Justin wrote:
This furom is still up?I hate Kobe but with honesty Kobe is better to me.In todays league you need 3 point shooting late.Jordan was not the greatest shooter.The guards in his day were much smaller and not as quick.Jordan won in a watered out league but I can't take away his championships.The biggest lie is that Jordan didn't need Pippen.Jordan had first rd exits and couldn't win shit till Pippen came.Like Kobe the real faults of players like these are their selfishness at times but Kobe's much worser at times.Kobe shoots 46% as a career as a shooter guard who doesn't drive enough but thats a pretty good percentage for a shoot first guard.Jordan wouldn't do as good as a shooter but is a great driver and I feel he would be more like Dwayne Wade in this ERA.Slightly better scorer but around 28pt per but Lebron would be better than all of them to me.Lebron is the total package to me.Like Kobe,Jordan couldn't physically matchup to Lebron.Despite his clutch failures at times unfairly criticised needs to improve.