Pacers' image suffers another blow

Pacers' image suffers another blow

There are 123 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Feb 9, 2007, titled Pacers' image suffers another blow. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Our position: Pacers have once again brought shame on the franchise and embarrassment to the city.

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good-guy roster part 3

Washington, DC

#106 Feb 9, 2007
Nick Harper
His wife stabbed him with a knife and was arrested. This occurred shortly after he was arrested for battering her. Both offenses took place in front of their three children.

Mike Doss
In 2005, he faced several weapons charges after firing a semi-automatic handgun in the vicinity of a large crowd outside a nightclub in Ohio.

DeDe Dorsey
After being pulled over for speeding, a handgun was found in his car. He couldn't produce a permit, claiming he left it at home. The cop followed him home and after searching the premises to no avail, ran a check of state records and found he had been lied to. Dorsey also had another gun in his car that belonged to a friend who was able to provide a permit. He was ticketed for speeding and arrested on gun charges.

Montae Reagor
was charged with harassment and telephone threats to an ex-girlfriend resulting in a restraining order. I believe it also involved something about crossing state lines.
good-guy roster part 1

Washington, DC

#104 Feb 9, 2007
Peyton Manning
Sued by a former trainer at Tennessee after she accused him of placing his bare butt on her face in the locker room. The case was settled in 2003 with all details of the settlement sealed by the court.

Marvin Harrison
Three boys and their families sued him for allegedly putting a choke hold on one of the kids after refusing to sign autographs. The suit was dropped due to insuffecient evidence.

Cato June
Was arrested while still at Michigan for disorderly conduct(fighting) and failing to obey an officer's orders at a coffee shop in Ann Arbor. While with the Colts, he was arrested for failing to appear after being charged with driving while suspended.
good-guy roster part 4

Washington, DC

#107 Feb 9, 2007
Jonathan Goddard
was charged with battery of a police officer in 2004.

Sweet Pea Burns
was involved in an altercation outside a Kentucky bar. When police tried to break it up he took a swing and got the stun gun treatment and obviously arrested.

Tim Jennings
served one year of probation and missed two games in college in exchange for getting his drug possesion charges dropped.

Marlin Jackson
was arrested for hitting a dude in the head with a bottle causing 17 stitches. He fled the scene and was caught later by chance when the victim recognized him at an Ann Arbor restuarant. He was later sued by the victim.

Go team?
good-guy roster part 2

Washington, DC

#105 Feb 9, 2007
Dominic Rhodes (copied from various sources due to length)
Running back Dominic Rhodes of the Indianapolis Colts was charged with domestic abuse after he was accused of hitting and shoving the woman he lives with. He was released under $10,000 bond and an initial hearing was set for April 8, 2002 in Marion Superior Court. He faces misdemeanor counts of battery and domestic battery. The charges were filed following a complaint last week by Latrina Moore, who lives with Rhodes, the father of her 3-year-old child. Moore said Rhodes hit her and shoved her to the floor after she confronted him about other women calling their home. Moore allegedly was left with a swollen lip. Both charges carry a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->
Another case of domestic violence has hit the home of an Indianapolis Colts player.
Police arrested the wife of running back Dominic Rhodes after a very public fight at an Indianapolis west side restaurant.
Monday night's altercation marks the second time in three years that the couple's relationship has been marked by criminal charges. Police arrested Latrina Rhodes after she allegedly struck a 22-year-old woman having dinner with her husband.
Police said the altercation resulted in the woman who was dining with Rhodes suffering a cut under her eye.
The dust-up occurred at the Ginza Restaurant on West 38th Street. Dominic Rhodes, a frequent customer, got a phone call from his daughter and apparently forgot to hang up the call.
His wife picked up the phone and, according to police, heard background noises that brought her to the restaurant, where witnesses say she slapped a plate sending food off the table, onto the ceiling, and other customers. At Rhodes' modest west side residence, the spray paint on the garage door, "Bring it on (expletive)," suggested that all is not well at home.
A neighbor who wanted anonymity told RTV6 there had been several late-night arguments at the Rhodes home. In 2002, Dominic Rhodes was charged with one count each of domestic battery and battery. He was accused at that time of striking then Latrina Moore in the face and shoving her to the floor.
The state withheld prosecution because, among other things, Rhodes agreed to get mental health counseling and not commit any crimes for two years.
Joe Meyer

Richmond, IN

#108 Feb 9, 2007
Every so often, Pacers are seen on TV at some hospital doing charity. For what? So they can convey to those children they visited that debaucery will make them rich and famous just like a Pacer?
Shame on Bird for bringing these misfits to our state.

Covington, KY

#109 Feb 9, 2007
So the most recent of these incidents was how long ago? It seems as best I can tell from what is copied in your information that we are talking about 2005? And many of these incidents seem to have occurred before these guys were even playing professionally. Not that that makes what they did right - but it shows me that they did not repeat the behavior. I would take it to mean that these men have learned something from these incidents.

The discussions in reference to the Pacers are due in large part to a second incident before the first is even resolved. This does not indicate to me that these men are taking things too seriously and are not using good judgement. I do not know all the circumstances of the situation, nor what the outcome will be - but I feel fairly safe in making the assumption that they did not use good judgement and put themselves in a position for this sort of thing to happen. If they were my sons - I'd be saying the same thing.

Gaithersburg, MD

#110 Feb 9, 2007
It's always amazing to me how regular people and journalist always have so much to say. Enough even to write an article about an incident that happened when they were probably asleep. Eighty-percent of the time the news is inaccurate. Yes, it was a fight at the 8 Seconds Saloon. There is always a fight at that club. However, it was never worth writing about until it involved one of the Pacer players whose image is already been attacked. It looks to me like the media (ecspecially in indianapolis) loves to attack their images. For example it was an article on here the other day about FORMER Pacers player Ron Artest's dogs getting impounded in CALIFORNIA!! Why is that even being wrote and more so why is that making our news? Exactly, it's just another way to add more to his bad reputation. In this situation involving Tinsley and Daniels has nothing to do with their character or the team. They were out celebrating the fact that their friends just won a world championship and locals got crazy. It happens. Everybody can say the Pacers need to get rid of these guys. But all the guys they are getting rid of are our best players. They can call themselves "fixing their image" if they want and their chance at a ring will really be out of touch. They get rid of Jackson and he beat them the other night.

Gaithersburg, MD

#111 Feb 9, 2007
I read all these comments that people leave calling these players "misfits" and other names and it makes me really angry that people are always passing judgment. So because of this incident at the club the other night Tinsley is a misfit when on most nights he is the glue that keeps them together on the court? It seems to me like what everybody wants to say is "get rid of the black guys they are nothing but trouble". They might as well just publish that.

Gaithersburg, MD

#112 Feb 9, 2007
Denny wrote:
<quoted text>
Granger's a thug?
O'Neal's a thug?
Foster's a thug?
Dunleavy's a thug?
Armstrong is a thug?
Murphy is a thug?
Diagu is a thug?
Williams is a thug?
Baston is a thug?
So, I take it you want these horrible people banished from your team. If you mean Daniels and Tinsley, then say Daniels and Tinsley. I don't think any of the other players have done anything to deserve the crap that people like you are throwing at them.
As for the "events" of the past few seasons, I take it you are referring to all both of the events. Oh, and you must mean the events where no current Pacer was arrested or charged with anything. Maybe there's some "secret" felony sheet you must be referring to.
Questioning their upbringing is such a sanctimonious Hoosier move, as if people who live here have some sort of monopoly on good values. It must be the high divorce rate here that qualifies you to bash the upbringing of the Pacers' players. Or maybe that the majority of people in this state fail to graduate college. I guess that makes you superior to the Pacers players. Or, how about that in every other state but Indiana, a person is innocent until proven guilty.
These people don't even know what a thug is! lol. Season ticket holders come to watch a good game. Watch the game and leave your judgements about their personal lives at home.

Washington, DC

#113 Feb 9, 2007
To "Disappointed" - The brawl with the Pistons was in 2004. Do you think that it has anything to do with the Star's claim that the Pacers have an image problem?

Meanwhile, the Colts won the Super Bowl last Sunday...

Covington, KY

#114 Feb 9, 2007
Time wrote:
To "Disappointed" - The brawl with the Pistons was in 2004. Do you think that it has anything to do with the Star's claim that the Pacers have an image problem?
Meanwhile, the Colts won the Super Bowl last Sunday...
If the last time the Pacers had had such trouble was in 2004, then I believe that people would find it easier to think that it was a 1-time incident and that the players were trying to make sure such a thing never happened again. I think that the Brawl in 2004 is one of several reasons why the Star indicates the Pacers have an image problem, but only because other events have followed it - with some involving the same players.

I felt very badly for those affected by the brawl in the Pacer's organization. I had acquaintances who had been on the other side of the world when it happened calling and emailing us about it. It was disheartening to all involved. I did not discontinue my patronage of the Pacers as a result of the brawl. I did not endorse the brawl.

I'm not really sure what you are asking - but I hope I've answered your question.

United States

#115 Feb 9, 2007
Wow, I never thought I would see the day where Jim Irsay would "Out Class" Larry Bird.

I have season tickets for the pacers, and I'm really considering just not using them unless there is some serious house cleaning.
Michelle Marsee

Martinsville, IN

#116 Feb 9, 2007
The Pacers once again brought shame and embarrassment to our city?? No, they brought shame and embarrassment to themselves not me. Their actions do not define me and is not a reflection on anything that I do. However, it does amaze me that the players involved have already been tried and convicted by the wonderful media.

To the players involved in this incident: It is understandable that you may want to go out and kick up your heels from time to time - who doesn't? Sadly, you cannot do that - at least not in this city so stop it. Learn from past mistakes. As you can tell from the news, there are those that view you guys as role models for their children and feel that you have let little Johnny down by fighting again.

How much press would this incident get if there were 3 caucasian men involved? I wonder. The club manager states that his life was threatened - who overheard this threat or is it his word against the Pacer? Hmm.. Because of past incidents, the players are not going to get a fair trial, heck, they've already been convicted in the news so what chance could they possibly have in an actual court of law?

I am so sick of hearing about the Pacers and their issues. If I owned this team, I would pack my bags and move my team to another state. Somewhere that my players can get a fresh start and a new perspective.
Casey Hoersten

Eugene, OR

#117 Feb 9, 2007
Indiana Basketball. At one point in time, those two words signified pride—pride of a people who embraced a sport and made the competition graceful. From small town to inner city, the game developed into one of teamwork and athleticism. Yet, for some reason, the tradition has eroded into a shameful resemblance of what once existed in our great state.

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way”—that was Indiana Basketball. Unfortunately, that parity no longer exists. Because the most visible form of a statewide tradition has evolved into a shameful existence that is now known as the Indiana “TrailPacers.”

Congratulations. You are extremely close to squandering one boyhood allegiance. And, if I am similar to most who grew up watching Reggie Miller pilot a respectable team, I am not alone. Yet, luckily for our “professional” organization, the state in which I grew up has taught me the value of loyalty—regardless of the current and extremely obvious shortcomings of our “professional” team.

You are extremely close to throwing away the legacy of individuals who, in their respective eras, played for an organization that was on its way to achieving great things… Mel Daniels, Roger Brown, George McGinnis, Clark Kellogg, Chuck Person, Reggie Miller, Rik Smits, Detlef Schrempf, Derrick McKey, Mark Jackson, Chris Mullin, Dale Davis, Antonio Davis… Did I mention Reggie Miller? They seemed proud to be part of a team that represented a quietly proud state—proud to be a Hoosier. I am now left wishing that list continues.

Those athletes built a foundation. Unfortunately, the framework seems to have gone to the lowest bidder, and it has collapsed upon the fans who once celebrated under its architecture.

Now, all I ask Donnie Walsh and Larry Brown—will you please prove me wrong? I am still waiting for the sense of overwhelming pride for Indiana Basketball that I only experienced once before: The week my father and I drove down to Orlando for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Even though they lost that game against a strong Orlando team, I was still extremely proud to be a 12-year-old boy, representing my Blue and Gold in the enemy’s den.

Someday when I have a 12-year-old boy who wants a team to support, I hope the Pacers will be a TEAM that will make him proud.

Casey Hoersten,
23-year-old Pacers fan missing those days when my team preferred basketball over assault.

Indianapolis, IN

#118 Feb 9, 2007
therond royal wrote:
the state Sen. Howard is so out of touch I can hardly believe he is not in Washington involved in National politics. There are people who set race relations back decades with the way they speak about events. Do these people have no children, or are even aware that there are such things, I know they don't pay well these kids
but they are the future, not that any of these people care about.
These are people who constantly hide behind the race card---those who try to put a guilt trip on everyone who might have had relatives from slave states--all the while taking advantage of their own people by keeping the "White Man Did US Wrong
So Now They Owe US Something Blues"--
alive and well. That mindset solves nothing-- Mr. Howard and his kind are only out for themselves,not the greater good.
J Davis

Kokomo, IN

#119 Feb 9, 2007
I don't think this kind of activity is going to stop until we wake up one morning to read that one of the Pacers players has been shot in some strip club incident -- and it would come as no surpise to anyone.

Newark, OH

#120 Feb 10, 2007
I have to believe there is a blatant player cause and affect issue here;

INDIANAPOLIS STAR NEW HEADLINES 2/9/07; Ejected - Carlisle and Armstrong tossed. Pacers seethe about way officials call Nuggets game.

A week ago today, the Pacers had won six of their previous seven games, they were five games over .500 and breathing down the neck of the Detroit Pistons for the best record in the Eastern Conference.
Now they're losing their cool, getting ejected from games, kicking chairs and losing games.

No time to lose their cool
So much for Pacers gaining ground in East at home against teams with losing records
How things have changed in a week for the Indiana Pacers.

And, they're doing it against teams with losing records.
The Pacers dropped their third straight to the Denver Nuggets, 102-95, at Conseco Fieldhouse on Friday night."We're just struggling right now," said Pacers coach Rick Carlisle, who watched most of the second half from his office after getting ejected.

We really have to buckle down," Pacers center Troy Murphy said."We came out flat against Golden State (on Monday) and I think it's kind of been a snowball effect for us."
The Pacers, who have kept their cool with the officials most of the season, came unraveled early in the second half.

After giving up the first seven points of the half, the normally mild-mannered Carlisle let his emotions get the best of him over a no-call.

The Pacers coach was ejected after picking up two technicals for going ballistic over Denver's Nene not being called for an offensive foul on a play where Jermaine O'Neal fell to the floor.

Carlisle went to the locker room yelling expletives toward the officials and his face flaming red."I didn't agree."

The normally calm Armstrong lost his cool after he disagreed with a call and was thrown out. He chased after official Eli Roe, was restrained by teammates and kicked a chair on his way off the court.

Personaly I believe there has to be a connection vs team member behavior off the court earlier in the week and on the court. As ye sow..This is why character of individual team members counts. It sure does not seemed to have helped.


#121 Feb 10, 2007
Carey, learn to spell. The phrase you were feebly reaching for is cause and EFFECT!

So, I take it you never ever looked the other way whenever Bobby Knight got a technical and ejected from an IU game?

Newark, OH

#122 Feb 10, 2007
Denny wrote:
Carey, learn to spell. The phrase you were feebly reaching for is cause and EFFECT!
So, I take it you never ever looked the other way whenever Bobby Knight got a technical and ejected from an IU game?
Thanks for the spelling correction. My point is that "Whining" does not produce "Winning"-just EXCUSE MAKING. KEEP YOUR PLAYERS FOCUSED ON PLAYING BASKETBALL;

"When things get a little out of hand, we've got to keep our mouths shut," said Denver guard Linas Kleiza, who scored 15 points. "That team was out of control. We had to be quiet and just finish out the game."

"It gets tough when it seems like it's really one-sided," Indiana forward Jermaine O'Neal said. "We never get the benefit of the whistle. Everything that's being called is always called against us."

Carlisle was tossed by official Dan Crawford with 9:53 left in the third quarter after getting two technicals for arguing a no-call. Carlisle felt Denver's Nene should have been called for a charge on a move to the hoop that left O'Neal on the ground.

"I told my guys I'll fight for them," he said. "I'll get technicals, I'll get tossed if it's deserved."

Personally-I do not think this mentality helps alot-5 technical fouls and 2 ejections-come on-play basketball and stop whining about one referee-it can only hurt your calls from that point on-and it evidently did; Armstrong said the Pacers haven't been treated fairly since the brawl between Pacers players and Pistons fans in November 2004.

"Referees are calling our games like we're the brawl team from two years ago. We're not. We're the team that's playing in 2006 and 2007 and it's just sad because we get treated like that."

Denver took advantage by outscoring the Pacers 20-4 from the line in the fourth quarter. The Nuggets snapped a three-game losing streak.
Really now

Indianapolis, IN

#123 Feb 15, 2007
Michelle Marsee wrote:
To the players involved in this incident: It is understandable that you may want to go out and kick up your heels from time to time - who doesn't? Sadly, you cannot do that - at least not in this city so stop it.
Does your idea of 'kick up your heels' involve... strippers... marajuana in your car that is 'not yours'... gunfire... fistfighting?
Wow! My Saturday nights are SO boring compared to yours.
You go on to assert that you believe this is an issue because of skin color. Do you honestly believe anyone in the public eye can get involved in the above combination without some public outrage?

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