Refreshing change of pace

Refreshing change of pace

There are 36 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from May 1, 2007, titled Refreshing change of pace. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Divorces between NBA teams and their coaches tend to be messy. The honeymoons sure can be lovely, though.

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Indianapolis, IN

#21 May 1, 2007
Charles wrote:
<quoted text>
Reggie is the only option!
Won't happen, period. Stop living in a dream world and move on from the Reggie years. They're over. He's said time and time again he has no interest.
Jeff M

Indianapolis, IN

#22 May 1, 2007
Hell, ok I will coach them......... Lace them up boys....
Golden State Fan

Santa Clara, CA

#23 May 1, 2007
Colt45 wrote:
<quoted text>
I think Al is an average player who is always going to be out of position no matter which position he plays. He can't shoot consistently enough to play outside and is not big enough or athletic enough to play inside. He is a 6th or 7th player on any team, the problem is that he think he should be the 1st or the 2nd option. The Pacers were stuck w/Jackson and he had to go because of his behavior starting with the brawl and ending with the Club Rio incident. He could never thrive in Indy because of the pressure (pressure he put on himself) and he is not a player who can excel in a slow paced offense like the one Carlisle ran. He is perfect for the system like Golden State's where you have a stud like Baron Davis playing at the top of his game creating for everyone else. The Pacers' problem starts right there at the PG position and as long as they have Tinsley they are not going anywhere. Look at the point guards in the playoffs right now. Nash, Davis, Terry, Parker, AI or even Steve Blake, Darrent Williams, Billups, Hinrich, Kidd... C'mon, how can a guy like Tinsley match up with any of those guys? That's right, he can't.
As for Dunleavy, Murphy and Diogu, we'll see... I'd like to see them in a different system with a different coach. I think Dunleavy could work, but once again, we'll need to pick up someone who can create a shot for others as we have 0 players who can do that right now. Murphy is softer than Snuggle and I don't see him as a contributor. I'm hoping Diogu will develop into a solid post player, he has shown potential, but it will be tough if JO stays he'll never see any playing time.
In short, the Pacers have themselves a cluster-f*** type of a situation on their hands.
Would you make the trade for that potential and contract involved? Like I said, we would. Only if we can move Al for Ron Artest, tough defender, rebounder to team up with Biedrins inside.
Swen Nater

Redford, MI

#24 May 1, 2007
Can somebody help me with my testicular itching problem ?
Swen Nater

Redford, MI

#25 May 1, 2007
Wayne from Plainfield wrote:
<quoted text>
Joe Smith, that's what they were doing before the trade, we don't need your help in that department!:P~
No, we need someone who will help develop the young guys, like Granger, Williams and Diagu. Larry Brown would be horrible, he hates young players.
The Pacers need a Bail Bondsmen more than they need a coach.
Swen Nater

Redford, MI

#26 May 1, 2007
Rik Smits wrote:
What are dey sinking about?
Dey be sinking about me itching testicals.

Jeffersonville, OH

#27 May 1, 2007
Golden State Fan wrote:
<quoted text>
Would you make the trade for that potential and contract involved? Like I said, we would. Only if we can move Al for Ron Artest, tough defender, rebounder to team up with Biedrins inside.
It's hard to say. I don't know if there was anything else out there for the Pacers to explore, but like I said before, this thing HAD to happen. The fans here lost their patience with Jackson a long time ago. I was hoping it would be an "addition by subtraction" type deal for the Pacers, and it still might be if Dunleavy and Diogu work out. It sure looks good for the Warriors right now, but the main reason for that is that Baron Davis is playing out of his mind.
As for Artest, I wouldn't wish that guy on my worst enemy. He is like Harrington in a way that he thinks he is much more skilled offensively than he really is. He spends way too much time on the perimiter instead of posting people up inside. He is a GREAT defender, but as we all know, he has a hard time keeping himself in check emotionally. Also, the Kings haven't been any better since they traded Peja for Artest.

United States

#28 May 1, 2007
After the press conference with Larry Bird I realized one thing , he makes the Indianapolis Speedway C.E.O., Tony George, look like a debate champion .
At least Tony George as a public speaker has improved greatly over the years , while Larry Bird remains as inept a speaker save a few individuals
at the local immigration center trying to learn english .
Lebron James

Indianapolis, IN

#29 May 1, 2007
I vote for Lebron James!!!
Larry get real, stop being a stiff fake!! Yeah I see all coaches are ok at first when they start coaching until you realize how you can make your move to kick them out of the coaching staff.
Try being a coach to some of these trouble makers. I think Rick did a great job, I cant see any other coach that is active now, would of done a better job, not even you, Larry, I cant see you going as far as Rick. AT least Rick knows how to handle these guys now, now, we have to "HOPE" the next coach will do better, you really like taking chances, you are really worry about your fans, no you are not, so what happens if you did make the wrong move about the letting Rick go, you will look like a dam fool next year, your position might be on the look out. I tell ya, if this next coach does not do well, I most definately vote for you packing up and taking a hike. So far you already made the wrong move,by letting Rick go, lets just see next year.
If you really want to let someone go, you let them go for good, you dont give doubts like you did with Rick. To me you seemed doubtful, if there is such a position for Rick now, then put an ad in the paper or are you going to feel bad that he did not get an offer somewhere else or are you making space for him just incase the next coach does not work out, you got Rick to help him make decisions, so are you using Rick now, so you are going to make room for him as in creating an office for him. If he did such a bad job then let him go for good. If I was Rick I would say heck with the office job and you, Larry!!

Indianapolis, IN

#30 May 1, 2007
I vote for trading
ONeil, Tinsley, Granger, Bastion, Harrison and Foster for Lebron James, this guy puts ONeil to shame. Tinsley and Granger missed too many possible last minute winning shots to win the game then we ended up loosing.
We need back Mark JAckson, Al Harrington & Jalen Rose, atleast they the team.
Larry once you get to know the new coach, you run him out, just to make yourself look good, just thinking of yourself, typical men on what they usually do, men,.
Give it up, we are tired of you, so we will make up some excuse to fire you. Hey we can already find several excuses to let you go, and they are not excuses. Accepting Ron back was a huge mistake on your part. I lost alot of respect then on you. Also, with you not doing anything about these off and "on" court behaviors, no discipline coming from you, your tv statements are terrible on this issue. You need to have a Chat with Dungy.

Indianapolis, IN

#31 May 1, 2007
Hey Larry, Coach Dungy is on line 88, Coach Dungy wants to speak to you.
Hey Mr. Bird, you need to fly away and get a real life in another nest somewhere and let me take over. I can handle some of those trouble makers. I will tell them where to go. Larry let me talk, you will get your turn. You have made huge mistake already in your next season, which was, letting Rick go, you need to just appreciate the "goods" you have instead of all of these changes.
Larry like I said let me talk you will get your turn, You will never get anywhere if you keep on making new changes, it takes soemtime to build that new foundation then by then the season is over with. Now you have to start all over again.
Larry like I said let me talk you will get your turn, I just wish you luck, your front office, I mean, your executive front office, I mean, your powerful exeuctive front office is making some huge mistakes. Larry like I said let me talk you will get your turn, You keep on starting over, why cant you just simply build on what you have or did have. Larry like I said let me talk you will get your turn. As being a professional man, you should know this by now, god who knows maybe nect year you would of made a difference out of Rick and he would of stayed on a couple of more years, just bc of the record doesnt mean it was about him. Larry like I said let me talk you will get your turn, oh by the way, your turn to talk is next year, I would said, mid season, when you will get let go, that is when you will get to talk and that will be your turn. Coach Dungy hangs up on Mr. Bird.
Too much logic

Fort Wayne, IN

#32 May 2, 2007
Keith Smart will be a great coach for someone someday, why not the Pacers now?

Since: Dec 06


#33 May 2, 2007
Golden State Fan wrote:
What do you think of Al and Step Jackson now? Honestly, forget about defending your team, etc. Would you guys make the trade now that you have seen all parties involved. We would.
Al had a 3-4 night last night to take his playoff stats to 25% shooting (8-31) and he's now 1-8 in 3P. Jackson can ball, but man - I was sick of him complaining and jabbering. Game 2 when he got tossed is why I'm glad he's gone. And oh yeah, we threw in Sarunas... I'm glad to see them all go...even with their success at GS.

So as a fan, Yeah...I'd still make the deal. Pacers are so screwed up now, I'm not sure we've gotten a good feel for Murphy and Dunleavy yet. Diogu is a banger and I'm excited about his development.

Certainly the trade gave GS that last bit of oomph to make the playoffs and I really am happy for the players and fans. Obviously on the Indiana side it will take more time for the fruits of the trade to manifest themselves (at least I hope!)

Savannah, GA

#34 May 2, 2007
Whoever the next coach is, and assuming the Pacers can't make any decent trades (and they won't), this is the task at hand.

A. Find a use for Dunleavy.

Let's face it, the Pacers can deal with one of these guys being a bum, and Murphy will gladly fill that role. However, Dunleavy will have to actually do something out there. Best bet? He's got to be the point forward. Surround him with shooters and slashers, and as long as you (the coach) are calling 100% of the plays, you'll be fine. Right Mr. Carlisle?

B. Develop young players.

Danny Granger was screwed this year because he got moved up a year in development with no warning thanks to the trade. The next coach will have to lock into this guy's psyche and figure out what it will take to prepare him to be a major scoring option. In all likelihood before the '08 season is over, he'll have to be the number one option, but don't sell that to him just yet. Use him as a #2, get him some confidence, start running more plays for him as a #1 and before you know it, he'll get there.

3. Get ready to deal with Tinsley.

Look, unless they move this guy, and they won't because no one wants him, he's going to be a distraction. However, in conjunction with my make-Dunleavy-the-point-forwar d proposal, you make Tinsley your #1 post option because, hey, he's better down there than anybody else on the team. Why not? Plus, he can pass the ball when he's not busy thinking about other more important things than the game while he's being interrupted by having to play a game, and if you've got Daniels, Granger, Diogu maybe cutting to the bucket, there you go.

That's just a handful of possibilities and you can argue against them assuredly, especially on the Dunleavy part, but I'm just saying the Pacers are going to have to work with what they've got and it's going to take a creative X and O coach with a phd in abnormal psych. Now who fits the bill besides Doug Moe circa 1983?

United States

#35 May 2, 2007
I coach the Pacers. . .In NBA Live

Indianapolis, IN

#36 May 4, 2007
The problem was NOT Rick Carlisle, it was the guy who fired him. Honestly, it was Carlisle who gave this team some success. Even back when Bird was the Head Coach, it was Assistant Coach Carlisle who did all the coaching, while Larry just stood there, trying to look like a Legend -- just ask Antonio Davis!

Why O WHY is Larry Bird still employed with the Pacers? Because of his great jump shot? WHAT has this man done to deserve a further stay with this team? ALL of their current problems are Bird's fault! His trades, draft picks, and decisions have been 100% awful! The "Legend" is dead!

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