Here we go again. Back to the NBA lottery. John Paxson has done an aweful job with this team.

He has held onto Deng, Gordon, Nocionia to long.

The lesson that should be learned is that when you are offered an All-Star player (Kobe, Gasol) you trade for the All-star.

What we have on our hands is two players (Ben Gordon and Luol Deng), that have turned down
$50 million dollar contracts. These two guys have been playing to putt up points and they are failing.

John Paxson will have no other choice, but to trade either one or both of these guys this summer.

This team has no unity, no pride, no direction, and no purpose.

The Bulls need to call Jerry Sloan and admit that they were wrong when they fired him back in the 80's an offer him the job of GM and coach.