Will Vince Carter make a fool of Magi...

Will Vince Carter make a fool of Magic GM Otis Smith?

There are 246 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Jun 26, 2009, titled Will Vince Carter make a fool of Magic GM Otis Smith?. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

So the man who once called Vince Carter "fool's gold" now wants us to believe the all-star guard is what the Magic need to win the NBA Finals.

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Council Bluffs, IA

#22 Jun 26, 2009
Damn you Nate I totally forgot to mention how VC has a much better turn over rate compared to Mr. 4th quarter. I love how Hedo can suck for 3 quarters of game but get all the credit because he played great in the 4th. I remember one time he go a ton of praise for scoring 13 points in the 4th quarter of a close game going 5 for 5 on shots. The columnist conveniently overlooked the fact that he was 1-11 going into the 4th and had all of 5 points. Final stat line was 6-16 (37.5% btw) 18 points yet he was the best player on the court.

I think I'll take the guy who is more consistent throughout an entire game has a higher 3pt, FG, and FT% than the guy who is 4 inches taller. BTW I love how so many people cried about Dwight missing FTs at the end of game 4 but failed to remember that he shot slightly worse FT% than Hedo did in that 4th quarter goes to show you how closely people watch the games.
Renegade Thunder

United States

#23 Jun 26, 2009
This article was total garbage. Is the OS staff bi-polar or something?

AOL is 'reporting' that Orlando may be going after Brandon Brass of Dallas and (drumroll, please) RASHEED WALLACE!! Then again, it's AOL and they aren't usually accurate until after the deal is done.

Tallahassee, FL

#24 Jun 26, 2009
What a terrible opinion piece that makes no good points whatsoever. Vince took shots for New Jersey because they had no one else worth taking those shots. How was Tony Battie help for Dwight Howard? Marcin Gortat was the primary backup this year and, news flash, Battie is even older than Carter and more brittle. Vince's past history in Toronto isn't even a factor anymore -- look at the glowing reports he's been given from Nets management and fans and that much is obvious. He's coming home to play at the right time in his career. And why would Otis have made that trade in 2007? That was a lot more to give up for Vince than what we did yesterday, not to mention the contract situations were a lot different.

Golly, I understand the media's right to opinions and to not fall in line with the team, but this piece is just poorly researched.

Saraland, AL

#25 Jun 26, 2009
Um, so instead of "nuking the team", would you prefer they resign and overpay for Turk, a horribly inconsistent player as we saw in the playoffs.

I hate that we lost Rafer, because we're betting that Jameer will pick up where he left off before the injury. And obviously CLee is a great prospect.

But the Magic needed to make some big moves this offseason if they want to be contenders again. The Finals exposed their weaknesses, so hopefully we'll patch some of those weaknesses up.

Cicero, NY

#27 Jun 26, 2009
The only person fooling themselves here is the writer.
The Magic hit a home run with this trade, because as a certain writer seems to have forgotten the Magic also got Ryan Anderson. A player they wouldn't have gotten except because of this trade. Yes I know the Magic used their TE to get Anderson, but that chance wouldn't have happened if this trade hadn't occurred.
So yes this trade is a blockbuster just as ESPN has described which could lead the Magic to the Finals for next year. The Magic the new Beast of the East.
Their words not mine.
Kenny D

Asheville, NC

#28 Jun 26, 2009
Way to welcome our newly acquired star, by calling him out. Not sure if Otis thinks VC is fool's gold, or playing some CYA to keep the fans from getting upset.

This move reminds me of the SVG quote about him wanting to incorporate elements of the Triangle offense into his system. I think this move proves he wasn't blowing smoke.

Not to mention Carter can sell more jerseys than Turk.
real deal

Aurora, IL

#29 Jun 26, 2009
It might help that you research your opinion pieces and back them with facts. VC has not missed many games in the last five years and has played on some terrible teams. He average 20/5/5 last year. The only other players to do that is Kobe Bryan and King James. Actually, he averaged that for the past three years. Also, he second to only Ray Allen in 3 pt percentage as a 2 guard. Lastly, his defense is sporadic, but look at Kobe's stats against him. Carter has for the most part shut him down. I agree that he has a declining skill set, but he is an upgrade at SG. Also, you failed to mention the young, promising PF we received in the trade. Frankly, I am shocked that your editors let this through. An opinion piece, even if a bit different from the normal mode of thinking can be very good when written by someone with knowledge and backed by facts. Unfortunately, all this piece does is exposes your lack of basketball knowledge and frankly makes me question your ability as a sports writer.

Winter Haven, FL

#30 Jun 26, 2009
This was a case of trying to be contrarian just to be so.

Otis said that back as a passive statement to build confidence with the existing players. I think you are taking that out of context.

As far as shots available, we will only be asking Vince to put up 18-20 (LOL only) per night.

The point you are missing is that VC can easily so this because HE CAN create his own shot. With that we now have a new dimension which should compliment and free up Dwight.

Give the Magic brass some credit folks. They're going out there and doing things, not afraid to spend money. Sure, there is no guarantee this will work; but we have added a really new and exciting dimension to our team

Also, remember R Lewis is probably one of the least selfish players. He is content to put up 16-18 every night.

But if you really must know the reason we went after VInce is Boston. With a healthy KG back next year, Boston is a major obstacle. We don't get past Boston this year with KG 100%. He will be there next year and we will have an improved team PLUS one superstar.

Council Bluffs, IA

#31 Jun 26, 2009
Here's a copy of what I wrote the writer via e-mail. I would encourage everyone on here complaining about piss poor articles to do as I do and send in e-mails like these to not only the writers but the editors as well. I'm sure if more people took my lead Mike Bianci would have been fired by now.

"Glad to see horrible writers still have a haven at the Orlando Sentinel. Maybe research things prior to writing an opinion piece and you wouldn't have almost every poster calling you a moron/bad writer. But hey you still get paid whether you do a poor job, just glad to know that a bad economy hasn't effected the Orlando Sentinel writers."

Windermere, FL

#32 Jun 26, 2009
are you dumb? do you even follow basketball.. do you even know what NBA is ... conclusion of this write up.. YOU ARE A FOOL...
Magic doesn't need a superstar who has been to finals or won a championship they need a key player who would fit into the puzzle and we need a guy who can go to the basket and shoot w/ out hestitation.. secondly he took all those shots in NJ coz he was the only star player along w/ davin harris ( a playmaker) coach wanted him to take those shots.. please shut your mouth and stop writing sports columns you are a pathetic writer and have no basketball IQ.. the only thing i agreed w/ you is we do lose some defense but thats why otis is working on putting more pieces together.. if we get mcdyess or sheed.. we are in great shape do some research next time before typing away.

Windermere, FL

#33 Jun 26, 2009
i really hope she gets fired.. i would love to pay for your unemployment w/ the taxes that i pay.

Windermere, FL

#34 Jun 26, 2009
i from here on bycott orlando sentinel and cancelling my subscription until they fire this dumb writer.. if you guys are in agreement lets do this and show our appreciation for the orlando magic and the team that we are proud of. We are not band wagon fans here who only show up in downtown when they are deep in playoffs and winning. who is w/ me in this..
worst article

United States

#35 Jun 26, 2009
One of the worst articles i have read by the sentinel.

United States

#36 Jun 27, 2009
Thunder wrote:
Please bring back Tim Povtak
I could not believe they let Povtak go when he was one of the best writers they had. Well, actually I can believe it because he wrote well thought out articles that didn't intentionally piss people off. Thus, his articles didn't have 500 comments from angry readers.
The newspaper industry has fallen on such tough times that a big part of their revenue comes from the web. This revenue is based on "hits". They get more "hits" from an intentionally inflammatory article than they do from a well written one.
Thus good journalists like Povtak get canned while hacks that intentionally write inflammatory BS get paid.
I meet Povtak once for a few hours and I can honestly say he's is one of the nicest persons I've ever met in my life.

Lunderskov, Denmark

#37 Jun 27, 2009
Look, you know that your article is pretty bad, when you have guys from Denmark complaining.

I mean, this article should be deleted, and the writer banned from the entire internet.

Wow... Just wow..- is this how the Orlando-media works?

Lake Mary, FL

#38 Jun 27, 2009
Sweet baby Jesus.... Please tell me you were under the influence while writing this. Do you even watch Basketball?? Is that you, Shaq??
Evil Dead

Clermont, FL

#39 Jun 27, 2009
Who the heck is this writer? Has she ever written a story on the Magic before? She must get her information from Realgm.com because that is where we were talking about the Otis Fools gold story. So she read the message board and then wrote this story coming out of her azz. Another writer who will be out of a job. I dont understand how she says that Vince is old, but does not say that Shaq or KG are old. She has to understand that our team is not a finished product. We only have 8 players under contract. Even though its a long shot...Hedo might come back if not one offers him anything solid. If not a sign and trade is still possible. Also we might get a PF in Wallace or Bass and put Lewis back at the SF. We are going to be alright. Welcome home Carter....dont listen to this future unemployed Sentinel beat writer.

United States

#40 Jun 27, 2009
Everyone that keeps saying that this trade was Courtney Lee for Vince Carter are 100% wrong IMO.

This was a 2 part trade.....IMO.

The first part was Tony Battie and Rafer Alston for VC. That is an obvious win for the Magic. IMO there is no arguing that this is a win for the Magic.

The second part of the trade was Courtney Lee for Ryan Anderson. They both turned in very exceptional rookie seasons. There is big upside for both of them. However, with Battie being gone and the possibility of Gortat leaving also, the biggest need for the Magic was at PF. With Pietrus and now VC the least area of concern for the Magic was at SG. So this is also a no-brainer for the Magic.

Battie and Alston for Vinsanity???? DUH!!!!

Lee for Anderson, based on the needs of the team???? DUH!!!!!!

This was a great trade that still leaves the Magic with salary cap flexibility in 2011. Bottom line, this was a no freaking brainer trade.

Orlando, FL

#41 Jun 27, 2009
Andrea, we let the experiment of Hedo and Rashard play out for the last two years, it didn't work. We did make it to the Finals, but we were very fortunate to make it there. We got lucky and got past Boston, but we will be hard pressed to do it again with the lineup we had prior to this trade. It's a good move and if it doesn't work out Vince will be gone in 2 years when his contract runs out. Dwight will only be 25 at that time and just entering his prime.

Again, no one knows how this is going to play itself out. Even the so called "experts" at ESPN are skeptical, but aren't they always with this team. If anything, this gives us another wild card because no one knows what to expect from us now.

Sign a decent PF to help Dwight or come off the bench and we're fine. Also don't be surprised if you see Keith Bogans, Adonal Foyle, and Jeremy Richardson back next year.

The hard part will be seeing Gortat go because we can't afford to pay him 5 mil a year, this for a guy who may only play a max 15-20 minutes a game. However, there are decent free agents out there that can be had.

No matter what happens, let's, let the boyz play and then make our assumptions after the all star break. After all, the first 20-30 games will be the feeling out process for the guys with respects to them trying to figure out how to play together.

Los Angeles, CA

#42 Jun 27, 2009
It's a fair question to ask. However, you can't say it isn't the right move until it plays out. That's where the journalism ends and the blogger begins.

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