Best player ever, where did you get that from, elton brand was and will never be a leader and will never be a real super star because of it.Every player who has reached superstar status has been a leader, Elton was with the Clippers for seven yrs. along with corey for eight yrs. and it wasn't until an aging point guard showed up,(cassell) and to the leadership of that team, that they made it to the playoffs. Elton didn't motivate the players on his team either on the court or in the locker room, he was not a leader,and won't be one in philly,so to say he is thier best player ever, to me he is just on of many player to play for the clipper and never acheive anything, i'm glad they broke that tired group up,and are starting with a fresh squad,which will bring some excitment to the staple center. good bye Elton and Corey.