Makes NO sense.

The Timberwolves are going to trade a GOOD vet with an expiring contract for another vet with a large contract who suffered through injuries this year?


1. It would take up a LOT of cap room which the Wolves have been trying to clear up for next off-season. All of a sudden the Wolves are going to trade that away for a guy who was injured and struggled last year? Not happening. Unless you think the Wolves are that dumb....

2. If the Wolves are going to start adding vets and go for it this upcoming season, why would they trade a good one like Miller away? Makes no sense.


Why does this author say it's inevitable the Wolves trade Miller? Makes no sense either. He becomes a free agent. The Wolves sign a couple of big name free agents. Then the Wolves re-sign Miller allowing them to go over the cap and make a run for the championship after next year. That's the plan. That means its really NOT inevitable that Miller gets traded.