Why YOU TOO should hate soldiers

Farmington, AR

#64 Jul 15, 2011
You UK people seem to forget who saved you during WW11. By the way, you still owe us big time $$$$$$$$$$ Oh never mind, we forgave it. Enjoy your FREEDOM.
Courtesy of the United States Military!!!!!!!!!!
Cio Waterwalker


#66 Jul 21, 2011
The Duty of the Soldier

Telling jokes about officers and how cowardly and stupid they are.
Telling jokes about soldiers from France and how cowardly and stupid they are.
Resisting the urge to punch newly commissioned officers whenever they open their prissy, high born, beautifully curved and well maintained mouth.
Bitching about war.
Bitching about peace.
If they are American, killing each other.
If they are American, taking all the oil.
If they are American, saying 'yehahhhh'
If they are American, getting pwned by Germans
Defending those that cannot fend for themselves, such as rich American millionaires.
Firing indiscriminately at those that can fend for themselves regardless of nationality.
If nobody that can fend for themselves can be found, firing indiscriminately at those that cannot fend for themselves in regardless of nationality, such as poor Muslims in the Middle East.
Thanking God they are not French.
If they are French, thanking god they are not at war.
If they are French and at war, surrendering.
If they're not German, wishing they were.
If they are German, probably killing you.
Furthering the political agenda of their respective country, United States of (insert nation here).
If their country is too much of a pussy to have a political agenda, furthering the political agenda of the country of which the former country bends over backwards to accommodate.
Cleaning their weapons in the proper fashion: with the safety off and the weapon pointing toward the left eye socket, and one finger on the trigger in case something goes wrong.
Obeying George Bush when he says: "It's time to bomb Iraq again!"
Learning everything there is to know about Sean Connery, "Dirty" Harry, and Harrison Ford.
If Asian, being slaughtered in massive human wave attacks.
If BADASS, learning to never take cover, always shoot from the hip, and single-handedly kill tanks using only rocks.
ungreatful bastard

Valparaiso, IN

#67 Aug 2, 2011
As much as I don't like this post we will still fight for your right to have your own opinion. Just take into consideration that you would be slaving for a dictator if it were not for the brave men and women of this great Country fighting to keep us safe.

Brentford, UK

#68 Nov 14, 2011
I agree with all 58! Nothing but psychos, soldiers you are what's wrong with this world, why would you choose to do that for a living. God hates you all.

Thorold, Canada

#69 Dec 9, 2011
I agree, I think war is the most ridiculous and worst thing going on around the world . I don't believe killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people for a political statement is okay. It is not. The US is in debt for trillions of dollars , and loosing more and more because of this war. All the heath problems this is creating like post traumatic stress, is very unfortunate and could be prevented by pulling out. If politicians, and world leaders keep encouraging people, wanting equality why are they not the ones there, fighting? Instead someone else is. They're cowards, only idiots listen to cowards. I think those who go to war, are losers and idiots. Those who enroll have nothing going on for them, would they rather die then read bedtime stories to their son? By enrolling , they are saying this war is okay, it is okay to kill people for your country. No it is not okay. What is the different between killing innocent people in the US , if your excuse is , you did it for your loved one?. They call you a murderer here, maybe even serial killer and but if you do it there, you're called a hero. What kind of message are you teaching your children? I refuse to donate to our troops, not like others , I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG, THIS IS WRONG.

Thorold, Canada

#70 Dec 9, 2011
This is why everyone hates Americans... Especially Canadians, were not part of this, you dragged us in. We never even had an army in the 1990's! We were fine. Until you needed our help, killed our people by convincing them to join. Killing them in friendly fires. Americans are idiots! Constantly contradicting every statement. How can you say "In God we trust", when you're breaking the 10 commandments and killing innocent people? Things like this is why I never hear anyone bragging about being American when they're not in the U.S. but traveling abroad. You people keep saying you're Canadian, please don't.

^^^ I totally agree. Soldiers are losers.

O Fallon, MO

#71 Dec 12, 2011
John wrote:
#37 Where did you get this fact? I don't think it's accurate
#34 and #35 Really? very interesting!!!
#49 I love how you talk about their lack of high school diplomas, then go on to misspell THIEVES. LOL.
#? Who cares, these men are doing the task that allow you to post this crap on the web and not be put in jail for saying what you want however I disagree with your list and as a veteran, you can bite me.

Manhattan Beach, CA

#72 Dec 13, 2011
This is injustice. No one can get mad about us doing our job! End this terror now.

Spanish Fork, UT

#73 Dec 13, 2011
It is the Veteran, not the Preacher who has given us the freedom of religion.

It is the Veteran, not the reporter who has ginen us the freedom of the press.

It is the Veteran, not the poet who has given us the freedom of speech.

It is the Veteran, not the Campus organizer(Odumbo) who has given us the freedom to assemble.

It is the Veteran, not the lawyer who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the Veteran, NOT the politician who has given us the right to vote.

It is the Veteran who salutes the flag.

A Veteran.

Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#74 Dec 13, 2011
cowboy wrote:
It is the Veteran, not the Preacher who has given us the freedom of religion.
It is the Veteran, not the reporter who has ginen us the freedom of the press.
It is the Veteran, not the poet who has given us the freedom of speech.
It is the Veteran, not the Campus organizer(Odumbo) who has given us the freedom to assemble.
It is the Veteran, not the lawyer who has given us the right to a fair trial.
It is the Veteran, NOT the politician who has given us the right to vote.
It is the Veteran who salutes the flag.
A Veteran.
God bless our vererans.

Barrie, Canada

#76 Dec 17, 2011
take a good long look at what you have because with out our soldiers you wouldn't have anything. but then again if you think like that maybe you shouldn't have any of those things you hold dear. let alone the right to breathe. I'm going to join the army and I'll admit I'm manipulative and violent nor do I feel much remorse but i am a far better person then you. if you truly feel that way get the hell out of the country!! you sound like some immature pretentious douche who needs to grow up!!!!!

Thorold, Canada

#77 Jan 12, 2012
What "we have", has nothing to do with the war going on now. That's ridiculous, people are idiots who think soldiers are heroes, and because of them "we have everything", you couldn't be more wrong off. I'll tell what we have, more taxes! because of them. Health insurance is costing us more because these soldiers come back from "playing around" and are traumatized with all these illnesses. You will never be a better person, because you can't see what is in front of you! The real world. You are blinded of the truth and I feel sorry for you. War is just another multi million dollar corporation, that has no benefits. Is it okay to kill hundreds of thousands of people for a political statement and some cash? No, you should be ashamed of yourself! Get educated!

Spanish Fork, UT

#78 Jan 12, 2012
I was going to cuss "Canucks" but I have known and served with many fine Canadians, obviously you are not one.
Beg your pardon, but it wasn't your Country that was attacked asshole.
When are you idiots going to understand that war is going to happen, I can't stop it and you can't stop it.
Let me ask you this.
Why can you spout your nonsense here with out being rounded up and put into a camp, or worse?
Because Men and Women have and are willing to give their lives so you can and you should thank every single one, as far as I know, Canada hasn't had a draft since what? WW2? Can't use that excuse.

Everyone who has been to war HATES war and we are the ONLY ones who can talk shit about it because we've lived it.

Thorold, Canada

#79 Jan 15, 2012
You are acting like you are the victims. Yes it was a tragedy, I would never hope for something like that to happen to anyone. But the US were not the ones who were bombed first. Clinton started dropping bombs in the Middle East far before the US was attacked or Bush was even in power. Since the 1950's the US has been bombing countries without many people even knowing, or even linking it back. I personally don't believe in war. An eye for an eye, will make the world blind. I'm sorry if I had offended you, but this way should not be a life style to be encouraged of living. We should all be educated about over actions, and the consequences of our actions. We were all impacted by the 9/11 attack, but what are you doing, trying to cause that pain to other innocent people, in the same position as you were/are? The government is responsible, including the US's, not the majority of innocent citizens. You are not killing those responsible (government personnel etc) but the innocent people! You need to realize that. For someone who is so keen on war, at least kill the right people for God's sake. For a country so religious, based on religious values, " In God we trust", you are breaking the "Golden Rule" - treating other people as you would treat yourself and "Thou shall not kill". You are not honest people. I know honest people, I've been to countries after such disasters occurred, many good people missing family members with targets on them selves for no reason but the country they are from, which they cannot leave from. They do not support their government's actions but they are the one's who have to live with it. They are stuck in a country, with no escape. Have you ever seen a child limping with with leg missing after an American set of troops decided to bomb/shoot up a school? I have. They're just children! Don't hurt them!
British sniper

Spalding, UK

#81 Apr 13, 2012
Your government FEMA is coming to get you.

Brandon, Canada

#82 Apr 16, 2012
Im canadian, and please everyone ignore all these retards saying fuck soldiers, that are from canada. There idiots. I entirely agree, every soldier is a hero, they are putting their lives on the line so you can bitch and moan about taxes and healthcare, which has nothing to do with soldiers at all. If you dont like a war just remember that you live in a democracy, the people you voted for decided to go to war, not some guy putting his life on the line for his country. And although i dont really agree with this war, and im not a huge fan of american politics and americans in general, I still respect every soldier out there, no matter what country their from. If you have the courage to put your life on the line for your country or your cause then you are braver then 90% of the pussies whining about soldiers and i respect you for it. And I totally agree there will always be war. As long as people have different opinions there will be conflict, and as long as there are people developing weapons war will keep getting more advanced. If you dont like the war, do something about it, its your politicians supporting it, take them out of power so you can change things, dont complain about men and women braver then you will ever be. And JTL, people dont join the military because they agree with the war all the time, a lot join because there country is at war and they know that it isnt right to sit around while people are dying overseas, they get all the benifits that people fight for without having to do anything, so they change that and fight for their country. Once again please ignore the canadians complaining about soldiers, they are idiots and they are the minority in canada, especially keith, he may be retarded.

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#83 Apr 20, 2012
They are SICKOS and pathetic fools. As will for COPS, they are child molestors too, this is freaking sick.

Melbourne, FL

#84 Apr 27, 2012
Sounds like the F the troops is suffering Military Envy.
Next time, you don't have to be so obvious about it.

Colorado Springs, CO

#85 Jun 8, 2012
Well I'm in the army and I seriously hate soldiers. You have to see it from the inside. Soldiers are heartless bastards. I've been in all the combat situations you can think of.

United States

#86 Jun 11, 2012
I'm a soldier and sorry you feel that way. I joined to make a difference for my the ones I love the ones I don't and people I don't even know. And I apologize for any bad apples u may have came across. You are entitled to your opinion just keep in mind that soldiers are dying right now for your ability to openly hate them. Someone's son ,daughter , mother, father. , husband and wife. Enjoy your cubicle sir or mam its a lot safer here because of the US military

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