is there any rational reason why flip should not play amir 15 to 20 minutes a game now

there might be one silver lining to this loss.

with his play tonight, amir may have made it impossible for flip to avoid playing him consistent and important minutes down the stretch of the season.

amir's play in the last quarter was outstanding, and his play provided the team with the kind of quickness and rebounding that the team so often lacks.

dice is one of the slowest front court players on a good team in the league. teams know that if they can get him away from the basket, on the wing or on a high pick and roll, he is useless as a defender. they go right around him.

his rebounding numbers are deceptive.

he is a pretty good rebounder, but he often is abused by teams that have quick front court players who attack the glass. detroit gives up way too many offensive boards and second shots to teams like atlanta.

one big reason he gets lots of rebounds is because prince and sheed both rebound in a below average fashion.

simply, there are lots of rebounds to be had because no one else on the front line really competes for them.

even a team like milwaukee, with a couple of younger guys like villenueva and bogut, were able to make mcdyess what their announcers called a "nonfactor".

amir's strengths are mcdyess' weaknesses.

he played good defense out on the floor. he has excellent quickness and mobility. he was extremely active.

he rebounded in a crowd and got plenty of tough rebounds when the team needed the rebounds.

if he played the minutes mcdyess plays, he'd probably average 12-14 boards a game.


how can a coach keep a guy who would probably average 12-14 boards and 2-3 blocks a game on the bench?

if flip continues to deny amir minutes, it will make as much sense as keeping amir on the bench for almost all of the first three periods tonight.