Writing was on the wall for Skiles

Writing was on the wall for Skiles

There are 20 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Dec 24, 2007, titled Writing was on the wall for Skiles. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

I once wrote that Scott Skiles was Larry Brown Lite. I meant it as a compliment.

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Larry in Lincolnwood

United States

#1 Dec 24, 2007
It's cheaper to throw the Momma out instead of the bathwater and let the babies continue to splash about.
greg in memphis

Collierville, TN

#2 Dec 24, 2007
it's not all skiles' fault. paxson needed to make a deal somewhere along the line. giving wallace all that money was a big mistake also.
Skiles Fan

Palatine, IL

#3 Dec 24, 2007
Coming in to visit from Celtic Land. Miss going to Bulls games and subscribed to partial season tickets 2004 and 2005 when Coach Skiles did a terrific job rejeuvenating the Bulls. All the best to Coach Skiles for delivering us to this point. The future is still bright for the Bulls thanks to coach Skiles. Right coaching choice now and the Bulls can go deep in the playoffs.

Saint Charles, IL

#4 Dec 24, 2007
i say the bulls need to make some kind of chcane and the change was made this should let the players known if they dont start playing like they should they need to go to a nother time all the bulls should took this as a warning i still would like to say but andrian griffin in the start in line up he has good defenses that would be a good chaneg i known he didnt win the title with dalls but he helped them get colse

Phoenix, AZ

#5 Dec 25, 2007
guaranteed contracts is what is wrong in Pro Sports.

Chicago, IL

#6 Dec 25, 2007
Having high standards in the NBA, as Skiles did, is a sure
formula for getting fired. Personal behavior is a foreign term in what passes for the National Basketball Association these days. If I want to watch a bunch of thugs play basketball, I don't need to buy a United Center ticket, I can walk over to the nearest playground at midnight for free.

San Jose, CA

#7 Dec 25, 2007
What an ignorant statement. There are plenty of bad seeds in all professional sports, but I defy you to find one on the Bulls. They have been playing awful, and unfortunately Skiles gets all of the blame. But Paxon certainly does not draft "thugs". Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, Kirk...all winners.
Shawon wrote:
Having high standards in the NBA, as Skiles did, is a sure
formula for getting fired. Personal behavior is a foreign term in what passes for the National Basketball Association these days. If I want to watch a bunch of thugs play basketball, I don't need to buy a United Center ticket, I can walk over to the nearest playground at midnight for free.
Florida Jim

Clermont, FL

#8 Dec 25, 2007
Gee, a coach who is demanding and works hard surrounded with players that are pampered and lazy--sounds like a good formula in my mind.
I wish Scott skiles the very best just like he gave us, his very best.

Hialeah, FL

#9 Dec 25, 2007
Skiles does not communicate effectively with his players and his tendency to make certain players feel singled out is counter productive. He never should have pushed for the team to get rid of Curry and Chandler. Even getting rid of Curry wouldn't have been so bad if they had kept Aldridge and Tim Thomas. Paxson is just as much to blame because he tacitly condoned this mess.

Homewood, IL

#10 Dec 25, 2007
Skiles widely considered one of the best coaches in the league over the last two years. I hope he gets a job with a good team cause he really deserves better from his players and management who both failed him.

I blame Paxson for this mess! He fell in love with his draft picks after auctioning Krause's guys off for buster's. Let's face it we all knew they over achieved last year and the best they could do is win one playoff round against an old crappy team.

This team could be really good with two pieces. A low post scorer and a big slashing SG that can defend. They have needed these pieces for three years and Paxson never got them blame him everyone but he knows what the team is lacking.

Chicago, IL

#11 Dec 25, 2007
This is probably the best Xmas gift that Paxson could give to Skiles, short of cutting Ben Wallace. Now he doesn't have to concern himself with massaging the egos of the Bulls' pampered players.

Thornton, IL

#12 Dec 25, 2007
The problem with the Bulls is Gorden, Hinrich and Deng are way overrated in upper-managements eyes. Those 3 are nice complimentary playes only. This team needs a stud ball-player not 12 role players.

Since: Dec 06

Apollo Beach, FL

#13 Dec 25, 2007
The Bulls need to start an all out search for a coach that's a short fused, boiling mad, foulmothed hothead and won't listen to any bullshyt from players or game officials.

United States

#14 Dec 25, 2007
Shawon wrote:
Having high standards in the NBA, as Skiles did, is a sure
formula for getting fired. Personal behavior is a foreign term in what passes for the National Basketball Association these days. If I want to watch a bunch of thugs play basketball, I don't need to buy a United Center ticket, I can walk over to the nearest playground at midnight for free.
Thugs in the modern-day NBA, eh? Do you mean like Steve Nash? Ben Gordon? LeBron James? Deron Williams? Dirk Nowitzki? Tim Duncan? Dwayne Wade? Manu Ginobli? Grant Hill? Kevin Garnett? Tony Parker? Dwight Howard? Kirk Hinrich? Luol Deng? Chauncey Billups? Chris Paul? Ray Allen? Emeka Okafor? Yao Ming? Elton Brand? Shane Battier?

I'd say the vast majority of NBA players are good guys, the antithesis of thugs. Sure, the league has a few morons (Carmello Anthony, Steven Jackson, and Jamal Tinsley come to mind), but what pro sports league doesn't have some bad seeds?

You must not watch a lot of NBA...or perhaps you're just not a huge fan of the league's racial make-up. Because today's NBA has some of the most decent stars in recent memory.

As for the professional behavior of the "Good Old Days"? Do you mean Magic & James Worthy sleeping with anything they saw, Jordan gambling all night before a playoff game, Barkley throwing a heckler through a window, Larry Bird not fulfilling his fatherly responsibilities, Karl Malone refusing to against an HIV-infected player, and Roy Tarpley suspended for drugs about 16 times?

The NBA has its' problems like any other league. But stop the stereotyping and start paying attention - there's more good guys than ever. Especially on these bulls.
President Lincoln

Sterling, VA

#15 Dec 25, 2007
I agree with Sam Smith. I think Skiles was a great coach and I'll miss him. I don't know anyone who to blame; but, I'll start with Paxston. Ben Wallace to me was a very bad choice of a veteran to bring here. Obviously, in my view, he is not a great defensive player when he came or now. He had better talented help at Detroit and that is the only reason he looked spectacular at times. Ben Wallace should have never been given that 60 million contract. Heck, he's does less for the team than Joe Smith or the veteran guy we had last year. He looks barely 6' 8" and has lost a lot of endurance. He has virtually zero offensive game; yet, Paxston spent 60 million. So, don't blame Skiles for this. Wallace play also effected the moral on the team. They knew he was tempermental and played based on his mood. The Bulls chemistry is array, and before it's over, Paxston will be gone too, unless he finds a way to get rid of Ben Wallace. And, Kirk is not the answer for the Bulls. Theo is better. But, the worse cancer on that team is Ben Wallace. Second is they play players that have guys on the Bench who's better. Theo S. is the best point gaurd on the team, but they limit his minutes, limit his shots, etc. I'm not watching Bulls anymore.

“I comment, therefore, I am!”

Since: Sep 07

Wilmette, IL

#16 Dec 25, 2007
Since this was coming for a long time, Paxson should have been prepared with a new hire. An interim coach just won't do, especially one who was part of the problem. Leaving the team rudderless with so much of the season left makes the Bulls a laughingstock. Why not just let a lucky fan be coach for a day. Makes about as much sense and a lot more fun to watch.

Orlando, FL

#17 Dec 25, 2007
There is not a coach in this league who would be able to take this team to the conference finals. Paxson added absolutely nothing this year--and I include Joe Smith and Noah as nothing when you look at Garnett and Allen coming to the Celtics. Ben Wallace is brutal for team chemistry--a diva with no game who now gets out-rebounded every night by the opponent's bigs. A team that can't shoot and turns the ball over constantly, and yet Paxson wants to see more of Thabo and Tyrus on the court? Those are two of the softest, dumbest and least talented young players in the league. This mess is Paxson's fault--if you thought Tyrus was going to be more productive in the NBA than either Aldridge or Brandon Roy, you do not deserve to be an NBA GM.

United States

#18 Dec 25, 2007
Too bad about the timing but Skiles had to go. If the team laked intesnsity and couldn't find their way to a win then you have to blame the coach. The Bulls should have begun this season with a huge chip on their shoulders but instead were timid and seemed to be saving their energy for the end of the season. At this point no Bull is untouchable and we need to do something to have some dignity this season.
ConscienceofSamS mith

River Forest, IL

#19 Dec 25, 2007
Skiles was the problem, that was they fired him. Sam Smith, you are a hack. I would call you a writer, but there is no reason to give you or Mariotti the big head. Instead you are just a chump apologist for a goof that should never have had another coaching job after he showed his incompetence in Orlando.
terry t

Lahaina, HI

#20 Dec 25, 2007
sam, c'mon man, you guys have to start reporting reality sports! kirk hinrich sucks and he has been sucking since day one. skiles has pampered and cajoled him for 5 years attempting to keep his confidence up. yet, there is no pampering for gordon or any other player on the team. and then to top it off, they paid this guy 10mil per!! for 14 points and 5 lucky assist per game? if you insert jason kidd into hinrichs postion, the bulls would immediately become eastern conference favorites. hinrich is a loser. you can tell by his body language, don't mention by his jump shot. sam, you gotta keep it real! lets stop blaming all of the other players. your captain is supposed to be a great ball player. not this bum hinrich. he can't lead by missing all of those easy shots. i think that the other players are having such a merry christmas now that skiles is gone. the new coach will judge the talent fairly. therefore virtually no playing time for hinrich. actually i think that the decision by skiles to start and play hinrich so much, is the reason that he got fired. the players tuned both of those guys out. thank you paxson for the wonderful x-mas gift. i'll always cherish this one!!!!!!

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