The lead photo for this article is misleading. Tyler never dunked on Griffin. He attempted to twice, but failed in both endeavors. His first attempt to dunk on Blake "Real Man" Griffin failed b/c Psycho-T has T-Rex arms; needed about 2 more inches of forearm to be able to man-up on Blake for the dunk. The second attempt (and lead photo for this article) was a vicious brick attempt of a dunk. Yes, he was fouled on the play (surprise of all surprises)! The poor fella was just trying so hard to show everyone he's better than Blake. We all know the truth though. Tyler isn't in the same league as Blake. Griffin won't break any of Hansbrough's NCAA records though because Blake will go to the NBA where he'll be the #1 Overall Draft Pick. Anyone who thinks Hansbrough is the better college player is delusional. Give Griffin 2 more years and he'd eclipses all but the free throws made record. Blake justly received the Naismith award (and every other Player of the Year award), compared to how Mike Beasley got robbed last season. Tyler will be lucky to make it into the late second round of the draft. The game further proved Ellington, Green, and Lawson are more valuable to UNC as well.