2 kids escape from darrington academy
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Addison, IL

#212 Feb 27, 2014
Wow. I'm amazed.
Darrington Survivor

Hudson, FL

#213 Mar 18, 2014
Program parent wrote:
<quoted text>Big Bear, These programs for struggling teens help kids learn to be accountable, responsible and respectful and help heal family relationships. They focus on 4 areas: behavior modification where they learn to be accountable for their choices, be responsible and respectful; self esteem and character development to let them know they are good people, they are just making non-working choices (drugs, drinking, defiance, disrespect,lying, skipping school, failing school, stealing, sex, etc.), their academics are of the highest caliber; and family relationships where they learn to live within their family's values, boundaries and house rules. As far as what you were told by the teens you took in about what they were or were not doing, just remember there are 2 sides to every story. Try not to judge a parent for their choices until you have walked in their shoes. If it were not for this program, my child would have been in jail or dead. It was a struggle for us to afford this program. I will be paying off the loan for several more years but at 10 times the price it was worth every penny. How much is too much to save your child's life? My child thanks me almost daily for the "gift" we gave him by placing him in the program. He is doing great since he finished the program and came home. And just a little more info, if he had not finished the program, he would not have been back in our home. He chose to stay after he turned 18 and complete, even though "legally" he could have walked out. What I experience from many of the comments posted from "program kids" is they obviously "faked" their way through the program and did not take advantage of the opportunities that their parents paid dearly for. They have been given "life tools" that if they choose to use them, they can live a purposeful life and have a whole and healthy family again, which was their parent's dreams when they had to make the hardest decision they have ever had to make when they sent their child away to get help. Obviously some of these kids posting never got down to the real issues that caused them to make the non working choices that originally sent them into the program. I say to them, "stop playing the blame game, do your accountability formula and step left." These programs have saved many kids and many families. I know Rich Darrington and all the other staff members mentioned and I think some of these people need to keep their names a secret because you could be subject to a libel lawsuit with the choices you are making and what you are writing.
It is unbelievable how stupid people can be. You do not know what you are talking about. Your daughter may have had serious issues because of your corrupt parenting, but a lot of the girls there were sent because of something small, like partying or hanging out with friends too much. Teenagers are not perfect, but most parents don't sign them away and ruin their lives. You all are sad sorry excuses for parents. Darrington did not teach me anything, I just grew up! It's called a teenage phase, and if you are a decent parent, you can survive it. I am glad you are in debt :)
paul barnett

Copperhill, TN

#214 Jul 23, 2014
leigh Pierce wrote:
f*** darrington-f*** all the f***** up staff- f*** the power trippers, and f*** impure intentions. Darrington was only after money- and if they could have some fun while making they're fortune you better believe they will. What was fun to them was making teens cry everyday missing there homes, friends, family, life, and they're own fucking train of thought. When girls I became close with started actually falling into these brainwashing tactics I was not only hurt because I lost my friend, but scared. And by the way- doesn't anyone think its a little strange how Darrington Academy is a old hotel building? Get real. I'm so happy to hear about all this. 2 years in that place will make you hate it and resent everything about it.
paul barnett

Copperhill, TN

#215 Jul 23, 2014
Not all chaperones were mean if you remember me at all me and you used to talk all the time there I agree the place was messed up and ran the wrong way but I tried to help everyone there do you remember/
the one

Port Orange, FL

#216 Jul 28, 2014
This is crazy after all this time this blog is still running. Since its about me ill thread some info. I was the one who ran away that day and when the police found me the next day i was brought back, Richard Darrington then knocked my front tooth out by body slamming me, luckily mr gagne and a police officer took me to the dentist, After the dentist I was given an option, go to jail for attacking Darrington or come back to the academy, I chose jail. At 17 years old with no prior record I was sent to county jail for a lied statement saying I attacked Darrington. I got out a week later, went back to school, played ball, lived my life. I was sent there because my mom and I weren't getting along. 6 months later Thomas was fired and then wrote a statement about the assault on me and the truth of that day. A warrant was secured and during that they found abuse and video cameras. Richard Darrington was charged with assault in my matter and other charges were filed as well. The state can not find Thomas to testify so they will not be trying Mr. Darrington in court. Its a closed chapter, people told me I would be there till 18, I even went on a 9day hunger strike to make a phone call to my father. After that is when I escaped. The day I was assaulted did change the outcome of many events. Its just the way and the way is what makes us the people we our today. Im actually glad Richard will not be tried. The school is closed down and I've been told he will never work for a school or kids again. He wasn't a good man but maybe he is now, I say that because lying to police and having a 17yr old kid with no record sent to a adult jail in blue ridge georgia is crazy. I haven't asked for money or even filed a lawsuit like I saw in a post. Its just over, done, next chapter. Im 23 years old now and seeing this I smile a little bit thinking about the irony. I'll always remember the look on his face when I began bleeding everywhere and my tooth was on the ground. He was scared. It didn't help me screaming ''Im going to make you famous cocksucker'' either. In the end, its a famous story, it's the story of a school that changed the course of many peoples lives closing down. Its all the closure thats needed.
DAP- You know who

Queen Creek, AZ

#217 Jun 21, 2015
I was part of Thomas and Darrington's so called DAP, I saw everything first hand that went bad. From torture positions to literal beatings and paying off cops I saw it all. I've finally decided that I will be skipping state courts and going straight to federal. This will not be a class action in any way don't ask.
To Darrington, Dace, John G and a few other staff, good luck getting out of what I'm about to rain down on you, a team of 5 lawyers says " You can run, but in no way can you hide ". And yes it's still within statue of limitations. I will not be settling. You cannot buy your way out of this one like you have so many others.
Real quick to fellow survivors, those of you who have been brainwashed need to get out of it, nothing about that program helped anyone, maybe got you off drugs but only because you couldn't access them.

Ovid, MI

#218 Apr 30, 2016
kcinotik wrote:
haha i was there that day...a few days later darrington beat the shit out of a kid then sent him to jail...whoever darrington survivor is is retarded....Darrington academy is the most corrupt place i have ever been....
Darrington knocked his tooth out that's why there closed fk that place it was the worst

Dallas, TX

#219 Jun 27, 2016
i was in atlas and though I am not brainwashed I have had mental problems and yes we were abused and kept from contacting our families and mistreated. I don't think that this is a good choice for any parent or court system to send any child to. I was the youngest person sent to this school and since then have been incarcerated most my life. this school does not help and I am happy that it is no longer open.

Dallas, TX

#220 Jun 27, 2016
Went to DA for 15 months wrote:
<quoted text>

by the way I went on a med run to the dentist at level 2.. my mom just had to pay for transportation

and the place doesnt freaking brainwash people.. wtf.. I hated the place with a passion because I couldnt go out and party drink smoke or just do what I wanted... thats why everybody hated it
I'm jus wondering if you were in atlas family 03 04

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