L.A. County to join Prop. 8 suits

L.A. County to join Prop. 8 suits

There are 175 comments on the LA Daily News story from Nov 13, 2008, titled L.A. County to join Prop. 8 suits. In it, LA Daily News reports that:

Just when the Clippers thought the cut from losing their first six games was beginning to scab over, the Sacramento Kings came down to Staples Center and ripped it back open, winning 103-98 in a game in which ...

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blowmemrbojangle s

Sun Valley, CA

#1 Nov 13, 2008
Paulson doesn't account for 2 trillion of our tax dollars given to foreign banks, we're engaged in illegal wars for profit, we have created a fascist entity called the Department of Homeland Security, multinationals have destroyed America's industrial might, millions losing homes and jobs, 50 million have no health insurance, Israeli's are monitoring our nuclear weapons and telecommunications and our borders are still like sieves funneling illegals and contraband..and you waste more tax dollars on the perverts be able to soil the long standing institution of marriage between a man and woman. People are starting to get very ticked off and a can of whup ass is about to be opened that will start civil war II. You want this to be the primer. Keep pushing folks, keep pushing. There are going to be a lot of dead people if this kicks off

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#2 Nov 13, 2008
I supported proposition 8 and I am not at all intimidated by the thug tactics that are being employed by the present protesters. This mess was created by the California Supreme Court presuming to to be the new "high priests" of political correctness and created a "right" out of thin air that did not exist.
One of the main reasons Prop 8 passed is the insulting attempt to equate the homosexual agenda as a "civil rights" issue. That is incredibly insulting to African Americans who suffered through slavery and discrimination for hundreds of years, small wonder the African American community voted so strongly against it. Or Mormons, the most persecuted religion in the history of the United States for having the audacity to teach in the 1830's that Africans, American Indians, and every other human regardless of race or religion are children of god that needed to be treated as such when American Society wanted to enslave others or kill people that are different to steal their land. It is interesting to note that the homosexual community was doing a "soft sell" before the election. Now their true colors are showing as they threaten and intimidate individuals and businesses.
We happen to oppose homosexual marriage on moral and religious grounds. The homosexuals need to deal with it and quit rationalizing their behavior. Yes we think you are committing a sin against nature and we call it what it is. We love our children and have an obligation to teach them conduct that will make them happy and fulfilled properly in life. We take that responsibility seriously and had the courage to put our time and resources to speak up and exercise our rights as citizens. Now you want to persecute and discriminate against us again for having the audacity to take a stand based upon what we believe is right.
If the homosexual community wants to keep this up then we will speak again at the ballot box. This time we will organize and vote out of office the 4 justices of the State Supreme Court that choose to create this mess, our spineless LA County Supervisors and other politicians that choose to ignore the will of the people.

Solihull, UK

#3 Nov 13, 2008
Gays will triumph over the biggots..it's just a matter of time....

Since: Oct 08

Orange, CA

#4 Nov 13, 2008
I wonder if those who supported, "Yes on Prop. 8" had lost, would they be marching in the streets and to the steps of the California Supreme Court in such an intimidating manner? There's a fear among supporters that one may be looked down upon or perhaps lose their job even, if they speak out against such an extremist idea or lifestyle. I'm not a religious person, nor do I go to church, but I do not believe in tearing down tradition and religious tradition is, despite my own personal feelings, a tradition. Often, we as a society will stand up to preserve old homes and buildings and a variety of time honored traditions, but concerning human values and common sense we are more and more allowing such age old conventions to be squashed or rewritten because…it’s not hurting anybody…” Well, homosexual marriage is an attack on religious ideals and tradition, not to mention a potentially negative influence on those youth (and adults) who may be struggling with their sexual identity. Additionally, it seems that despite what the majority of the public wants, two times now, and has voted for, that being that marriage is between a man and a woman, that it may be possibly shot down and go against the voters’ wishes due to intimidating political pressure. It’s absurd that “No” on 8 campaign ads attempted to cast this issue in the same category with racism and mixed marriage. The Bible does not condone racism whatsoever or disallow mixed marriage for that matter, but what it does say concerning marriage between a man and a woman is very clear. What’s curious though to me is that no one is stopping anybody from having a civil union by a Yes vote. Los Angles County and many counties throughout California have domestic partnership laws and licenses and anyone can have a wedding. No one is stopping that. The people have spoken with their vote, and hopefully the "old thinking" won't be torn down and thrown out for something that's clearly an attempt by this faction of society to attack tradition and force their extremist values on the populous.
MM stuck in LA

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Nov 13, 2008
The voters have spoken. Leave it alone & get over it, nutcases.
Of course, with Kalifornia being the socialist enclave it's been the last several years, it won't surprise me to see the courts once again doing the legislating instead of the people. It's also interesting that the same liberal faction that voted in President-elect Osama also voted in this proposition with a 52% margin.
These same propositions passed without fanfare in Arizona and Florida. I don't see any demonstrations or attempts to subvert the vote there.
I'll be glad to leave this POS of a festering s__thole of an excuse for a state and go to the USA to live before long. The real USA starts on the east bank of the Colorado River!
Norman Moore

Upland, CA

#6 Nov 13, 2008
Terry wrote:
Gays will triumph over the biggots..it's just a matter of time....
Can you tell me what is bigoted about someone's religious convictions? Are all Orthodox Jews also bigots?, How about Eastern Orthodox, Amish? Maybe Lutherans and Baptists?

You are the bigot and now you all get over the fact that the majority of people don't want Gay Marriage. Put your effort and thoughts into coming up with a way to eliminate the legal inequality and still not offend a lot of other people. That will be something I can support and I bet a lot of others will too.

“bamboo forest and an iced tea”

Since: Jul 08

Location hidden

#7 Nov 13, 2008
only thing that i can think of is that gays will never have is a shotgun wedding,,,
Rick C- Simi Valley

Tustin, CA

#8 Nov 13, 2008
Once again the voters of Ca have cast their vote, and once again the liberals are not happy. Lets protest and this will scare everyone to change their vote. I don't think so! Take your business to another state, they may even welcome you there.(MA)

Glendale, CA

#9 Nov 13, 2008
Seems it's all about semantics, sort of. How about the city/state only issues a Civil Union. Non-religious.

If you want a Marriage License, you are out of luck. After all, who believes that a city confers anything in a "Marriage License". Why do we need a stinkin' license to want to partner up with a mate. To what end? So the attorneys can have the right to tear it apart in a divorce? Ala a contract. I'm not for the city being involved in telling me how to live my life. I voted Yes On 8. A marriage is between a man and a woman. I teach my children that. I'm not religious. Want a civil union contract then called it the same for everyone. I actually don't care if gays want to marry. It's just not the same thing. Rioting in the streets? Get over yourselves! I'm not rioting because Obama won. I will stand behind our new president, because he won an election. 1/2 of US voted him in, 1/2 of us voted Yes, on 8. Democracy in action; aka unintended consequences. Can't we all just get along?
democracy is dying

Mountain View, CA

#10 Nov 13, 2008
The Board of Supervisors clearly has clearly shown that they are working against the people that elected them. Proposition 8 won in LA county, but that doesn't matter to them. They clearly feel that they are better and smarter than we are. We elect and pay them, and now they are using substantial amounts of our money to support a cause that the majority of the voters of LA county disapprove of. These people are arrogant.

Don't you see it? They are going after the Mormons now, but the next group will be the African-Americans, who voted for Proposition 8 overwhelmingly. The people who scream tolerance are the least tolerant of all. They will be coming for you if you don't stand up for your vote. Call your supervisor. Politely remind him or her that your vote matters. Tell him or her that you won't tolerate their arrogant ignoring of your vote. Ask them to withdraw their lawsuit. Do it today, or you won't have any rights left tomorrow.

Los Angeles, CA

#11 Nov 13, 2008
I voted for Ron Paul, I would like the supervisors to support my drive to repeal the election of Senator Obama. That's as silly as what they're doing now. Aren't the supervisors and Delgadillo elected by the people, in much the same way as Prop 8 was passed? Oh, that's right, they're smarter and better than the voting public, forgive my mental lapse. Voting is only good if the results favor their ideology.
Govt against the voters

Pebble Beach, CA

#12 Nov 13, 2008
the MAJORITY of L.A. county voters passed prop. 8, now the elected officials oppose it. The supes are EVIL!!

“America & LEGAL Americans 1st”

Since: Aug 08


#13 Nov 13, 2008
LA County government doesn't care about the feelings of the majority of their constituents. The ride the political wave and the wave right now is with the homosexual community because they as a group have thrown this big tantrum. Why don't we just forget about elections and let the courts decide what is best for us? This is the first step to a government not of, by and for the people. It is the first step to a government of, by and for whiny special interest groups.

All the homosexuals can now include their posts on why they think I'm a bigot. Enjoy your day.

Los Angeles, CA

#14 Nov 13, 2008
We should file a lawsuit challenging the elections of Yaroslavsky, Molina, and Burke.

Meanwhile, let's meet for dinner at El Coyote tonight. They serve killer margaritas!


Saxton, PA

#15 Nov 13, 2008
Got it now


#16 Nov 13, 2008
It's a fact that gays go against natures design, men were not meant to be with another man, same applies for women. That being said, I don't care what people do to each other as long as there is mutual consent, but don't try to impose your belief and life styles on the rest of us. Go live your life as you want we really don't care! Just don't try to force it down our throats (no pun intented)!

Los Angeles, CA

#17 Nov 13, 2008
I'm sure glad i can marry my first cousin!

no on H8

Rosemead, CA

#18 Nov 13, 2008
Once again the Liberals are showing that whenever things don't go their way, they act like the little children that they are. Face it Liberals, the people have spoken... YOU LOST...GET OVER IT! Hey, if we thought like you clowns, maybe we should protest the presidential election and have the results overturned so that John McCain is made president!
no H8

Los Angeles, CA

#19 Nov 13, 2008
Got it now wrote:
It's a fact that gays go against natures design, men were not meant to be with another man, same applies for women. That being said, I don't care what people do to each other as long as there is mutual consent, but don't try to impose your belief and life styles on the rest of us. Go live your life as you want we really don't care! Just don't try to force it down our throats (no pun intented)!
imposing their beliefs and lifestyle on you? Who's forcing what down whose throats? All I hear is religion this and religion that. Take your fucking god, religion, church and shove it.
"Go live your life as you want we really don't care!" apparently you care enough to take rights away. everything you say contradicts what prop 8 does. Seperate state and church. If you don't like it move to the bible belt. You're nothing more than a bunch of neo nazis, racists, bigots.

I'll be protesting till i can't scream anymore
Fed Up

San Antonio, TX

#20 Nov 13, 2008
Those business owners had the right to vote for Prop 8 and Gays and Lesbians and their friends have the right to not buy anything from their businesses. In fact, business owners who suported Prop 8 should proudly announce their suport for Prop 8 on their storefronts so we/I can be sure not to spend our/my dollars in their businesses. And the same goes for persons who do not want to shop at businesses who supported the defeat of Prop 8. We can have a boycottfest. Ain't democracy and free market capitalism a wonderful thing?

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