winderman: 6 fouls? let them play

winderman: 6 fouls? let them play

There are 21 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Jun 16, 2007, titled winderman: 6 fouls? let them play. In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

In the end, the NBA Finals proved to be little more than a referendum on what's supposedly wrong with the NBA.

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Hollywood, FL

#2 Jun 16, 2007
Disqualify Ira.

Deerfield Beach, FL

#4 Jun 17, 2007
Ira - Just a thought. When you write a 'By the Numbers' piece, you may want to actually include the numbers.

Powder Springs, GA

#5 Jun 17, 2007
Great minds do think alike! For years I'd wished the NBA would abolish the archaic 6 foul rule, which is better suited for gym classes than a professional league. All it does is deprive fans of entertainment, usually star entertainment, and it makes the refs, ala joey crawford emboldened and all powerful. Imagine a game where your favorite player was guaranteed to play over 35 minutes a night. How many more championships would shaq and other foul prone stars have if they didn't have to sit half a game because of foul trouble? The NBA probably won't change this rule for now because of precedent, they'll wait until the league starts losing fans in droves and precious advertising revenue. But if Stern could try out a crappy synthetic ball, hopefully hed be open to a move that actually makes sense.
Better idea

Charlotte, NC

#6 Jun 17, 2007
The NBA has become unwatchable. Especially the last few minutes of every game which is nothing but timeouts and fouls. The team that's behind hopes the other team misses their free throws so that they can have a chance at a miracle shot to tie. BORING! I say each team should get 2 timeouts per half. Let 'em play already. And to make sure the end is not just a free throw fiesta, the rule should be that after a certain number of fouls then the team getting fouled gets a one or two free throws AND the ball. This would result in real basketball being played until the end, not the joke we have now.

Of course it'll never be done because it'd take away from their precious TV commercial $$.

West Monroe, LA

#7 Jun 17, 2007
if you wanna see stars then go to the movies, changing disqualification rules wont make people watch. The game just has to be better taught and learned

Jacksonville, FL

#8 Jun 17, 2007
There is supposed to be no contact in basketball. With your "disqualification of Disqualification" rule. You would get individual players fouled almost evertime they went to the basket.

Think about this as well, the clock stops when a player shoots freethrows. Game times would be increased drastically. Free throws are about as boring as watching extra points being kicked in John Madden's football.

Jacksonville, FL

#9 Jun 17, 2007
I agree, the last two minutes of the game, the team that gets fouled on consecutive possessions, they get the ball as well. This would deter fouling.

If you want to see the star players play, then there needs to be the disqualification rule or else you'll just see that player shooting free throws. I have no problem with the end of games.
Just a Fan

Lakeland, FL

#10 Jun 17, 2007
First of it spelled MINUSCULE Ira.

Second...what is this, the "Shaq Gets To Bully Eyeryone All Game Long" rule. If so, let point guards carry guns.

Lawrenceville, GA

#11 Jun 17, 2007
If Americans are complaining about the US pros not winning the international competition now, wait until they (US palyers) get used to fouling all game long then have to sit because of foul trouble in international competition where you are only allowed 5 (five) fouls.

If anything the NBA should make it easier to be ejected for fouls. that would force players to minimize contact, thus increasing the scoring

Alachua, FL

#12 Jun 17, 2007
The idea is sort of good, I mean I see your point...

...but you say that we don't need to worry about hired thugs cause we would still have the technical foul rule. So, basically, you'd just be changing the number of fouls for elimination from 6 to 8. 6 regular fouls, then the two technical fouls after that, 8 fouls.
UM Maniac

Jupiter, FL

#13 Jun 17, 2007
How'd they do it when you played, Ira?
global warming

Hollywood, FL

#14 Jun 17, 2007
Increase the foul limit to 8? Sounds great.

Boca Raton, FL

#15 Jun 17, 2007
NBA is about as exciting as the NHL

“Dad Cheney Loves to Whip Me!”

Since: Jun 07

CheneyTown, USA

#16 Jun 17, 2007
The NBA? Is that a real place anymore?

Wow, what happened to supposedly that brainy and cocky and confidant commisioner of the NBA, David Stern. The self-proclaimed genius.

First he singlehandedly takes out the Suns out of the playoffs with his suspensions which were wrong by everyones count and then forgets and schedules his NBA final Sunday game dead on against the finals of the Sopranos. Has the game passed him by???.... as they used to say about Don Shula (a concept invented by Jimmmy Johnson who became Wannsted who became Saban who became Cameron).

The commish got what he deserved this year, a horribly boring finals that hardly anyone watched. And he surely lost his marbles when he single-handedly disqualified Steve Nash and the Suns who surely were a better TV draw just on the basis that Nash himself is a better ratings draw than all world and ALL BORING Tim Duncan.

Anyway... what is wrong with basketball, a league that depends on long range 3 point shots and all the other aspects of the game are of little consequence???

Scooter Libby Convicted Felon
(not even my fellow inmates watched the NBA finals and they had little else to do but prefer to do crossword puzzles.)

Largo, FL

#17 Jun 18, 2007
sounds reasonable to me.
A New Day

Coral Gables, FL

#18 Jun 18, 2007
I have thought about this...but if this is the case then another rule has to change, what the benefit is for the team getting fouled. Every defensive foul should mean one FT and keep possession for the offensive team. If it is an offensive foul, there should just be a loss of possession. I would also make it so the team getting the FTs can choose anyone to take the FT shots in the 4th quarter.

Aggressive bahavior/Bullying should get the Technical Foul...which should be 2 FTs and possession. 2 Ts and the player should be out for game and get one automatic suspension for the next game.

Another rule change that I would like to see, but isn't tied to this is this: Possession go back and forth when the ball goes out of bounds (no matter who touched it last). Meaning that the first time the ball goe out of bounds, the home team auto gets possession. The second time it auto goes to away team. Third auto to home...etc etc. This will keep teams trying to save the ball whenever possible (short of blindly throwing the ball back into play).


#19 Jun 18, 2007
the most stupid article I have ever read!

United States

#20 Jun 18, 2007

Boca Raton, FL

#21 Jun 19, 2007
Ira's suggestion is interesting and provocative: let them play after 6 fouls; simply asses a technical and retain possession. No doubt it would change the game, but I'm not sure for the better. First of all, the argument that talent has been diluted by expansion is not persuasive, because inclusion of college underclassmen and foreign players more than offsets the effects of expansion. The popularity of basketball has exploded. Every continent in the world now has professional leagues that feed our colleges and the NBA. Gone are the days when no-talent stiffs like Henry Finkle have long-term careers on championship teams. Young Ira has been so influenced by the media hype invested on a few players, that he feels they must be protected. Ira is right about one thing, basketball is and was meant to be different contact sports like football, soccer, and hockey. Outlawing contact enhances the skill factor. Players with 5 fouls play differently than players with 1 foul; they rely more on tangible and intangible (athleticism) and intangible (anticipation) SKILLS. I would argue that going the opposite direction is preferable; take the NBA back to 5 fouls, and reduce team fouls to 3 per quarter. It used to be that every foul meant free throws. Free throw-shooting and shooting in general, ball-handling and passing, plus moving without the ball were a more important skills; it was a beautiful game. What we have now is also fun, but different. Itís like comparing boxing and caged fighting; different strokes for different folks. I think Naismith had a good idea, but unfortunately itís disappearing. Itís becoming almost impossible for the Bob Cousyís, Nate Archibaldís Rick Barryís, and Earl Monroeís of the world to play the new game. Iím an old fart in the minority, but I think itís too bad
the stoneman

Boca Raton, FL

#22 Jun 20, 2007
Ira, you really are a moron. Like, do you even have basketball experience? Your credentials are the same as allowing Ghandi to cover professional boxing. When are the gonna fire you and replace you with someone that can articulate the difference between their head and their sphincter...oh, yeah, and learn how to spell. Like, if there are grammatical and spelling errors here, it is OK...I DONT WRITE FOR A LIVING. Use spell check you IMBICILLE!

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