Pacers' image suffers another blow

Pacers' image suffers another blow

There are 123 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Feb 9, 2007, titled Pacers' image suffers another blow. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Our position: Pacers have once again brought shame on the franchise and embarrassment to the city.

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#21 Feb 9, 2007
I'm sure the Players Union wouldn't allow it but how about an old fashioned "morals clause" in the contract?

Perhaps we could ship the Pacers to Cincy, that way their football team would't look so bad.

Indianapolis, IN

#22 Feb 9, 2007
I have a new name for the pacers.

We can call them the punching pacers

It's time for the Simons to CLEAN up this team.

Indianapolis, IN

#23 Feb 9, 2007
It is impossible to put the blame for the failure of a company on it's employees. Failure begins at managment. It's like the failure of the Star blamed on you.

Indianapolis, IN

#24 Feb 9, 2007
This problem starts at the top of the management for the Pacers. Until top management gets their act together you will continue to see this type of behavior.

Where is Larry Bird in all this? No comment? If Rick Carlise can't control the team on the game floor are you really surprised by this behavior once again?

Start cleaning house starting at the top and work your way down to the thugs on the floor.

The Colts are a class act! The Pacers need to start opening their eyes to how a real professional team acts and wins World Championships!

Ellicott City, MD

#25 Feb 9, 2007
what to old saying be good our ge gone all thes player be kick out of basket letball
Marcia Meyer

United States

#26 Feb 9, 2007
I would like to see the Pacers take a lesson from our Colts. Perhaps they can learn what to bring to sports, such as dignity, humility, and respect for the fans who keep them employed. I think the Oranization should assume strict responsibility for the embarrassment this team has been for our great city. This Pacer team has no class, no respect for the sport, or the fans. It is very hard to remain loyal to a team such as this.

Indianapolis, IN

#27 Feb 9, 2007
Tinsley, Daniels, Jackson, Artest and McLeod are nothing but thugs with talent! I am pretty sure if they were not playing professional basketball, they would be gang bangers, drug dealers or some other vile exsitence. Better yet, they would probably be sitting in some prison between Big Boo's legs getting their hair braided.
Gray haired old fart

Winamac, IN

#28 Feb 9, 2007
The choice is really an easy one. Find someplace else to spend your entertainment dollar. I don't go to professional sports games any more because I REFUSE to suport those poor spoiled players. Maybe a dose of reality and working in a job would help them appreciate what they have. And then again, the way they act, who would hire them?
Nan Phillips

Utica, KY

#29 Feb 9, 2007
talon wrote:
The problem does not lye solely on managements shoulders, don't forget these players are part of a union. And just like in the automotive unions these players are very difficult to fire. Furthermore as long as we as taxpaying american consumers, continue to allow celeberties and the rich and famous to get away with whatever they want then these problems will continue.
I agree with you some what! The unions etc. protect bad workers at times, but protect others. The problem lies with people themselves, resposibility, and accountability has to fall into contracts for big league players. I don't think management should be telling them where to go, they should be defining this themselves. Then if they choose to be idiots, they should have clauses that kicks them out of the leagues when they choose this type of life, like a normal person goes through when they choose a life like this. If they were removed from the Pacers, they would just go to another team. If there were rules that when they did something like this and was found guilty, they shouldn't beable to play any where else. Look at the lineman from Chicago, he gets in trouble and gets to go play in the Super Bowl. Until the big leagues makes it dificult on players that does these things, they will just keep laughing and doing what ever they choose. It is also all about money for the owners, as well as the leagues. The team would loose so much because of upfront pay these jokers get. I wish I could get paid for work I haven't done yet, and then go to a competitor and get more, to just go to another place and get it again. The people saying let them move, shoot a team gets paid pretty good to pull out and go to another city, along with tax breaks, and other things that allow the team to rule the city. So if people want the Pacers to leave, then stop going to the games, they will leave and take all the money from the city. Then get great deals to go to the next one. Why should a team put people out there wanting to win, when they still are getting money from the city as well as fans. People say there are fans that are on a soap box only when they win. I have been a Pacer Fan since the ABA, but asure you now I would never go to a game because as with my customers I expect a good job for good pay. Sorry I have gone on and on but it is all about the money.

Greenfield, IN

#32 Feb 9, 2007
Jamaal Tinsley needs to do some "damage -control" I.E.--An act of generosity to---Indianapolis Public Schools basketball players---And it be done!----"quick-fast and in a hurry"!

Dayton, OH

#30 Feb 9, 2007
I am ashamed to be a Pacer fan right now. And you know what else is embarrassing? That the bar manager got his butt kicked by an NBA player. NBA players fight like women. Oh the horror.

Indianapolis, IN

#31 Feb 9, 2007
Get rid of Walsh and Byrd. They are poor leaders.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#33 Feb 9, 2007
Certainly there have been too many instances with athletes involved in various altercations with law and other citizens. But to generalize and use the overused term "out of control athletes" in also not responsible. Hold the individual responsible for his or her actions and not the collective group.

Clarksburg, IN

#34 Feb 9, 2007
I can not believe that people would actually pay to go see a Pacers game after that feascle in Michigan, let alone want to go now. We as taxpayers just built them a new stadium to play in and I might add still owe some 40 something million on it. This is how they repay us?
Laura Bowman

Indianapolis, IN

#35 Feb 9, 2007
How many millions of dollars a year do the Pacer need to make before then take their job seriously? Whether they were right or wrong or did something illeagal or not is not the question. The question is what were they doing at a bar at at 2:30 in the morning in the middle of the season.
They are paid, very well, to do a job. That job intails being the best that they can be. Going out and drinking and carousing all night hampers their ability to do so.
Their image is tarnished, again, the city's image is tarnished, again, and the fans stay away. Look around the Field House. The place is empty. Empty seats mean no one is spending money. When no one is buying food the concession employees lose tips and have their hours cut. It's not just themselves that these immature ungreatful boys are hurting. They are hurting the entire city.

Newark, OH

#36 Feb 9, 2007
PACER'S CARLISLE, BIRD, WALSH, SIMON'S NOW SPINELESSNESS allows EMBARASMENTS TO INDY; Pacer's "Leadership" MUST STOP the enabling EXCUSE MAKING for some Pacer's player's repeated and consistent lack of character...and hold them accountable above and beyond alleged criminal behavior.
For as much CLASS as Coach Dungy and the Colt's Super Bowl Champs exude, one would NEVER GUESS that the Pacer's played for the same city. I REFUSE to sit in a Pacer's seat for free.
No wonder they can't GIVE away enough Pacer's tickets to fill up Conseco Fieldhouse at this point-what a shame. Just when I thought CARLISLE, BIRD and WALSH had developed some BACKBONE by getting rid of Artest over the Disaster in Detroit and Jackson over the Strip Club parking lot TRY to fill up some seats.
These FOOLS need to learn some CHARACTER and the ability to WALK AWAY FROM TROUBLE-not seek it out...finding a way to get offended and throw their size and egos around town. This is Indianapolis not BAGHDAD. Pay me a few million to swallow some pride and walk away from a confrontation-any FOOL would-these are not the streets the highest crime areas of the nation.
If Colt's players can stay out of trouble during Super Bowl Weekend in Miami-surely Pacer's players can STOP LOOKING FOR TROUBLE and CONFRONTATION on a Tuesday night in Indianapolis. Instead Pacer's Management and players want to make excuses for these headlines;
The manager told police he approached Tinsley and told him the fight did not involve him or his party. At this time, the manager said Tinsley became hostile towards him and that King shoved the manager.
According to the report, the manager said Tinsley told him, "I guess you don't know who I am. I will ******' kill you," and then Tinsley struck him with a closed fist on the left side of his head. King and Daniels then began to strike the manager, according to the police report, and the manager suffered a possible broken jaw and torn ear. Now Tinsley, Daniels and McLeod want to claim they were "just on their way out" of 8 Second Saloon..GIVE ME A BREAK.
Pacer players INABILITY and REFUSAL to walk around and away from trouble is an INSULT TO THE FANS and a repeated slap in the face to “soft” management. We consistently see these alleged criminals right back on the court and on TV starting the very next game-“while the investigation is being completed”.
Ironically, these players have been some of the team’s most talented on the court-but that is NOT ENOUGH-TO SELL SEATS IN THE INDIANAPOLIS MARKET IT TAKES MORE THAN TALENT. NOW IT TAKES CLASS-Players must avoid a long team history criminal behavior and too soft and delayed management response in the least! Indianapolis, Pacer's fans and Pacer's Management and Leasership must DEMAND RESPECT for those fortunate few who represent this city on a national level. Now Indianapolis knows it deserves better. Now we must expect more from those who are priveledged to represent Indianapolis.
With the "Reggie Miller era" gone the Pacer's Management desperately needs to humbly ask Dungy how to develop a team with men of CHARACTER not just talented players-I imagine the Dungy faith based approach could prove effective for a player character turnaround.
The Pacer's team is more important than any top performing individual players. Pacer's leadership must preserve and protect what little goodwill is left of the Pacer's Brand in the hearts, wallets, purses and corporate expense accounts of the greater Indiana sports marketplace. We appreciate the Colt's example!

Greenfield, IN

#37 Feb 9, 2007
Jamaal Tinsley------Is known for 3 things during his Pacer career:::::--"injuries-ir responsibilty and-image"!All of the above!----are fact!

Plano, TX

#38 Feb 9, 2007
If after due process runs its course and it's determined that these players hit the club manager, they need to be fired, followed immediately by the termination of the rest of the team's senior management. This team has become the laghing stock of the league, only it's not funny anymore.
Karen Carmel

Roanoke, IN

#39 Feb 9, 2007
If the players want to be a bar room thug instead of a highly paid, well respected athelete, then step down out of your contract and apply for the job; your resume puts you in top contention for this job.
Mr Happy

Delaware, OH

#40 Feb 9, 2007
You people do not get it. The Simon's do not care about the Pacers, it is a business right off for the corporation. I went to the meeting for the new fieldhouse and Mr. Walsh said "the Pacers have never made a dime, we have been in the red."
That tells me that they are not in it for the profit just the loss. The more loss the better the right off.

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