OakParkResident wrote:
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You shouldn't base your vote on his religion(I'm guessing you are from the religious right).
He did one helluva a job at Sac High and hes making positive strides in Oak Park.
Plus its always nice when a native son comes back to his hometown and gives back to the community he was born and raised in.
Hes got my vote.
First off, I agree that religion should not be the sole basis for determining who to vote for.

That said.....

It's a lot more than most people do when they research who they are going to vote for. Most people vote strictly along party lines, they vote for who is the best speaker, whether someone is old or young, or based on how attractive they are. Now, the presidential contest will bring gender and skin color into the mix.

Most people read a couple of ads that show up in thier mailbox the week of the election, hear a few radio ads, and maybe see a few TV ads. That's how they decide who they vote for when it comes time to select the President of the United States. How sad is THAT?