How many players from the Bobcats where missing last night?
Its not like I know their whole roster but that was a division one team they fielded with all their injuries.

I also was switching back and forth to watch the Raptors after reading an article how Colangelo had changed the team drastically since he joined them in FEB of last year I think and added 9 new players getting rid of all the egos and me-first players that we seem to collect.

The Politburo that runs our so called professional NBA team on unlimited funds tells us that it takes time for things to change. Maybe they should take a look at what Colangelo has done. Maybe the reporters who cover our team could take a look too.

As a Knicks fan, I cried watching Toronto play.
Not because they are good (how can you tell in this putrid division) but because they offer hope to their fans.

While we talk about 'evident progress',
the reality is that Toronto's progress is clearly evident.