Dear Sunpaper ediors and owners.
I remember the Sun Paper when there was the Morning Sun and Evening Sun and the home delivery route owner came to my house to collect the subscription fee. And an energetic kid could make a buck or two hawking them on buses and streetcars. You should avoid thinking of the news busines as a start up and instead engage in a hard sell of the unique and special status of the prnted word on news print. If folks can be sold on Chia Pets they can surely be sold on the value of a taditional newspaper. It gos where you go, the stories are where you left them days later, nobody will mug you for it, and you don't have to replace it with the latest version every 6 months at considerable expene. Please do not let those young university journalism grads convince you that news papers are passe. Real newspapers are great cmpanions and sources of reliable inforation. And when one has finished reading it there are a gazillion other uses for it.