Why Do Dhakaiyas Hate Sylhetis So?

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Colchester, UK

#1 Apr 26, 2008
While sitting behind a couple of Dhakaiya student Bengalis on the bus, I was privy to a half hour diatribe of prejudice against Sylhetis.

The gist of the conversation between these two was that Sylheti people in the UK were not 'real Bengalis', who shouldn't speak Sylheti ('broken-Bengali') and Sylhetis were too religious for our own good!

What are your experiences and what are the reasons behind this hate? Aren't we all Bangladeshis?


#2 May 1, 2008
Different groups sometimes react like that.
Dhakaiya people are bit up themselves.
But hey, no use judging all of them.

Bethesda, MD

#3 May 1, 2008
We are sylheti and we have more money than Dhakayas thats why they hate us.

Chatham, UK

#5 May 17, 2008
We are syleti. our peepz have our own language. thats why nonsyletis/dhakayas dont like us. Becoz we are proud of our background and dont hide it.
khaled - South Wales

Nottingham, UK

#6 May 18, 2008
totally true....i have relatives from Dhaka, they say its because we don't speak the shudo basha....but its because we have more money really!

Chatham, UK

#7 May 31, 2008
most people in Bangladesh can't speak dhakaya. They speak the regional language they speak at home like Syleti or Chitagongi. It should be recognised in tv channels and films to show regional variations.


#8 Jun 14, 2008
My family says non sylhetis dont like us and think badly of us. Thats why we dont have any non sylheti friends. In my family no person has ever married anyone not originating in Sylhet, hobigonj or Molbi Bazar because they are like us and have been in england a long time.
Anisa Malani


#9 Jun 19, 2008
I think bengalis think they are more educated and of better class than us. but really muhit is right. It's about money and sylheti have more.

Norwich, UK

#10 Jun 23, 2008
i don't think the non sylheti ppl hate sylhetis because we have more money or our culture is better than thiers, i think they hate us because they don't understand our culture and our heritage and also our close bond with our relatives back home in sylhet, the fact is that the non sylhetis are simply ignorant and also arrogant.
Bangalee bhai saab

Saudi Arabia

#11 Jul 16, 2008
the fact is dhakhaya ppl hate sylhetis cos they now feel inferior - the sylhetis have gon from paddyfields to UK, made money and built big 5tala houses in molvi bazar and are livin rich, whilst the dhakhaya folks is still strugglin

most orginial sylhetis are uneducated and now cos they 3 generations in uk and their son is graduate and got job in city - them fink them is big now...

syedi shab was right - most us mans prob wud b ricksha driver back in desh

London, UK

#12 Aug 4, 2008
Bangalee bhai saab is right, there is lyk a contest between all da dhakaya ppl n sylheti ppl. Us sylhetis hav gt so far in da past few years n the dhakayas r jelous of our victory. Most dhakayas r pretty sly though, so many of them hav managed to get into dis country by marrying ppl frm da UKden divorcing as soon as dey r a british citizen, bloody gorus!
Robiul London


#13 Aug 5, 2008
Hello everyone what i would like to say i have read all the comments and opinions. many of you are bangali racists why you guys dont undestant we are all from bangladesh. making jokes and other rubbish about each other is simply lack of education, good family back grounds and or kudrogiani i'm sylheti my self bought up here but i love dhaka for being my coutrys capital city and when i see any bengali people in street specially in whitchapel i dont even think about which district there from and of the day we are all bangali and always will be. some peoples are saying sylhetis are well off and dhaka is poor and struggling my question why you are here for.


London, UK

#15 Aug 8, 2008
Robiul, guess what mate, you can take your capital city love and stuff it!

I am Muslim first then Sylhoti not Bangladeshi. I donít hate Dhakaiyya people but Iíl be damned if I will listen to them dissing our Sylhoti language by saying itís Ďonly a dialectí and that everyone of us should speak Dhakaiyya. If Dhakaiyya are so educated and cosmopolitan they sure donít act like it. Respect is a two way thing. Dhakaiyya people treat Sylhotis differently and look down on us because we done good in the UK. Our parents struggled and now our generation is reaping the rewards. we are integrated, established and practically all young people have a degree and aspire to office based middleclass jobs now. Other people shouldn't hate us for that.

Southampton, UK

#16 Aug 10, 2008
I would not say Dhahya I would call them Bengali. We are Sylheti Bangladeshi not Bengali. We Sylhetis should realise one thing that there are lots of Bengalis who don't know their fathers identity, they were good at school so they have good job but mentally they are angry. Especially those who live in sylhet with their mums. A large number of Bengali women in Sylhet are involved in prostitution and other activities of this sort.

Bengalis have valid reason to hate sylhetis. Money is another reason, Bengalis have no self-respect they will sell their mothers and sisters for money. I would trust a snake rather than a Bengali.
The Finest


#17 Aug 28, 2008
I would like to say when i visted Bangladesh , Sylhet district i noticed people from main town Sylhet were hating people from the village districts and vice versa .


#18 Aug 28, 2008
Listen,once sylhete people lead in this sub continent,do U know history ? learn more rather never hate them..........fakrulsps@yahoo. com
rustum ali

Birmingham, UK

#19 Aug 30, 2008
Dhakaya Sylheti what does it matter.Any way alot of contributors profess the fact that they are Bengalis.I thought we as nationals of Bangladesh are Bangladeshis and Bengali is our language.Any way we as Sylhetis how often do mix with Dhakayas.
Enigmatic Ace


#20 Sep 18, 2008
Well, actually sylheti's are older than dhakhaiya people. Most of us go to UK to avoid dhaka's centralised rule and concentration on only dhaka city but the fact that we avoided learning bengali and study english instead to become british citizens angers them even more.As sylheti's we just don't stay behind. We are all across the world and now contribute to NRB remittances.Be glad, we ain't leaving dhakaiyas to die, we are one nation after all. Any intellectual will agree, now everyone can live heliping each other.Ignore the small talk by average Joe's on the street. They change when people around them change. Btw, we had a scripture and even a Qur'an written in sylheti, but it's extinct over the years like sanskrit in India so it ain't bengali, it's a different language in itself. But i learnt 6 languages, I bet you guys can learn 2 or 3 easily.
Joy Bangla!!! Jai Shreehoto!!!(sylhet)
Dhakaiyya Babu

Mumbai, India

#21 Sep 24, 2008
Its all non-sense. The Sylheti people were never Bengali... They call themselves East -Bengali, but their language resemble to that of the Assamese and Manipuri people of North-east India. Sylhet district, infact was not a part a East Bengal even before Partition of India in 1947. Sylhet town and Habibganj were the largest towns of Assam before the creation of Pakistan. The Sylhetis are mixed up, half Bengali and half Bengali. For example, we say in Shuddho Bangla as well as in Dhakaiyya, "Ora onek diner tika aamader baarite aashenaai" (They have not come to our house since many days). But the same thing the Sylhetis say as, "Taara bohut dinor tiki aamrar ghoro aaisenaa". Is that Bangla? Lets compare it with Assamese language, "Hiyote bohut dinor pora aamar ghorot aahanaay". This is only a simple sentence. Out of 100%, 80% dialects are Assamese affliated. And only 20% Bengali. And after all, what has this Sylhet given to Bengal? The main reason for the hatred of us dhakaiyyas against Sylhetis, is their constant attempt to be called as Bengalis, but they aren't Bengali, not at any cause. U bloody sylhetis never resemble Bangla. What do u know about bangla. And dont ever point your dirty finger to Dhaka. Dhaka Was, Is and will forever be the Capital of Bangla. We are Dhakaiyya Bangalis. Understand?
Zain Mahmood
#22 Oct 13, 2008
Whoa!! Too much hate, and too little understanding of the issues! Its simplistic to say non-sylhetis (there is no such thing as Dhakaiya - many sylhetis settled in Dhaka) hate sylhetis because Sylhetis have more money. There is a lot of money in Dhaka because people have invested in industry especially the garments boom. Its not just money. Its more to do with culture, and the dialect. Because Sylhet used to be with Assam during the British period, it has its own dialect. Sylhet was outside the scope of the Permanent Settlement enacted by Lord Cornwallis. As a result, Sylhetis remained landowners while the rest of BD became Rayat or subjects of the Zamindars. This is actually the root of the notion that Sylhetis and non-sylhetis dont mix! However, all thats changing these days!

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