The best coach ever in my book. You not only had the best 2 players in NBA history you have more rings then Red who though he was all that you passed a big legend. The best coach in all american sports. Better than any coach in basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, baseball. Do you understand that!!!\Phil Jackson has 10 championship rings no other coach has that not even the respectable Wooden the coolest coach there is. The zin master has did again, Phil jackson is the man. Remember people say that Kobe Bryant and Phil are not the greatest at what they do. At the end of the day Kobe will have more than 7 rings by end of career and if Phil comes back he will have a ring to put on his toes. hahaha! so Its all about stats and Importantly rings with both of those things that is symbol of the power you have. and no ones opinion and thought can take that away.

Have you seen my four Championship rings? Kobe and Phil the best coach and player duo ever.