European foreign policy towards Lukashenko’s Belarus. Let’s debate.

I guess that this thread has never come into the question here, so I suggest to all of you to debate here on the current relations between the EU and Belarus.

For openers, I want you to watch this short video , just to get to know who is a Belarusian countryman Alexander Lukashenko (whom we used to call last Europe’s dictator) is.

As for me, after watching this video I strongly oppose any kinds of relations with that country. Surely I’m not against Belarus and its people, but I’m against Lukashenko! Democratic Europe simply cannot have any deals or businesses with such a politician, inadequate politician, as Lukashenko is. And now I say that the admittance of Lukashenko’s Belarus into the Eastern Partnership initiative was a great mistake of our European leaders, cause I doubt that the current cooperation with Lukashenko’s regime helps Belarusian people anyhow. Really doubt! Taking into account the current situation in Belarus, I say that we should isolate that country instead of throwing oodles of money into it and to wait and see the result of presidential election there in 2011. imo Only after Lukashenko’s resignation it will be possible to speak about any cooperation with Belarus.