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#224 Nov 12, 2012

Don't be naive.

Mcgeary is a compulsive liar and has been spouting the same rubbish for the last 4 years. How do you intend to get your money back!

The simple answer is you will do absolutely nothing and hope like many others that suddenly Mcgeary finds a conscience and sorts this mess out. Well he won't.

I have judgement against Mcgeary and Scouler and bankruptcy proceedings are underway.

At least this way, innocent investors can follow the action that is taken against these two jokers. They call themselves businessmen, that's just laughable.

Their time is fast approaching Joe.

I and other investors will ensure that they are bankruptcy indefinitely.

Braintree, UK

#225 Nov 12, 2012

I hope your actions do not prevent those of us who have invested alot of money in MHV, from getting our investment back. I have been in regular contact with Thomas McGeary, and while I find the whole saga extremely laborious, I fully believe that Thomas McGeary and the people linked to him are trying to get this business deal completed ASAP.


#226 Nov 13, 2012
Mike, I think you will find that it's TJ's actions that have caused this situation.

And they do have an option, they could always pay me before it happens.

Benfleet, UK

#227 Nov 13, 2012
thomas is a decent man i got two deposits back

Leicester, UK

#228 Nov 13, 2012
Hi, when did you get your money back?

São Paulo, Brazil

#230 Nov 21, 2012
Sean wrote:
Hi.....I'm so glad May you have joined this forum...maybe you're right and we'll never get our money back but it's not all about the money it's the fact that Mc Geary has stolen money from all us people....and that's a lot of money!!! After reading your negative comments I just felt like a big I rang the PSNI in Dungannon and I rang the Gardai in Letterkenny.....I have handed in all correspondence I have with Mc Geary....contracts...letters.. .text messages which go back for years....The PSNI officer told me that the people that paid their deposits to Mc Geary in Northern Ireland or the UK they would help them and start an investigation...the people that paid their deposits to Mc Geary in Republic of Ireland should contact the Gardai.....I feel so much better now because I know that something will be done about Mc Geary!
sory that didn't work

lease contact me with your mobile or email address please 00447715498047

São Paulo, Brazil

#231 Nov 21, 2012
brian wrote:
i spoke to police with my solicitor for 2 hours and was told that this is not criminal it cival matter as we all bought and we all got into contracts and either us and neither did tj developments complete the contact between both parties and we have the apartnment and contact if we so wish to complete and pay what is due to them so i sugget a meeting with the 2 guys and if russian sale not going over the line we must sit down and agree a plan there is 2 of them and 400 apartments and to be honest we the people as much at fault as is the current climate in the property world so can some one start talking sence and get a business brain on and stop the rubbish and get real i know i have bought similar of plan properties in spain and glasgow and cant even get the people i bought from at least these guys still at table so lets make use of this and salvage what we can other wise pay up the 50 grand we owe thme and get the apartment as i asume most people in this fourm cant pay so they just talk crsap so come on, come to the table
Hi BRian could you also give me your details so I can talk with you to discuss how i can proceed thanks 00447715498047

São Paulo, Brazil

#232 Nov 25, 2012
Hi Brian and Sean wondered if you contact me or give me the contact at PSNI as they don't seem to be aware of your discussions thanks
Spike1 England

Saint Albans, UK

#233 Nov 27, 2012
katie breen wrote:
thats all well and good him sayin he is waiting for money to be paid but does anyone know if it wil cover our deposits and we wil all get our full amount bk
Has there been any news since last year?
Spike1 England

Saint Albans, UK

#234 Nov 27, 2012
Has there been any news at all since last year?
Tommy McGeary Armagh

Broxburn, UK

#235 Dec 4, 2012
Thomas Moy wrote:
Im his son, if anybody wants his contact details give me a email, [email protected]
Hope everbody contacted the psni and gaurds, everybody who was effected ring and put pressure on the psni to act.
Justice for all whom where affected
Just for the record I am Thomas McGeary Jnr Thomas's son, whoever the il-rared person who pretended to me is I am just setting the record straight that it is not me, its not my e-mail address and i do not know no anything about Moy Holiday village and the on goings. If they person who posted the comment as me is reading this I would be great full if they were to remove the comment asap, Thank you.


#236 Dec 4, 2012

Do you have any comments about the allegations that your father is a con man?
peter mc dermott

Durham, UK

#237 Dec 5, 2012
listen all 6 to 7 members that speak on this silly fourm and dont for get that the total apartments in this project is 400 and what does that say about the other 393 investors ? i think they have a brain like joe (READ JOE FROM DONEGAL COMMENTS ON THE 12 NOVEMBER 2012 AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHOM DONT SEEM TO HAVE A BUSINESS COP ON I SUGGEST YOU READ IT TWICE ) may be joe you would be great enough to put your detail up on the fourm as i will be . i bought from tj in a city development in bulgaria and could be no happier all be it price is down 40 percent as i was there in oct is that the fault of tj ?listen you 6/7 people has the value of your home dropped ?? all around the world it has is that the fault of tj ??, i like you liked what i saw in the broucher and i bought from agent in donegal and paid the agent my deposit (very sure he took good chunk of it for commision)and you know what the buyers is guilty i am guilty we all guilty as we can pay and complete the contracts i was on the site 5 weeks ago and you know what i fell sorry for my 20 k but i fell more sorry for tj as there is millioms pumped in to the purchase of site and the work to my agent in varna who took me to the project states that anything up to 6/7 million is spent to date on that project and as for return of deposits it should be us been sued for non completion how on earth can anyone speak so reckless on public fourm and be the guilty party ?? for me i will wait and hope they get a sale complete as (it is a 5 star site )and that i get my deposit back as unlike many other projects here and abroad tj control the site not the banks if this does not happen then i am sure i will get a letter some day from tj saying mr mc dermott please pay due balance of contract 110 k and you will get your apartments i do hope that tj dont read this joke fourm as you 6/7 people will be the cause of tj rightfully taking us all to court for the balance and paying 65 k for something that would now be worth may be 30 k for all you people who talk noncence (this jmj person mostly) whom cant put up your detail mine is
peter mc dermott fintona co tyrone and tel number is 0792185573 READ JOE AND FORGET YOUR FOURM
andrew uk

Durham, UK

#238 Dec 5, 2012
very well said joe in donegal and peter in edinburgh agree with all your comments and as for all the others pure rubbish well what can i say ?? sad people you seem to be from start to finish and for the record i bought of paula in the leeds office if any one wants my detail for private chat that means joe and peter only, not the other non paying parties who cant read a contract,i will inform paula to give my number and my purchase is on block c no 64

Croydon, UK

#239 Dec 5, 2012
every time i rang thomas he answerd is phone or he rang me back he is trying is best so gave him a chance.


#240 Dec 5, 2012
Thank god some common sense being spoke on this forum. Thomas wil make every effort to return my funds
peter mc dermott

Durham, UK

#241 Dec 5, 2012
glad you agree with common sence and not the rubbish that the like of sean in donegal and jmj in uk speak i mean they mention fraud what fraud if that the case every developer who built a block in ireland for last 10 years is guilty and words like stolen money is a leathal statment from people whom most difinite have been the people whom just paid a booking deposit of 2 k with the hope of fliping the contact for a profit and is signing a contract with a tj approved agent stealing i am most certain i fell that due to making a comment on this site i now wish to inform the guys at tj developments of the total content of the few writers , as for you people whom dont know what you speak about and for sure dont know business stay away and dont bring people like mike joe andrew and my self down to your low level of thinking talking crap about police what in the name of god has the police got to do with you buying a property and not paying the balance if that is the law of the land may be tj should go to police about us so in future i suggest any comment to be made the person should be big enough to put full name address and contact detail up then we will see the truth and stop spoiling matters for the genuine investor , regards peter

Durham, UK

#242 Dec 5, 2012
I have followed this site for a year without comment now that some common sence people have joined i wish to ask the following 1) ,with regard sean in donegal , you must have a very different contract to me and a few friends who i also know that booked apartments we cant find any mention in contracts that tj must take you to on a viewing trip you sound like a guy who paid a small booking deposit to get a free hoilday 2) re karen and jmj in uk please explain to me the meaning of fraud charges stolen money etc etc in your comments how does this come in to it when we all sign contracts pay 20 percent deposit to agent and tj developments have invested this after agents fees along with the millions of euro of company funds in block and motar as stated by peter mc dermott and as seen by my self on a viewing a few years ago yes sean a airline ticket paid by myself i am sure the police would laugh you out the door and tell you that you could be charged for wasting police time not to mention the damage your doing to all us normal investors and as to how tj developments will react to such comments and false statements by those not brave enough to put name and address up when making such views .
john john


#243 Dec 8, 2012
I agree with the previous speakers , the development has no mortage on it so all the funds are invested in the project ,if and when a sale goes thro the money will be returned ,now the only part I can not understand is why TJ Developments has not contacted or updated any of the buyers by email or post ,this I ask why ?? have they something to hide .can TJ Developers come claen and update everyone who has a deposit paid .An update would surley stop all this chat ,give the buyers peace of mind and the developers peace of mind


#244 Dec 8, 2012
Hi.....everyone is entitled to they're opinion on tj development because of the deposit that was paid to them.....but the fact is that tj took all our deposits and gave us nothing ......only lies and more lies over the years.....yes tj development did put on our contract that we would be taken to the site by their company and mc geery stated that he had already taken other investors out to bulgaria to view the apartments but surprise surprise ....another one of his lies!!!! Our contract stated that purchase of the apartment would only be completed by us after we had the opportunity to view it.....I on many occasion suggested to thomas mc geery that we would fund the trip ourselves but he kept making excuses for us not to go to time I was in bulgaria and told mc geery in advance so I could meet him and arrange to view the apartment but while I was in Bulgaria and called mc geery .....he did not answer his phone!!!!!! I am happy with my decision in contacting the authorities as he will be taken for will take time but it will happen.....that's for sure....ring Dungannon police station

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