23 games is almost here and a chane to reach .500 is not far away. Eddy Curry is much improved from last year due to development and pounding the ball inside. The Q. Richardson and J. Crawford have proved there value to this team while both have been significant during parts of the season. The # of close games, win or lose, against quality teams is up %100. What is the difference? Isiah Thomas!! These facts alone are "significant progress" from last years team and enough to secure his position with the Knicks. Just think we still have 32 games left in the season. The fire Isiah campaign IMO can be put to rest with the focas on delemas on what to do with Jefferies and Frye. Isiah knows talent and knows how to use it. His mark on this team is starting to show. I wonder how much the "Hatters" like the taste of crow.