

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#8694 Sep 12, 2013
A Special Place In Hell wrote:
FightGangStalkin g

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#8695 Sep 12, 2013
LunaticFringe wrote:
<quoted text>
I've been a target for 14 years......I think some of these groups exist as rogue vigilante groups....
Two questions:

(1) Do you think the U.S. government knows about these "rogue vigilante groups?"

(2) Do you think the "surveillance role players" being hired by intelligence contractors (who are required to have U.S. gov't security clearances and counterintelligence backgrounds)are involved in gang stalking?

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#8696 Sep 13, 2013
This is interesting.
You, TOO, can become an 'agent for the state'.



The Certified Homeland Protection Professional (CHPP) and Certified Homeland Protection Associate (CHPA) certification programs were established by the National Sheriffs’ Association in partnership with the National Domestic Preparedness Coalition.The designations certify that individuals have demonstrated competency, knowledge, skills and abilities in the blended discipline of Homeland Protection.

Certification Partnership:

The National Sheriffs’ Association and the National Domestic Preparedness Coalition have partnered on Homeland Security related initiatives, including development of Homeland Security programs and training in coordination with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The Partnership brings together two recognized leaders in the Homeland Security field to strengthen the value of the Certified Homeland Security Professional and Associate designations.

Just to make sure, they're also,'Board Certified'.


Contact Us:

For complete information or to apply visit:

***See you in training class?

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#8697 Sep 13, 2013
...don't konw who is doing this but I'm obviously hitting someone's nerve about the intentions of these groups cause my posts are being delete. f*k you.

Here it is:
I believe some of these EH/OS/GS groups are PSYOPS groups. That is, they don't want to just harass you but they are messing around with your personality structure against your will and at their whim and without your consent. You don't notice what's happening as it happens. The messages from the DEW component that are placed in your mind can not be heard.

Here's my case. There are different love styles. High Eros+High mania make a person more likely to stalk individuals. So they tried to ramp up my narcissism, drop my empathy and force me to believe love is a game. Again f*k you. Love is serious, not a game. We aren't commodities. We aren't toys. We're meant to genuinely love each other.

Here are the Styles I hate:
Mania ( worst of them all too... it relates to not being able to control themselves... being high )
Ludus ( this invites exploitation of they are pawns. love where you try to see love is seen as a sexual conquest. a byproduct of an age where men and women are increasingly distanced from each other.)

Pragma - Not so bad. You see people as items in a grocery store.

The ones I like:
Agape (the best one)- selfless love. love for everyone you know.
Stoage - love for a friend
Eros - idealized, aesthetic beauty. In a way I see this in everyone as well.

Anyway... aside from my neurosis. Some of these groups are psychological operations imposing their idealogy and poltics on us all, ignoring our right to evolve of our own accord. Yes, I did something wrong. NO, this is not a fair way to deal with it. Perps: I would have loved to work through is with you. Why didn't you talk to me openly about it? You could've sat me down and tied my arms to a chair, and made me sit through things until I improved. Why didn't you give me a chance?

I know the perps are on here, and I'm going to keep screaming until they cut my hands off. I will repost my conclusing about DEW / mind control / hypnosis again later hopefully in a more cohrerent form. Being a TI for so long rattles the nerves as you get increasingly distanced from reality.

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#8698 Sep 13, 2013
Perp(s). Iknow you visit these forums. I think I know what you are and what you meant. I'm going to try and not worry about what you did. In an effort to maintain control I guess, I'd like you to contact me. Please email me: [email protected]

By the way, I know I have an alter who seems like you. I know it's not you. I know many of these game are in my own mind. I want to talk to the person who played those tapes back in 2004 while I was a sleep at home. The person who started with GS and led up to that.

I know you probably know a hell of a lot more than I do about all of things that matter to me. I want to learn from you. I hope that's not too much to ask. If you want something in return, let me know.
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#8699 Sep 13, 2013
LunaticFringe wrote:
...I believe some of these EH/OS/GS groups are PSYOPS groups.
Do you think that the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DIA know about these "PSYOPS groups?"

Do you think the "surveillance role players" being hired by intelligence contractors are involved in gang stalking? The job ads for those positions (several are posted on ) say they need backgrounds in counterintelligence and secret clearances.

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#8700 Sep 13, 2013
FightGangStalking wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you think that the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DIA know about these "PSYOPS groups?"
Do you think the "surveillance role players" being hired by intelligence contractors are involved in gang stalking? The job ads for those positions (several are posted on ) say they need backgrounds in counterintelligence and secret clearances.
Actually I was referring to the fact that someone was deleting my posts. As for Gov, I don't think it's anything like that. Find some political radicals who've done some reasearch into effectively implementing gang stalking along with directed energy weapons and mind control, and there's your answer. I don't think it takes much to put together a group of your own provided you have access to "underground information".

I actually think that many people in government, even the military, are ignorant of this stuff. It'll be a good day - and that day will come - when the public knows about this stuff and theses groups are finally held accountable for the anti-social, desptotic, and aribitrary activies.

I don't care what their beliefs or how rosy their ideologies. We have a system of government for a reason. Mentally ill individuals have rights FOR A REASON. These gangs are evil and must be held accountable. They aren't even above targeting children ( who could be managed normally ), causing significant pain to the target and the targets family.

As for hiring people. I don't think it takes much. Dangle a lucrative political philosophy in someone's face, demonize the target, and there ya go. Heck, some perps probably work for free.

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#8701 Sep 13, 2013
I'm sad. I don't know what they did to my psychology without asking. One of the voices when the DEW started said "women don't want your type of love", "you're an abuser", and "women want men who think with their dicks". I inferred from all of this that he was talking about "romantic love" and that he - the perp - was some sort of radical feminist. Is eros always bad? I love eros. I've loved eros since I was born. I would listen to music and think, what a beautiful melody when I was growing up. Now it seems like a lot of garbage. And what is wrong with intimacy and commitment? As long as you don't lose yourself in the other person. But then, why not? We're here to help each other anyway? What's life without other people in it? Why be so judgemental and dismissive? Help me. This is a nightmare.

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#8704 Sep 13, 2013
___A Hidden World Growing Beyond Control

"Top Secret America" Washington Post Investigation Reveals Massive, Unmanageable, Outsourced US Intelligence System.

An explosive investigative series published in the Washington Post today begins, "The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, how many programs exist within it or exactly how many agencies do the same work."

Among the findings: An estimated 854,000 people hold top-secret security clearances. More than 1,200 government organizations and nearly 2,000 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in 10,000 locations.

Interview with Washington Post co-journalist, Bill Arkin and preview of, Top Secret America.

PBS Frontline
___9/11 To The Boston Bombings

Private Intelligence Firms: starts @ 27:00

West Mifflin, PA

#8706 Sep 13, 2013
FightGangStalkin g

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#8707 Sep 13, 2013
from another forum...
Jada wrote:
The experimental science behind these military related "projects" and technologies are WAY beyond civilian. Goodness knows what the best and brightest have cooked up. The atom bomb was nearly 70 years ago. I think one needs to think broad and wide when supposing what is available now...
Thanks for posting your comments.

What are your thoughts about the "surveillance role player" job ads? The disinformation sock puppet trolls in these forums seem VERY reluctant to discuss that topic for some reason.

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