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Fairport, NY

#195 Aug 20, 2009
djs_mom wrote:
<quoted text>
Your an idiot. That is all I have to say.
He is not an idoit. Just because you don't agree with him he is an idoit?
Please try look at the big picture. Do you know about world history? Yes, world history, we learn many things from past history.
The problem is many of our youth in this country lost it's focus on what this country was built on and what are the priorities of this country.
They are too busy texting, boozing, druging, ipoding, not being accountable for their for their own actions.
Part of this problem is their up bringing. Their parents got too liberal and spoiled them. What we need to do is to disapline our children more.
Americans, though history our forefathers fought and got killed for our freedom that we enjoy today and unfortunately many take it for granted.
The sad thing is our youth is so preoccupied with nonsense, that their letting our great country slip away from us.
Please, Americans start listeneing, take the time, listen to unbiased news, talk radio, can't hurt and believe me it might open your eyes.
For all of us and our children's sake.

Love the USA is correct.

“Conformity Sucks”

Since: Jun 07

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#197 Sep 1, 2009
Jim wrote:
First of all President Obama is bi-racial, and even if he was all black, impeachment has nothing to do race, Yes, not in this country. Stop playing the race card, U S citizens are waking up and not going to fall for this lame and exhausted excuse anymore.
I truly think President Obama doesn't like the USA. He travels to foreign land apologizing for the U. S, bowing down kissing the ring of our enemies, like reasoning with these people would help. It was proven from prior administrations that it does not help.
People forgot that WE got attacked on 9/11. Thousands of innocent people got murdered, but these idoit liberials say it's our fault and these left wingers believe it.
People forgot that our forefathers fought for our freedom and thousands of U S soldiers sacrified their lives for the freedom we enjoy today.
That holds true today, we have to fight for our freedom, it slowly fading away.
One of the problems is in our own back yard, the left wing liberals and the ACLU.
President Obama, 20 years of patronizing the radical racist (in my opinion) Rev. Wright. Rev. Wright baptized his child...but Obama said he didn't listen to Rev. Wright's sermans ...yeah right are you kidding me?
What about ACORN, that proven falseifng ballot group that Obama was a member and funneled millions of dollars to them.
In my opinion, Obama hates capitalism, which is what made this countries corporations profitable, which in turn created many jobs.
Obama and his congress has already spent trillions he is bancrupting America, and to boot shoving this social health care wreck down our throats.
If you listen to Obama's when asked challanging questions, he contridicts himself, and many times makes no sense and alludes the question.
In my opinion, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, amoung others in congress, are clueless and have to go.
The American people are finally waking up...thanks to Fox news, the internet, talk radio, etc.
Please, Americans wake up and let's save America before it's too late.
He making President Bush look good.
Your opinion is a great post (in my opinion).
I have to disagree though that this Presidential cabinet is not about race. Fact is , it's ALL about race. Anyone publically opposing Osama's czar and policy choices is heralded as a racist who simply dislikes the way Osama looks. Michelle Hussain Obama is easily the most racially driven first lady this Whitehouse has EVER seen. Had ANY white first lady shared any of Michelle's racially charged views of an opposite race , the CBS, ABC,NBC and MSNBC media would have organized a public stoning. Instead they assisted her into the Whitehouse.

Since: Jun 09

Dallas, TX

#198 Sep 1, 2009
Loves the USA wrote:
LISTEN AND REREAD what the man has said!!!!
He is telling you what and who he will destroy in the USA!
He has talked like a HITLER!!!
Get the pixie dust out of your heads and LISTEN!
When Hitler came into power , some people were not swayed by his smooth talk and good looks and they WARNED people! The other people didn't listen and weren't paying attention to what the nutjob was SAYING and the world was almost destroyed!
LISTEN to what obama has said and THINK!
Your lives depend on it!
Biden and Hillary warned you about obama! They sold out!
Don't let yourself be ruled by a Pied Piper/Hitler!
THINK for yourself!!!!!
Your FREEDOMS are about to be taken away! People sold their votes for some empty promises.
Don't sell your freedom for paper.
Don't sell your soul.
You can't warn people who see a messiah instead of a menace.

The German people did exactly the same thing that the Obama followers are doing now. Those who voiced their opinions against Hitler were either sent to prison or concentration camps. Some just disappeared and no one knew where they ended up. Most of them died at the hands of Hitler's SS.

Hitler made all kinds of promises to the German people that he never intended to keep. He literally wanted to be the leader of the world and would stop at nothing to attain that position, German people and their wishes be damned. Hitler admitted (to his henchmen) he was stringing the German people along with his speeches, propaganda and rhetoric and the majority of the people bought it hook, line and sinker. It was only after he was the Chancellor and started issuing dictatorial decrees that some of them were disturbed. That's happening now with Obama's takeover of GM, the banks and his wish for socialized medicine. Why do you think he was so adamant that his healthcare proposal be passed so quickly? He wanted his communist policies in place before the American people had time to realize what was happening.

Problem for Obama was, those of us who don't see Obama as a messiah listened and learned from history.

“Conformity Sucks”

Since: Jun 07

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#199 Sep 17, 2009
Perhaps America is finally waking up ???? Can you say Acorn?
Take it BACK

San Diego, CA

#200 Sep 30, 2009
with all these protests that turned into a city controlled by martial law maybe people will finally realize whats going on to there country.
the fact that we have been hijacked by the banks and obamas there little puppet. and FEMA (concentration) Camps are being build all across the US.

Chicago, IL

#201 Oct 1, 2009
madinmaine wrote:
heres something to think about. Nostradamus,(google him if you dont know who he was) has already called for this to happen, followed by the most destruction the world has ever seen.. The man was not just guessing on this stuff, he has predicted such things as hitler, the world trade centers, and even his own DEATH!! maybe he is wrong, but is that a chance your willing to take?? GET OBAMA OUT NOW!!
WOW really?? that is your basis for impeaching a president? cause of what some mystic supposedly predicted. Have you actually read his prophecy's? They are as interpretable as the bible. His prediction for 9/11 could have taken the form of a meteor shower and everyone would have said "ohhhh, he was right!". I hardly think Nostradamus is a suitable argument for impeachment.
Obamaless USA

Carson City, NV

#202 Oct 3, 2009
Think about It wrote:
You Americans elected him, so you'll have to live with him.
Not all of us. Just those who only wanted to make history by electing a black president.
There are many other more qualified, more intelligent and AMERICAN born African Americans that could do a better job.
He has deceived most of America by his empty promises, Like getting our troops home (he sent more over. Point blank he LIED! And will continue to do so.
Obamaless USA

Carson City, NV

#203 Oct 3, 2009
jim wrote:
<quoted text>makin a lot of money.
Enjoy your money now because you can't take "your phony god" with you.

“Conformity Sucks”

Since: Jun 07

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#204 Oct 4, 2009
Obamaless USA wrote:
<quoted text>
Not all of us. Just those who only wanted to make history by electing a black president.
There are many other more qualified, more intelligent and AMERICAN born African Americans that could do a better job.
He has deceived most of America by his empty promises, Like getting our troops home (he sent more over. Point blank he LIED! And will continue to do so.
If Bush , or for that matter, any white president were doing the same injustice to America as B. Hussain Obama is, impeachment would easily be an option. Or, at the very least, the mass media would have been beating him up in the press. But , anyone daring to question Obamas tactics and planned demise of capitalistic America is tagged as "racist".

Collierville, TN

#207 Jan 5, 2010
out of his league, out of touch. impeach him now and save our United States of America from global communism.

“Did I Do That?”

Since: Nov 07

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#211 Jul 14, 2011
The government needs to seize all of George Soro`s bank accounts and assetts so he can`t buy votes for Obama and let the people decide his fate.
Then we can arrest him and try him as a normal illegal alien ...Just saying.

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