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Homestead, FL

#7986 Jul 10, 2013
Taking the words straight from the horse's mouth (FBI agent's book), victims can confirmingly realize what level of "dishonesty, mentality and personality disorders" site/forum cyber stalkers engage within their postings:

lack of conscience....
lack of courage.......
lack of personal integrity.......
lack of fortitude and character.....
illegality and intinsic wrongness....
above the law....
void of personal moral or ethical questioning....
false and frabricated.....
hyper-reactionary, racial and sexual attitudes....
extend criminal immunity....
illegal bugs, wiretaps.....
expertise of burglary....
violate extortion and kidnapping laws....
plot against innocent individuals....
frame and imprision innocent individuals....
widespread dishonesty and corruption.....
encouraged cheaters (liers) on (official forms/tests) examinations.....
concoct fictitious informants (information)....
manufacture phony reports.....
create false statistics (reports)....
egregious corruption/lying to Courts, Department of Justice and U.S. Congress, U.S. Attorney General and(attorneys), Judges....
consciously and willingly violate laws, sworn to uphold....
overzealous and dangerous person to have in public service....
right or wrong.....
precariousness and paranoia....
suppress our freedoms guaranteed under the Bill of Rights...
Violate the Constitution of the United States.....

Now victims are on a level playing field, knowing any "conversation," with any resident cyber stalker is skewed to personality and character flaws, mentality disorders, illegalities and professional paranoia !!

Homestead, FL

#7987 Jul 10, 2013
Together, this should open up a whole new area of discussion surrounding corruption. Like I've said, OS/GS has nothing to do with victims, you're not the ones that are paranoid !!(premeditated and fabricated assaults are not paranoia)

It does have everything to do with cowardly corrupt, unethical, illegal, unconstitutional and immoral violations of citizens by these professional criminal civil servant's own paranoia (felony crimes, violations, assaults)!!

This is the correct long term discussion !!

Chicago, IL

#7988 Jul 10, 2013
How come the FBI didn't like Ernest Hemingway?

San Jose, CA

#7989 Jul 11, 2013
FormerLAer wrote:
How come the FBI didn't like Ernest Hemingway?
Maybe they found his fingerprints on J. Edgar Hoover's underpants.

We should send in a foi request.

San Jose, CA

#7990 Jul 11, 2013
Bought a book on stalking which has a whole chapter on Stalking by Proxy. They list all the different types of perps, but conveniently leave out police. How do the police keep managing to get away with this?

The authors say that most of the perps are unwittingly manipulated by the stalker and do things like give out the victims address. There are some really crazy stalking stories. Stalkers become private detectives just so they can stalk their victims.

Then there's a whole chapter on false stalking syndrome. Anyone reading this forum is going to think that there are a lot of perps and a couple of false stalking syndrome people. And that's all they will see.

Homestead, FL

#7991 Jul 11, 2013
See we have alittle site sanitizing going on by this corrupt cyber stalker.

Post above #7986 refers to FBI agent's book, reference on post #7972, and again on post #'s 7981 and 7982 (the last two, originally on this same page, now on the previous page due to continued site sanitizing!! Interesting!!

Homestead, FL

#7992 Jul 11, 2013
In reference to post sanitizing, I'm going with:

"widespread dishonesty and corruption" and
"precariousness and paranoia"

behind this cyber stalker's current display of exhibited disorders!!

San Jose, CA

#7993 Jul 11, 2013
Article. About no touch torture by Cheryl welsh.

San Jose, CA

#7994 Jul 11, 2013
A bunch of accidents just waiting to happen in the organized stalking world.

Look what a 2 year community college degree and $175 license. You an then be authorizedtobreakand enter anyone's house you want.

Alarm company employees and owners
Private investigators
Private patrol officers
Baton training employees Nd owners
Firearm permit trainers
Security guards
Democracy Now

United States

#7995 Jul 11, 2013
Scott Crow: "Domestic Terrorist"

"Common Ground" founder and activist finds out he's been investigated and followed by the FBI for 8 years. No history of violence; no charges.

Former FBI, Mike Germain on black-mail of neighbors; over-extension of law and out-right lying through FOIA requests.


San Jose, CA

#7997 Jul 12, 2013
Democracy Now wrote:
Scott Crow: "Domestic Terrorist"
"Common Ground" founder and activist finds out he's been investigated and followed by the FBI for 8 years. No history of violence; no charges.
Former FBI, Mike Germain on black-mail of neighbors; over-extension of law and out-right lying through FOIA requests. =mzhq4MXKf2cXX
I haven't watched the video yet but that sounds unbelievable. Thanks for the link.

Just got gang stalked by 2 firemen.

The other day I saw how gang stalking works against African Americans. I parked my car and the woman in the car next to me asked me if the place was safe. A black woman was doing something in her car and her 2 daughters were waiting to be let in at the door. The girls were very well behaved so I didn't understand what the problem was, but this woman, an Asian, kept saying that it was weird that these people were hanging out at the back door of the building, why didn't they have a key, why didn't they go through the front door like normal people. She was talking about the kids as if they were adults. She herself was using the back door. It was so weird how she was trying to make this woman and her kids out to be a criminal. I look like total hell right now because I bought some soap from a woman at a street market and my face is breaking out in big pustules and the woman was talking to me be ause I'm white.
Fight Gang Stalking

Monrovia, CA

#7998 Jul 12, 2013
The perps are getting a new boss:

Senate set to confirm new FBI head who ok'd waterboarding, defends mass spying, indefinite detention

Katy, TX

#7999 Jul 13, 2013
Fight Gang Stalking wrote:
The perps are getting a new boss:
Senate set to confirm new FBI head who ok'd waterboarding, defends mass spying, indefinite detention
Same as the old boss.....

Since: Sep 12

Location hidden

#8000 Jul 13, 2013

Troubled relationships, debt, job loss, post-traumatic stress, health issues and alienation are common experiences for many United States veterans, as well as being risk factors suffered by many people who chose to take their own lives. But risk factors are not the same as warning signs which can be far less obvious.

Homestead, FL

#8002 Jul 14, 2013
A Special Place In Hell wrote:
This article is interesting beyond the obvious "useful / helpful (intelligent and knowledgeable) information. Clearly the more anyone truely knows (realizes for THEMSELVES), the better education, understanding and healthier you can become; including that of OS/GS victims, gaining for YOURSELF real information and therefore helpful, real applied knowledge (behind OS/GS crimes, intentions and objectives).

It's past time victims' learn knowledgeable (healthy perspectives of) FACTS "behind illegal, unwarranted, victimizing violations of civil rights/privacy based character defamation/slander targeting your family; separating out FICTIONAL "made up, useless, stupid bull crap of through wall radar, EH, V2K, etc., etc., etc. promoting unheathly beliefs, hopelessness and despair (behind all OS/GS deception/manipulation)"! Said it before, and will continue to state, individuals "PROMOTING" this unhealthy bull crap should stop (read this article)!!

There is no greater level of self education for OS/GS victims than staying up on YOUR OWN real learning by reporting/documenting this corruption for YOURSELVES! Why, to recognize and separate out all the "unheathy" bullcrap (manipulation/deception) being peddled out there by these professional criminals (civil servant/enforcement) and disengaged, enchanted/illusioned victims promoting and covering up ill efforts of OS/GS violating/exploiting all Americans/victims. This level of collusive corruption is behind all OS/GS. Victims should pursue gaining real knowledge from real experiences through YOUR OWN formal reporting, communications, interactions by documenting a baseline and timeline of this corruption, crimes, violations, obstruction of justice, investigative tampering, deception/manipulation!!

Again, the fact that this article, connects serious mental issues to military, ex-military / veterans, highlights the failure of the military (again) at many levels of preparedness in dealing with any serious personnel issues. Now, knowing (as recently posted) that up to 2/3 of police forces can have military experience and therefore may be harboring some serious latent issues and tendencies, including crimes/violations (as seemingly confirmed from recent news and now concerns by conservative and liberals over a militarized enforcement)!

This article also elludes/confirms the levels of tracking of everyone in stating "Everywhere on the Internet, we're trailed by bots that inspect our searches and social chatter, attempting to predict what we're going to buy, watch or who we might date next." Specifically identifying how everyone can become violated through "computer programs" that are "analyzing real-time data collected from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts."!! Again, just another level of confirmation, everyone should take heed of real legal and illegal violations/activities involving exposed entity/agency corruption , as many OS/GS victims have confirmed.

This article also concludes that "Even outside the military population, doctors miss cues. A review of studies by the Mayo Clinic found approximately 44 percent of people who commit suicide visited their primary care physician, and 20 percent visited a mental health care worker in the month before their deaths." Sadly, OS/GS victims have also confirmed that the medical field,(like legal) can also become a manipulative tool, cowardly and criminally participating in an enlisted agenda of defaming/slanderous privacy violating GS/OS civil servant/enforcement crimes and corruption to discredit and malign victims (in effort to cover up abuses, misconduct, past felonies)!! Healthy knowledge for victims to be aware and address!
Fight Gang Stalking

Monrovia, CA

#8003 Jul 14, 2013
ptw wrote:
<quoted text>
This article is interesting.......knowledge for victims to be aware and address!
The question is what do you do with the information? Now you know how the game is played (corrupt and/or deranged local and federal pigs are involved, others are manipulated and lied to so they will participate - doctors, landlords, ex-con's, etc.) and you're documenting what is happening. Now what?

The question is this: how do you disrupt the process? How do you expose these criminal rat-bastards?

Anonymous Proxy

#8005 Jul 15, 2013


#8008 Jul 15, 2013

Even among US Senators, virtually nothing was known at the time about the National Security Agency. The Beltway joke was that "NSA" stood for "no such agency". Upon completing his investigation, Church was so shocked to learn what he had discovered - the massive and awesome spying capabilities constructed by the US government with no transparency or accountability - that he issued the following warning, as reported by the New York Times, using language strikingly stark for such a mainstream US politician when speaking about his own government:

"'That capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything: telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn't matter. There would be no place to hide.'

"He added that if a dictator ever took over, the NSA 'could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back.'"
in the know

Kunming, China

#8010 Jul 16, 2013
Yes, are you really not understanding who is responsible for this. FREEMASONRY. It's very simple, look at the logo of the NSA spying program. PRISM.A Pyramid with light shining through it. What is the Freemasonry symbol? The Pyramid with the eye at the top and the believe in 'Illumination' So hmmm an illuminated pyramid..... That's right folks, it's Freemasonry/ Illuminati. The sick mentally ill elite are trying to get their NWO (new world order).These sick mentally ill elite are sexually molesting children and encourage the higher up members to do this. If you are being gang stalked, I can give you this advice, ignore them, they have no real power. Have fun, play a game on them, get them running after you, their energy is then wasted as you see fit. Do things you like but go place you never would and hide your evidence somewhere they will never know or someone you can really trust and a few other places.Do not worry ever! Just keep emailing and posting everywhere you can and mention FREEMASONRY. Good Luck.:)
Fight Gang Stalking

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#8012 Jul 16, 2013
in the know wrote:
Yes, are you really not understanding who is responsible for this. FREEMASONRY. It's very simple, look at the logo of the NSA spying program. PRISM.A Pyramid with light shining through it....
The Freemasons must have seriously dropped the ball when they hired Edward Snowden. He lifted the curtain on the whole rat's nest! What were they thinking? They should never have revealed the secret hand shakes to that guy.

I hope the Freemasons are better at masonry than they are at keeping secrets. If not, there might be a lot of unsafe buildings.

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