2 kids escape from darrington academy
Gaia Power

Woodside, NY

#191 Mar 30, 2011
Lee ann wrote:
<quoted text>you young man, should be very proud of yourself........ Just know; you WILL have a full and happy life. When it comes time to be a dad, you will be the best... God bless you.
FYI: thats a girl n i love u kaila!!

United States

#192 Apr 14, 2011
I worked there in 08 and 09, never witnessed any sexual abuse. some kids got roughed up, usually due to them severely misbehaving (like wiping shit in a chaperones bible). most of the kids there were sent away for being teenagers. drinking, smoking, and those darn video games. i'm pretty sure one kid was there because he was gay. i feel sorry for these kids not having parents that could actually sit and talk with their children instead of shipping them off to a corrupt "school". hope you kids liked my mom's cooking
Brooke Sours

Port Charlotte, FL

#193 May 23, 2011
I'm going to post my real name, so I just thought I would tell you exactly what I think about Darrington Academy. I miss the great people that I met there. I was not brainwashed. I made working and non-working choices before AND after, but I did get self-esteem there. I also learned who I was there. It was one of the absolute best things that ever happened to me, and I miss the staff and other people I met every day. I learned a lot about life there, and I learned respect there as well. Also, for the record, no one was EVER touched at all while I was there. They made it so there was always a person there when you had a conversation so that bad things never happened. There was always a witness. I don't know how things ended, but I know that I love April Glenn, Karina Zurita, and Richard Darrington.
Edward survivor

Tampa, FL

#195 Jul 23, 2011
Another Survivor wrote:
One - No one was sexually abused.
Two - Richard Darrington did NOT hurt anyone.
Three - Darrington Academy shut down because there's dead beat parents who won't pay the tuition. It was shut down because of our economy; read a damn newspaper. Don't be so naive. You believe what you want to believe, instead of looking at the real facts. There's bad schools out there. I hated being at Darrington and I said a lot of bad things about it when I came home. But I never stooped so low as to make things up. I do believe that there are desperate kids out there though that would make things up just to come home. It's sad. I'm an adult now and I wish I hadn't said all the things I did. Darrington was not a bad school. Some kids need that. It's easy for you people so be so negative because you weren't there. Although I still firmly believe I should have never been sent there in the first place, I am very lucky that I was sent to Darrington and not another WWASP school.
you dont know what your talking about
Edward survivor

Tampa, FL

#196 Jul 23, 2011
NICK wrote:
another great story Thomas was trying to shut down corie's pc while in a quize so thomas throws him on the ground and corrie beats the shit outa him =P
oh shit i remeber that,lol
didnt thomas have a black eye or something...
i remeber when corry came in and he hid crack in the toilet
Edward survivor

Tampa, FL

#197 Jul 23, 2011
Zeke Rodriguez wrote:
Sooo seeing as the subject has been probably dropped by now i was the one to tell my therapist about the abuse and eventually led to the CPS investigations and the closing down and transfer of all of us to Red River Academy. Yeah they whooped my ass and i can't say it wasn't well deserved but then again you can't just beat up 15 year olds no matter how frustrating the matter i am not going to testify against Richard Darrington in criminal court but will show up in civil to make sure that some amount of financial justice is done for my mother's wasted tuition.
dude you live in Zephyrhills?! me too
hit me up dude.. my email is on here..send me and email and ill send you my number

Clarksville, TN

#198 Aug 3, 2011
Listen darrinton academy was one if the best things that happened to me. Say I am brainwashed all you want to. The ones talking shit about it think for a second.....you are probably strung out or doing nothing with yourself. Funny how people look at negatives instead of positives. You aren't going to go anywhere in life if you keep worrying about how darrington so called ruined your life. Your wasting your breathe. Because of lies and ignorance Mr. Darrington is now locked up. Does that make you feel good. Y'all just need to grow up.
Malorie_DA Survivor

Mingo, IA

#199 Mar 30, 2012
I really wish the ppl who have never been there would shut their effin mouths.. how u gone say what goes on there when u have never been inside the gates.. i have probably been in the most trouble there.. i been to sheets, intervention, and i was never tied up hand cuffed or anything like that..If it wasn't for my parents sendin me there i would probably be dead now.. They dont brainwash anyone and i highly doubt Mr. Darrington punched anyone.. Im sure what happened was the boy was bein bad and Mr.D had to restrain him which is what any adult would do to a teenager who is threatenin their well being...If it had of been me i woulda punched his little bad ass cause thats really what everybody in the program needed was a good ass beatin.. I met some of the best and most brilliant ppl there and i hate that it got closed down.. Oh no doubt it sucked in there.. it was hell but its alot better than where i was goin with my life... Haterz shut ya mouth!!!
Kathy Schmidt

United States

#200 Apr 18, 2012
Ok. I just read every single post and I'm going to put my two sense in. I went to darrington in April 2006 and left June 2007. 14 months I was in there. I'm not brain washed by any means. It took me over 6 months to get to level 2. I made it to level 3 for one month before I was dropped back to level 2. I was and still am a stubborn bitch. I have to say yes darrington was hell. The rules and structure sucked. But it taught me a few things. I HATED darrington academy, and tried to get my parents to pull me every Sunday, I did not work the program at all!! But I did walk out of there with a better head on my shoulders. I met my best friend, to this day there, Sam Forsyth. I am still stubborn and want to learn things on my own. But I'm wiser. DA taught me how to talk about my problems instead of bottling them up until I explode.(like I said before im not brainwashed by any means) I am a much better person now. If my parents didn't send me to DA I would have been pregnant a long time ago, on the path to no where. But unlike most of the women that went to DA me, Sam f, and Lindsey Rowe are doing great, with NO KIDS! We all have a great life, and we are going somewhere. I am back with my boyfriend (one of the reasons my parents sent me to DA) and I can't imagine my life without him. He keeps me grounded. I am doing really good thanks to the lessons I learned at darrington. Yes it sucked EVERY single day, but it was worth it. as far as DA closing down, I kinda wish it was still open. All of our favorite chaperones lost their jobs. Gail was by far my favorite, and she lost her job. That killed me. Gail is the most kind hearted person I know. I STILL talk to her to this day. All of you posting about how your happy that place closed down, a lot of our favorite people lost their jobs. A lot of kids, like you and me, don't get that learning experience we got. Weather you all want to admit it or not, you ALL walked away learning something. And for me, I learned a lot. Me and my father never had a relationship, and we do now. Me and my mom have a better relationship.

Marietta, GA

#201 May 1, 2012
I was there when those 2 kids ran away! Id been there for a few months by then. I remember being told theyre going to T.B. but it was b.s. And Rolland was awesome so was Patsy. Anyway im tired of hearing these little ass kids complain about it. I was there 8 months until the day it closed down. Get over it i did shit!

Marietta, GA

#202 May 1, 2012
And childe services did interview me and i told them the things that went on there. I didnt lie i told the truth. Got sent to Red River Academy when the closed down!

Marietta, GA

#203 May 1, 2012
Haha Zeke whats up? Sealander you suck! Nahh im just kidding. And that shit was great when Thomas got his ass beat by Corey.
bryan bknyi apollo atlas

Atlanta, GA

#204 May 1, 2012
hey kuz and others, I live in downtown Atlanta ya know, we should hang out. I'm opening a bar around here soon!
Charlie Holk

Los Angeles, CA

#205 May 10, 2012
I can tell u from personal experience about being strip searched for candy after Halloween and about having my head slammed into a wall for cheating in school. That place was no house of healing. It was a place of brainwashed parents that did not believe the children about the abuse.
Charlie Holk

Los Angeles, CA

#206 May 10, 2012
Apollo /Poseidon
Charlie Holk

Palmdale, CA

#207 Aug 8, 2012
Darrington Survivor wrote:
I was there that day and dont remember anyone running at all. Unless it was the 2 boys that got caught 20 minutes later..
And Humm, there was no sexual abuse going on at D.A. I was there for 364 DAYS, I bet you dont even know that no one is allowed to even TALK without atleast one other person there plus the chaperone.
You all hear all this shit about the bad schools and yeah they are out there but Darrington isnt one of them, I am glad I am home but stop assuming every single one is so wrong.
come on man u know there was a score of abuse going on and abuse of power.
Charlie Holk

Palmdale, CA

#208 Aug 9, 2012
Ryan S wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey steven it is Ryan s
Yea i remeber paven gettin knocked around then howie and an upper level wrestling with me. That place was way crooked,"some" of the chaperones would take consequences to one kid and not the other one. There was a lot of stuff that went on there that was not right. The worse thing that i thought was on Sunday when we wrote our letters to our parents that my family rep mayte would edit my letter. I still to this day ask my parents if they got the letters and which they did and none of them was what i wrote. I would like to say one thing to all the chaperones that put there hands on me to tell thank you and i am better for it today. The struggles that i went thourgh at darrington academy weren't good but in the end it may have better my situation in the long run. All the guys in Posiedon that thought i was going to jamacia. Nope i was eating shrimp that day I left. Steven is the best chaperone that was there and really would talk you out of anthing stupid and pick you up when you were down. I would like to know where the poseidon guys are though.
who is this haha I'm from Poseidon.
sam tyree

Glen Burnie, MD

#209 Nov 28, 2012
darrington thrashed me in intervention several times then shipped to cross creek in utah the next day. I mean royally thrashed me.
Brookie Cookie

Fort Myers, FL

#210 Feb 11, 2013
I am still in support of the program. I don't see anything that they did as wrong. I was very ill as a lower level, and they had a doctor come to the school just to see me, and my parents didn't have the money to pay for it. I made amazing friends and I learned a considerable bit about myself. Before Darrington Academy, I couldn't stay committed to anything. I am not going to say that I've made the best choices since then, but I can say they've been much better then the choices I made before. Also, I find it very disrespectful that if someone has a different perspective then what you have, they are brainwashed. Should we apologize for thinking for ourselves, or DAh8r, should you apologize for being a sheep and following the rest of the heard?

Just because I have a different point of view doesn't say anything about me as a person. I am an individual with a very unique perspective.
Yukon Cornileus


#211 Jan 28, 2014
How can you Americans allow these horrible child abuse centers to exist ? Gulags for kids. Time and time again, sickening testimonies from the survivors. Physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse paramount to torture. How on earth could you send your child to such a place? More than a dozen WWASP programs shut down do to torture and Americans still send thier kids to the ones that are still operating? What could possibly go wrong ? Countless deaths in Amercas abusive wilderness programs and they are still is business. I have just been learning all about your so called troubled teen industry, how sickening, makes me think far less of America. I knew that America was low on the list when it came to child protection, now I know why.

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