The Warriors will not succeed in basketball if they keep replacing their players. I think their current players specifically, Ellis, lee; Biedrins; Curry, D Wright, R Williams, Amundson, Udoh, B Wright(if healthy), Radmanovich, Carney and Law are good enough nucleus to be a playoff team. All they need is chemistry. Jerry sloan said this during one of his intervfiews. He believes in giving players time to excell. This can only happen if you give them time to play as a team. Let's forget the Warriors past and focus on this new team. they may need to add another 3 or 5, but for now they must develop to a nucleus to be a good team capable of playoff aspirations.

Fans and reporters should give them a chance to develop and not be negative everytime. there's no need to replace the coach, the General manager, etc. They're doing what they are supposed to be doing. If you can't wait, get off the line. I like Steinmetz, but I think his criticisms are tainted with a desire to prove he knows better basketball than the incumbent coaches. David Lee
thinks Steinmetz is very negative. Doesn't he understand this is a new Warriors team that needs time to flourish?