Wizards' plan is to limit LeBron

Wizards' plan is to limit LeBron

There are 21 comments on the Akron Beacon Journal story from Apr 25, 2007, titled Wizards' plan is to limit LeBron. In it, Akron Beacon Journal reports that:

Part of having underdog status is not getting respect. It might be rule No. 1. Nonetheless, the Washington Wizards, and especially coach Eddie Jordan, think that they're getting slighted a little when it comes ...

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basketball guru

Cleveland, OH

#1 Apr 25, 2007
It is apparent that the experts do not respect Mike Browns coaching skills.

In the off season he needs to take a
class in Strategies of Offensive basketball 101 and how to effectively use your bench 101.

New Philadelphia, OH

#2 Apr 25, 2007
yeah, I guess his Master's in "Winning 50 Games 101" is pretty much useless huh?

One more example of Cleveland teams getting ZERO respect, always, no matter what they do.

Akron, OH

#3 Apr 25, 2007
they do need to improve their offense a bit more. they need to find an assistant with offensive knowledge and allow him to setup the offense and allow brown to run the defense. and i still dont understand why sasha isnt getting more minutes instead of eric snow. sasha i think has proven he can play solid defense and hes that third threat on offense. He is the only jump shooter in that starting lineup keep him in there.
A fn K

Whitehall, MT

#4 Apr 25, 2007
brown's deficiencies in offense are so glaring that no one could justify giving him coach of the year.
Brittle Fingers

Northbrook, IL

#5 Apr 25, 2007
Mike Brown may be a good guy, but I think he is a horrible coach. He has little aptitude for the offensive side of the game, his rotations are extremely inconsistent, and he struggles in drawing up effective plays after timeouts.

He is heralded as a defensive genius, yet it's taken his team almost two years to (sorta) grasp his concepts and play decent defense.

His team is the worst free throw shooting team in the league and he REFUSED MARK PRICE'S OFFER for help in this area. This is completely inexcusable.

It also took him forever to realize that Eric Snow wasn't cutting it and that Daniel Gibson is already the better player.

Count me in the camp of people who think the Cavs have won 50 games DESPITE him, not because of him.

New Philadelphia, OH

#6 Apr 25, 2007
Horrible coaches dont win 50 games in the NBA...that's complete nonesense

The Cavs dont play "decent defense"...they're top 5 in the NBA in opp fg % and total defense

He never refused mark price's offer...I would like to see documented evidence that this happened

...the point is, we could have Red f'ing Auerbach coaching this team and Cleveland fans would still complain. some people just cant help but talk out their a$$es, can they? Let's get on ABJ.com and make something up today, that sounds fun.

name another head coach who won 50 games in his first 2 years as a head coach. I dare you.

Since: Apr 07

Whitehall, MT

#7 Apr 25, 2007
"name another head coach who won 50 games in his first 2 years as a head coach. I dare you."


phil jackson.

he won 61 and the nba championship the next year.

so if mike brown wins the championship this year (ha ha ha!!!!) i will praise josh from deersville as an oracle. but i have a sneaking suspicion that mike brown won't measure up to phil. maybe i'm the oracle???

Since: Apr 07

Whitehall, MT

#8 Apr 25, 2007
correction: that was to read 61 and the nba championship in his second year.
Brittle Fingers

Northbrook, IL

#9 Apr 25, 2007
Josh, you are a total homer. You know, sometimes it's okay to criticize your team.....let's face it, none of our teams here are perfect. I'm rooting for them, believe me.....but I don't wear rose-colored glasses either.

That being said, good stats on our D.....but most observers would agree that the Cavs don't bring it consistently on the defensive end, which has led to inexcusable losses against Charlotte, Atlanta (remember Tyrone Lue slicing into the lane every play?), Boston, etc. In general, this team should be more mentally focused to prevent losses to such horrible teams to begin with. That responsibility lies with the coach.

Mark Price himself has been quoted as saying he offered help to the team but was refused. Brown's reasoning: He didn't want the team to have to listen to "too many voices." But even if Mark Price never offered, you can't argue that Brown should have certainly been more aggressive in trying to solve the free throw problem.

And what about his inexplicable love affair with Eric Snow???

I found quite a few names of coaches who won at least 50 games in their first two full seasons in the league.(Thanks for the dare.) Some are great coaches, some average, some too early to tell.....

Rick Carlisle: 50, 50
Avery Johnson: 60, 67
Brian Hill: 50, 57
Phil Jackson: 55, 61
Pat Riley: 50, 58
Mike D'Antoni: 62, 54
Gregg Popovich: 56, 53

It would be great if Brown were to develop as a coach and get in the class of Jackson, Riley, or Popovich. But he has A LOT to accomplish in order to get there.

LeBron James on his own probably wins 20 games a season. Imagine what Brown's win totals would be if we didn't have him.

New Philadelphia, OH

#10 Apr 25, 2007
Not a bum on that list...not one. and to pose the Lebron argument? You had to see this coming right?

Carlisle without Jermaine Oneal, Avery without Dirk, Hill without Shaq, Jackson without Jordan...I mean, cmon.

Forgive my "rose colored glasses", but the Cavs have had a pretty nice year, and all this criticism is a joke. We got the 2-seed and mike brown was the coach, and a very young one. I think Cleveland fans have a lot more to be thankful for than they think. That includes a bright young coach who has his priorities in the right places. Offense will come (and it has so far in the playoffs) but defense wins championships. Cleveland has a chance, but you wouldnt know it reading these ridiculous posts on this ridiculous message board.

I'll give you this tho, Cavs fans arent NEARLY as bad as Indians fans on here. WHOO man.
Brittle Fingers

Northbrook, IL

#11 Apr 25, 2007
I haven't read the Tribe posts.....I'm not as much of a baseball fan as I am football and basketball. But I can imagine they're frustrated too, with Dolan at the helm.

I agree with you that the Cavs have had a good year -- a good last two years, really. While I expected them to win more like 55 or 57 games this year, I'll take 50. And I do realize that Mike Brown is young.....but I just don't like what I see from him so far. I hope he proves me wrong someday.....(and does it here in Cleveland.)

I think the biggest reason for the general negativity on the boards is because this town is so hungry for a championship. Myself, I witnessed The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot, Jose Mesa blowing Game 7, etc. All those horrible experiences turned me into a fair-weather fan I guess.

It's hard to throw my unconditional support into a team because I expect to be disappointed. Maybe this isn't the right way to look at things, but I think that's what's happened in this town....
Paul D Brown

Covington, KY

#12 Apr 25, 2007
The only advice I have for LeBron James is:Find an object at the arena that represents a "ground" seperating you and the crowd from emotions.
Name not this object (Rule Out The Flag,be creative).
Team play for you has been a season practice.The players at hand rely on your creativity so just find your "Mantra" to collectively hit those jumpers
The foul shots should I say ..........Maravich finds no excuse to miss yet don't expell any emotions on either with shrugs .
Be a Swiss Watch piece and play that fine tuned game.Won't you ?

Paul D. Brown

P.S. I've had female collegents hit 7 of 8 from the arc with Bucket Shop concern.I hope the Blue Grass of Kentucky and our Riverboats erases the un-needed hype!!!

Since: Mar 07

Strongsville, OH

#13 Apr 25, 2007
Zack Morris- I was going to wait until this Saturday (NFL Draft) at about 11:20 to email you back to laugh at you after the Browns acquire Brady Quinn, but this is too rich!
Name a coach in the NBA that has won over 50 games his first two years? I dare you?
Brittle Fingers and A fn K killed your dare dude!
Your fan pass was revoked a while back, Josh from the BOONIES. Nobody talks more nonsense than you do on these posts. You and Jim Donovan lobbin softballs at your Cleveland teams. You make my day!
I know, I know, Im a caddy and a front runner and everything else, because I happen to be a huge Lakers fan as well as an Eagles fan. Im glad Shaq left, because we would still be winning NBA Championships and you would hate me even more because I would really be talkin junk then.
I didnt want you to jump off the Y Bridge while I proved you wrong on all your miserable football takes, so I eased up on you.
It helps to be an athlete, that way, chances are you actually played some of the sports you have opinions on. Maybe I should refer to you as Screech, rather than Zack Morris. Concentrate on your Indians posts please.

What an IDIOT!

Hobbs, NM

#14 Apr 25, 2007
LeBron is TIRED, just like he's been all season, and the Bullets will win this series. Just think, LeBron is barely 65% in making free throws, but he's 100% in making illegitimate children. How about that ugly house he's building that I'm sure he needed to get several variances for, but, because he's LeBron, the Summit County building department probably kissed his butt! Anyone else would have had to jump through hoops.

Cleveland, OH

#15 Apr 25, 2007
Eric Snow "THINKS" his WIFE pronounces her name "Dee-Shawn"! Did he just meet his wife yesterday? One would think that you should KNOW how your own wife pronounces her name.

Cleveland, OH

#16 Apr 25, 2007
Sorry Eric, I misread the punctuation marks in that sentence. Apparently you do know how your wife's name is pronounced, my bad.
LeThargic -Queen- James

Avon Lake, OH

#17 Apr 25, 2007
I is tired.....mammy is a racist and a criminal.
Mr Marbury

United States

#18 Apr 25, 2007
GI's new sneekers are quite attractive & injury proof at a very affordable price for inner city youth !

New Philadelphia, OH

#19 Apr 26, 2007
HAHA, lookie here, all the trash showed up, led by Special Ed. Buck. Hey buddy, how the lakers and their 15 million dollar coach doing? Lookin good pal.

The dare was designed to illustrate that the coaches who won 50 games in their first two seasons are a very elite list...mission accomplished, I'd say.

I havent heard from you in a while, was hopin maybe you took my advice and stopped breathing.

At the risk of embarrassing you in front of a whole new set of posters, I'm once again going to be the bigger man and walk away, before you start sounding like a whiny little kid...oops, too late.

Since: Mar 07

Strongsville, OH

#20 Apr 26, 2007
Please do Screech....matter of fact, run away! O, thats right, no athleticism. Deersville's main sport is frog hunting.
Maybe if the Cavs and Browns took some notes on how to build a program from my two squads, you would be in a better mood. And yes, that includes all the money that Dr. Jerry Buss has in LA.
Granted, Lebron is arguably the second best player in the league after Kobe (+ rings) and he has brought them (Cavs) back to a championship level, but Like Brittle said, thats DESPITE Coach Brown and his horrible rotations.
Get ready to be disappointed this Saturday my good man. You have many posters here at this site that seem to feel the same way I do and you cant accept it. Shut that hole in your face and listen to people that know what they are talking about.

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