Will Vince Carter make a fool of Magi...

Will Vince Carter make a fool of Magic GM Otis Smith?

There are 246 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Jun 26, 2009, titled Will Vince Carter make a fool of Magic GM Otis Smith?. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

So the man who once called Vince Carter "fool's gold" now wants us to believe the all-star guard is what the Magic need to win the NBA Finals.

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Geneva, FL

#1 Jun 26, 2009
Missing a total of 11 games in the last 4 seasons is injury history. OS is so terrible man, look at some stats before you completely judge things outside of your knowledge atleast.
This whole article is a waste, poor opinions, past opinions, the judgements are based on his Raptors career in the beginning of his NBA life, in NJN he was the hardest working of their Big 3, and he is motivated and matured to know how to play team ball. Why wouldnt he be taking so many FGA in a team with only one other good player???????? Great players on crappy teams shoot alot to commpensate the team, learn to play smarter in good teams, see Kobe/LBJ. Lets see how VC plays first honey, then Magic Johnson will look like an idiot when this regular joe beats his team and the Magic team look great. I understand you dont like it and your using articles from his raptors days to make it effective. Find more bad stuff from him when in NJ and you could have a credible opinion atleast and then just look stupid later when the season starts than your already do with false facts and horribly outdated opinions.

Terra Ceia, FL

#2 Jun 26, 2009
Of course he took that many shots because he was the best player on the team! did you notice his assists and rebounds? He has never played with a player like Dwight. As far as the comment about 'fools gold' with him back in the day, look at the magic team back then and look at EXACTLY what the magic were missing in the finals. The CAVS tooks the means to get better. The Celtics will be better with KG back. The magic HAD to make this move. Fool's gold? Before you have even had a chane to see how SVG intends to mold this team into his own? He went to the finals with Rashard as the starting 4 when many said was a gimmick. You are quick to judge because that is your job. You just don't understand. Wait and see... and then tell me.

United States

#4 Jun 26, 2009
wow. thanks for reminding me why i love the Sentinel! The same newspaper that ran off Shaq is now pissing off players that haven't played a single minute for the Magic yet? Brilliant strategy! Man, I'd just love to play hard in a town that doesn't even want me. I mean let's be serious, we gave up Courtney Lee. I didn't like that aspect but who does that put in the 2-guard spot? ohhhh Pietrus, that's right. you may remember him as the guy who was awesome in the playoffs. Also, maybe JJ will finally get to play! we all know how much everyone has been pulling for him to play. I mean let's be serious, we have three all-stars in our starting line-up now. Also, free-agency hasn't even started yet, and Otis is honestly a personnel genius. Let's not turn our back on a player who has yet to put on the jersey

Orlando, FL

#5 Jun 26, 2009
Another article from someone on the sentinel that knows nothing about basketball. Carter has never been on a decent team since he entered the league. This is his 1st chance to be on a team with talent. I think he is a perfect fit for the team IMO. Back in 07, there were still questions about him from his Toronto days when he wanted to leave badly. Since he has been in NJ, he has been a model player. I think we will see a great player next year on the magic. This puts us over the top if we can find a decent big in FA.
Casey Anthony

Converse, TX

#6 Jun 26, 2009
Who hired you? The sentinel keeps getting worse and worse..........

Orlando, FL

#7 Jun 26, 2009
this article is bogus. injury problems? hes hardly missed anytime. im not 100% sold on this trade, but this writer needs to learn what they are talking about first.

Lakeland, FL

#8 Jun 26, 2009
Seriously just stop right now...i could just tell that you really dont know what your talking about after the first paragraph...i dont like to hate on people but this article is bad...The rich in the league are getting stronger by the day...Carter is WAY better than Hedo...We will plug the roster holes before the season starts...Book it

Tampa, FL

#9 Jun 26, 2009
Ok where did you come from? Carter is not expected to LEAD us anywhere. This is Dwight's team and he will lead. Everyone else is part of the supporting cast. Vince is an upgrade at the 2 position and we have already improved this team over last year. Damn how come I can't get a job to write ridiculous columns?

Orlando, FL

#10 Jun 26, 2009
I cant fathom why anyone would think this wasnt a good trade. Alston and battie were on the block anyway, while Lee was promising but a couple years off if ever. This gives us a better chance next year, which is all that matters in sports. One year at a time.

Claremont, CA

#11 Jun 26, 2009
how is this nuking the team. what are we suppose to do, trade Lue for dwayne wade. C'mon, we lost a starter and are replacing with another of equal or greater value. 1 starter is gone and all the sudden the team has been turned upside down. its not hard to find guys to play around D12 who can hit the 3 and keep the defense honest.

Council Bluffs, IA

#12 Jun 26, 2009
First let me say I completely hate the Orlando Sentinel writers. Almost all of them have no idea what they are writing about or have short term memory loss. I mean Mike(garbage) Bianchi praises the team one day then talks about their demise the next. Then I get to hop on every once and a while and see MORONS LIKE THIS WOMAN!!!

Secondly I really love how some fans keep saying that this trade sucks because we will lose Hedo. Ummmm if Hedo turned down a fair offer and gets 13-14 mil would the Magic have matched it anyways? I mean seriously if they had would you have been happy with that? I swear some people in Orlando take stupid pills. If Hedo gets a "fair" offer from another team I have the feeling that Orlando will match despite the tax line.

Devos is 83 on his second heart and has stated he is willing to pay the tax to win it all. If they keep Hedo and the trade was basically Battie's corpse, Alston's locker room meltdowns (ala Arroyo), and Courtney Lee for a 6-10 21 year old PF who shoots the 3 ball well and rebounds (ala Rashard Lewis' eventual replacement) and Vince freggin Carter how the hell can you be upset with that trade?

I mean you can't seriously not like that trade and say you root for the Magic. Lee will be a solid starter in this league down the road similar to Rip Hamilton but he wont reach that next year or the year after that. This trade potential ensure Orlando wins a ring for the next 2 years before a lock out that will rob them of 2 prime years of Dwight. How in the world can you worry about losing Lee with what they got back? It boggles the mind.
Magic Fan Mark

Deland, FL

#13 Jun 26, 2009
We need some real fans to work for the Sentinel.

Seems like the columnists on the Magic only want to be negative.

It's like they cherry pick the most negative comments on these boards and the next day make a column out of them.

Vince Carter will be a great asset here. So please give him a chance before writing any more stupid Sentinel stories.

Pullman, WA

#14 Jun 26, 2009
1) Vince is almost NEVER injured.
2) Star players on bad teams never lead them to championships. See Garnett, Kevin @ Minnesota.
3) Fools gold would be to resign Hedo to a long-term contract. Playing along side Howard makes Hedo look like a much better player than he is. Howard covers for Turkoglu's terrible defense. Howard draws the defense giving Hedo wide open shots on the perimeter. Make him create his own shots and he has a much tougher time scoring.
4) Courtney Lee was a nice rookie guard, good rotation player. But Ryan Anderson has just as much potential on the front line and is a very good fit for this team with his shooting.
5) Sign Gortat, get a couple of veteran minimum guards for depth, and this team can compete for a championship.

Richmond, KY

#15 Jun 26, 2009
Good grief. Do any of the Sentinel staff actually like the Magic?*sigh*

American Fork, UT

#16 Jun 26, 2009
Please bring back Tim Povtak

Orlando, FL

#17 Jun 26, 2009
WHAT A HORRIBLY WRITTEN ARTICLE!!!... Carter have averaged about 75 games over the past 5 yrs or so. Carter was NOT brought in to LEAD this team to a championship (that's Dwight's job), he was brought in to HELP this team win a championship. We no longer have to worry about SUCKOGLU fumbling the ball away every time he drives to the basket now, this enables us to at least try to re-sign Gortat. We can even try go after a TRUE PF (Rasheed Wallace, Antonio McDyess)... Getting Vin-sanity 2 yrs ago isn't what the Magic needed then, but today they do and the pieces fit a little better today... But this is definitely one of the worst articles I have ever read half way!

Walnut Creek, CA

#18 Jun 26, 2009

I know that you are entitled to your opinion, but you are way, way off.

But this article demonstrate how Mickey Mouse this paper is, employing people with lack of knowledge like yours.

Ok, Otis migth have thought like that, two years ago, when one, the magic weren't a finished product and two, and more importantly he needed the cap space to sign R. Lewis.

But this move is a strike of genius, almost as a highway robbery as Gasol's deal was.

An 8 times all star for a decent rookie. I will take that deal 10 times out of 10.

Go back to school, get an unpaid internship at ESPN or something.

Port Orange, FL

#19 Jun 26, 2009
Another clueless Sentinel writer. She'll be gone before the season ever starts with the way they go through writers so who cares what she thinks.

Council Bluffs, IA

#20 Jun 26, 2009
In addition if I told you that Hedo was going to walk and Orlando wasn't going to match and stood pat with a starting lineup of Howard, Lewis, Pietrus, Lee, and Nelson would you think they had a snow balls chance at winning it all?

A lineup of Howard, Lewis, Pietrus, Carter, and Nelson can still win it all but sub in Lee for VC and see how far you think this team's ceiling is.

Now say Hedo walks and Orlando signs Rasheed Wallace, Ron Artest, David Lee, or Marvin Williams for the full MLE. Or a combo of players like Matt Barnes and Grant Hill for the MLE, how do you feel about the team then?

As far as not enough balls to go around VC has taken fewer shots for other players, he did it this year with Devin Harris and look how that worked out. He played well and never griped when he played with Jefferson and Kidd I don't think he'll have an issue with Dwight and Rashard. Outside of Dwight complaining during the playoffs not one player in Orlando has complained about shot attempts.

God forbid Orlando do the unthinkable and resign Hedo and Gortat then bulk up with a cheap vet. I want to see moron sentinel writers talk crap about that then.

Brooklyn, NY

#21 Jun 26, 2009
This article is ridiculous. It is supposed to bring pessimism to Magic fans and it seems to almost have done the opposite. Even fans that dont like the trade know it wont be as bad as this article makes it out to be. It also doesnt mention ryan anderson at all. He is an important part of the deal because it adds depth. One of the arguments in this article is that the Magic just got a lot older but anderson is, give or take a few months, 3 years younger than courtney lee. He will also be great behind Lewis because they play somewhat similarly. If Otis fills out the roster like he said he would, this trade is great. The only major problem, in my opinion, is money but they said they are willing to pay plenty of tax and that the revenue from the new stadium will help pay for it. Im from NY so I can't do much about it but Im hoping you Magic fans in Orlando stay loyal and go to all the games. Im counting on not seeing any empty in the next couple years as I watch on NBA League Pass (Hey, maybe the Magic will be on national television more than a couple times now).

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