PHEW!! Coach I mean Spolestra is safe FOR NOW but we all know what lurks in the mind of C. Montgomery Burns...oops I mean Pat Riley and GOD FORBID that the HEAT have a mini losing streak; that means Spolestra gets canned like Stan Van Gundy did in 2005-06 season and Riley aka Burns takes over and he tells the staff to "RELEASE THE HOUNDS" on poor Eric as Pat the Rat says "EXCELLENT!!!!". Meanwhile the Big 3 is NOT in Miami, Boston or in La La Land; it's in the Alamo area of San Antonio where Tim Duncan aka FUTURE HOF, Manu Ginolbi aka "My ankles are fine" and Tony Parker aka The Lucky SOB who is married to the hottest housewife on Wistera Lane!!!!! But all I gotta say is LOOK OUT FOR THE KNICKS!!!!