I actually like Keith Smart and I think the players like him, too including Steph Curry. I don't understand why Lacob needs to replace him at this stage when they seemed to be doing well with Smart. Were it not for David Lee's elbow problem, they could have won 10 more games. This constantly changing personnel is not a good thing. You need time for players and coaches to bond. Jerry Sloan said this in one of his interviews. Smart's playing Acie Law more was merely to replace a very tired and mistake prone Curry. Acie when in the game brings energy because he is fresh and takes the ball to the basket. Jim Barnett likes Acie's game and energy. Curry never really rested due to USA Basketball, etc. It hurt his game noticeably. He also sprained his foot like 5 times, he can't be playing too much or damage it forever. Even
Don Nelson commented that Curry has regressed this season. We need to add a decent big man and a point forward to be a playoff team, not replacing a decent coach who is the consensus choice of the players.