Brnsfan wrote:
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Duh dinner bell mel,go back to the C's game,against ATL,for someone who knows the rules so well?did you see KG fight with I forget his name and then push the the ref????and what was there view,rule states you NEVER push an NBA official under any circumstances,so what they looked at the tape and said that's alright he didn't mean it??? where's your educated opinion weigh in on this,it's OK sometimes,part of the time or all the time,you must see the game bias,or with rose colored glasses,so your point? it was OK to suspend Songolia,and NOT Haywood,great point!!!
The post I replied to implied they broke the rules adjust the flagrant level of the call after the fact. That's simply not true - it's well within the rules to change it after they review it if they judge the ref got it wrong. There's no level of opinion there - that's just fact. My educated opinion, since you asked for it, is that they blow the call frequently on the court, and in the league office. What should really rub Cleveland fans the wrong way is that the call against Songalia during the game was merely a technical foul - which was offset as a double technical against Varejao. If the officials had made the correct call, it's two shots and the ball. As it was, Cleveland shot three free throws, making two, and Washinton gets the ball and Daniels hits a jumper. Cleveland lost the game by one point. Think that extra possession might have made a difference in the game?