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CT lady in transit

Providence, RI

#226 Apr 22, 2010
Reginald- You did not read what I said about the car. We paid for it in full. No reputable dealer would place GPS in a buyer's vehicle! That would be illegal. I asked a couple of dealers and they said the idea is absurd.

Most people these days choose to have On-Star or some other similar gps location system in their vehicle.

Lake Hiawatha, NJ

#227 Apr 22, 2010

After watching this it all made so much sense to me.

After the whole COINTELPRO fiasco the FBI and CIA have learned not to implicate themselves so they have there agents go to work for private security firms and fortune 500 corporations. That's why so many gang stalking cases have started in the work place. The corporations benefit because they don't have to respect peoples civil rights and can make more profits (I.E. Fascism). The corporations don't have to do it to everyone, they just have to make an example out of a few. The decent people will be fearful and there will always be those with the psychological makeup to thrive on this fascism.

It is known that during COINTELPRO that agents infiltrated hate groups and achieved high enough positions to be able to manipulate these groups to do there bidding. With the war on terror and the patriot act the new and improved COINTELPRO is even easier to implement. These agents use hate groups to antagonize us until we retaliate, frame us for crime's or both. Then these agents use everyone else to investigate us for the alleged crimes. All the while subjecting us to torture techniques straight out of the FBI and CIA handbook.

All of this is ultimately motivated by profits and power. Keynesian economics, central banking and usury has created financial slavery for America and most places in the world. The central banking families and and the heads of multinational corporations own key people in most governments and alphabet agency's round the world and can direct there agenda.

In the corporatocracy's view, we targeted individuals serve as nothing more than a common enemy in the formation of a fascist society and only when its to late for society to do anything about it, we will then server as examples of what will happen to a person who does not go along with the program.

The problem with this plan is that no matter how many times the corporatocracy has tried to implement it, people always find a way to blow the whistle and they never reach there ultimate goal.

It is said that performing the same action and expecting a different outcome is one definition of insanity.

Since: Dec 09

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#228 Apr 22, 2010
CT lady in transit wrote:
Reginald- You did not read what I said about the car. We paid for it in full. No reputable dealer would place GPS in a buyer's vehicle! That would be illegal. I asked a couple of dealers and they said the idea is absurd.
Most people these days choose to have On-Star or some other similar gps location system in their vehicle.
So, you think that OnStar and a vehicle tracking device are the same thing.
CT lady

Providence, RI

#229 Apr 23, 2010
Why not respond to the poster above me?

On-star and gps monitoring systems both use satellite technology to pin down the location of a vehicle within a certain radius. On-star is selected by people who want to access help immediately if something goes wrong with their vehicle. Operators are ready to take their calls and dispatch help. GPS indicates where the car is.

GPS monitors crudely taped with duct tape under the rear wheel well of a brand new car are obviously not on Star. Trucking companies use these monitors to monitor their fleets- and the truckers are well aware of their prescence.

GPS secretly and crudely hidden by a group of hispanic males NOT working for the dealership but on orders of someone with money, is not Legal.

Our gangstalkers uses the monitor to track us like deer. This is definitely not legal. As far as funding goes, no dealer would release a vehicle until he received the funds. In our case we paid in full, hence the dealer did not have to be concerned about payments and such.

Stittsville, Canada

#230 Apr 24, 2010
Reginald Frinton wrote:
<quoted text>
So, I take it you have no proof or facts to offer into this debate either and you would rather waste your and everyone else's time with this kind of childish speculating and mudslinging.
I take it that you are looking for proof or facts...?
CT lady

Providence, RI

#231 Apr 24, 2010
Reggie says he wants answers then makes fun of people who respond. He needs to spend some time viewing UTUBE videos of perps caught on tape....Eleanor White's site is excellent and a good place to start if looking for "proof" or "facts."
Danny J

Fremont, CA

#232 Apr 25, 2010
Hey CT Lady, What did the GPS monitor look like?
Danny J

Fremont, CA

#233 Apr 25, 2010
Hey like all Gang Stalkers, this Reggie is trying to have me lose it and talk bad about Law Enforcement so he can make this site seem Anti Law Enforcement. My baby sister used to Cry like that when my father got home from work so she an get me in trouble and be treated like a Victim. Everybody be nice to reggie, Hes sensetive Please.
CT lady

Providence, RI

#234 Apr 26, 2010
Yeah, Danny. Reggie hails from Norwalk CT where he started posting right around Christmas. He signed up either on the 24th or 26th and his alter ego Tony the Anvil signed up on either the 24th or 26th. Neither wanted me to post anything about gangstalking there- Reggie claimed it was not relevant "news." He then degraded me and tried to make it look like I was a nut case. He still reverts to that. Go to Norwalk CT topix forum and you can read his latest tirades. Then the guy claims he wants to "help" me! Now, of course- his location is "hidden."

Anyway, by the time we got out West, the monitor was smashed but still taped up under the rear wheel well. It was not very large at all, metal, easy to pull off. No doubt there were other monitors- both gps and audio- in the car. Sometimes stalkers would be waiting where my son and I were discussing stopping to eat. We couldn't lie and throw them off cause they could pin us down with gps. What was done to us violates the Federal Interstate Stalking Law and is punishable by a considerable time in prison.

I agree with you that Reggie tries to provoke you, me, and almost anyone else who wants to discuss gangstalking.I would hit the abuse button but unfortunately he "edits" the Norwalk CT news so decides what stays and what goes. All his childish and insulting comments remain.

A better site is the Colorado topix gangstalking thread. People are on there from all over the world.


#235 Apr 27, 2010
All I can say is gang stalking in anyway. Is a big no, no. & Very wrong. And against the law in America & Other countries now. So those of you who wanna do it. You better think twice do I wanna risk my freedom I do have & go to jail for a few years? Or not do it?If you can think straight. Then think about it before you do it.
A Bit of Sad News

Newington, CT

#237 Apr 27, 2010
Please join me in moment to remember a great icon of the counter gangs-talking community.

Reginald Frinton, 71, died yesterday after a gang of nomadic, cross-country mounted police from Canada and a horde of freemasonic intelligence agents using a disguised 'frequency weapon' surreptitiously hidden inside Mr. Frinton’s microwave oven focused repeated beams of amplified telepathic traumatic waves into his body. Mr. Frinton was attempting to heat up a package of White Castle hamburgers and a container of cheese whiz and hot peppers for his bedtime snack. Authorities described the bad guys as having used "psychotronics," developed by "Warsaw Pact" researchers using "hypnosis and electromagnetic waves" which apparently caused his head to vibrate then explode. According to witness at the scene all that was left of Mr. Frinton’s head was a warm puddle of molten plastic goop. In a show of force, and to mark their territory, all of Mr. Frinton’s ‘descreened’ pet cats' rear ends had been shaved. His remains were removed in a cement mixer: one of the clusters of expensive vehicles equipped with On Star GPS tracking and audio devices that were continuously rolling around Mr. Frinton’s home, like indians riding horses around an encircled wagon train, waiting for the completion of the job. Mr. Frinton's last words were "Pain is a thing of the mind. The mind cannot be controlled". Mr. Frinton is survived by his wife Natalie and their three grandchildren.
Dannny J

Fremont, CA

#239 Apr 27, 2010
Hey CT Lady, Is that a nice fictional story about reggie or what? I somehow was removed from the response section. This is not the first time my internet has been hacked. I continuously tried getting an attorney several years ago; these guys will delay your bills to screw you over.
CT lady to Danny

Providence, RI

#240 Apr 27, 2010
No Reggie is fine. I believe he wrote that particular comment. He loves to ridicule people who are gangstalked. He wouldn't last a day if he had to go through the experience. He has no integrity and very little conscience, from what I can determine. He thinks his comment is funny. He does not care about targetted individuals he just wants to make us all look delusional. For shame. He should read up on Eleanor White's site or the many UTube sites about gangstalking and targetted individuals.
Danny J

Fremont, CA

#242 Apr 28, 2010
Hey Guys, I believe reggie is definitely a good Gang Stalker for someone in the early phases of this crap or on drugs as I was at one time.
CT lady to Danny

Providence, RI

#243 Apr 28, 2010
He tries to manipulate people into revealing their stories, then ridicules them. He certainly seems like a stalker,and he is derogatory toward women, but I bet he is just a fat old man sitting back in his office with nothing better to do than make fun of people. He believes he is IMPORTANT as he states he monitors the news for the Norwalk CT topix forum.
CT lady to A Bit of Sad

Providence, RI

#244 Apr 28, 2010
You use another name on the Norwalk blog. Obviously you are without integrity and without any sensitivity to what victims of gangstalking have endured. So go fly away little birdie.
Danny J

Fremont, CA

#245 Apr 28, 2010
Hey CT Lady, you have been Gang Stalked for some time now. Do you know what date this actually became a part of the system. I have been harassed by some of these individuals that where used against me about 20 years ago. I have read that 911 was very influencial to Gang Stalking in some sites. I would like to see something in black and white.

United States

#246 Apr 29, 2010
What you write is total bull shit !!! Most of these victims are
being harassed on the roads, around the home, in the stores...what the hell has that got to do with any of any of the stalking...
Pure cow shit !!!.. Dont ANYONE beleive this !!!! The real culprit, Scientology

United States

#247 Apr 29, 2010
Lets not forget, hes BALD and never been married !!!!
CT lady

Providence, RI

#248 Apr 29, 2010
Are your comments directed toward me? I hope not. Little Birdie AKA A Bit of Sad news AKA Reginald Frinton is the negative participant here who attacks victims of gangstalking and labels them delusional.

I have heard that Scientology is involved in some cases, in others it is other groups of people such as those in Weed and Seed who believe they are helping the police in torturing and following a victim. We had everything from wealthy white CT folk to very poor hispanic workers gangstalking us. Usually the dirty work was left to the hispanics.(such as the actual attacks with machettes, the display of guns, etc.) The wealthy folk preferred their high level military gear and the use of their vehicles as weapons.One cop did shoot at us in Maryland- could have been blanks.

I do not see how 911 fits in with gangstalking though I have read many journalists who dig into controversial subjects and many whistleblowers get gangstalked...My son and I were no important people- the attorney just wanted the money and property my late parents left to us.

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