"Clearly, though, some sort of amicable parting of the ways is necessary if the Knicks want to move away from the previous regime that left the franchise under a losing cloud."

How did the "regime" previous to this one do? The same, never given a chance to come to fruition due in large part to sports writers attacks. Try writing some positive news about the team and build upon that. If Marbury is part of the old losing regime, are Lee, Chandler, Nate, Craw, Gallo and Collins also. A better perspective would be to say that the Knicks have a talented group of young players who are on the verge of becoming winners due to the draft and trades of promising prospects. It may be true that D'An is a better coach than Isiah. I don't think it is fair to speculate that the old "regime" did a poor job in rebuilding. The book is still open on that and right now we are just getting ready to read chapter one. Let's see how the story unfolds.

I say play Marbury, but don't start him. Only play him when the team is losing the game as an offensive punch and as an opportunity to showcase him. If he fails, well they were losing anyway. If he brings the team back, well then he becomes more tradeable. This will give the young guys incentive to play hard and give Marbury an opportunity to show that he can still play at the ripe old age of 31. I wish I was 31 again so I could play as a youth. Try playing raquetball on some 46 year old legs. I can still whoop up on those youngsters and if I was 31 I could be a champion.:)