There are some possible situations out there:danny forston/chris webber/michael sweetney/kelvin cato who are all free agents who definatly could help.There are some trade possibilities:(pacers)-dunleav y/diogu/williams/harrison/
for:brezec/davidson/herrman/mo rrison/harrington/
(Grizzlies)-warick/swift/for brezec/herrman/may/hollins/ wich to me makes alot of since knowing may is never going to be healthy.
(seattle)collison/wicox/ for brezec/herrman/may/hollins/har rington/. All of these trades wouldnt hurt the bobcats since those players arent really in the rotation anyways.There are alot of options and the bobcats have to make a move before its to late and our season is over.We cant keep waiting on developing players we need help down low now or the season is over and end with another disipointing season for the fans and the (team).