Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision

Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision

There are 310327 comments on the Newsday story from Jan 22, 2008, titled Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision. In it, Newsday reports that:

Thousands of abortion opponents marched from the National Mall to the Supreme Court on Tuesday in their annual remembrance of the court's Roe v. Wade decision.

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Tom Tom

Phillipsburg, NJ

#274712 Jan 5, 2013
cpeter1313 wrote:
Chuckles, I told you I didn't see your post. What was your question?
<quoted text>
cpeter1313 wrote:

People have sex because we have a sex drive, with the ability to orgasm. We will do so even when reproduction is clearly impossible.
A question I've never seen you twits explain is why the anorectal area has a complete and discrete set of erogenous nerve bundles connected to the pleasure center of the brain. You can achieve orgasm solelythrough rctal stimulation. Why would that be if the ony eason for sex was reproduction?
<quoted text>

God made the ass of women in a way pleasing to man since that is how he took her in the beginning, from behind. It allowed him tp contimue top survey the area for danger an dfor the female to continue her chores. Also in order to have a way to release sexual tension, men would annally enter women during preganancy so as not to harm the unobrn child. So it makes perfect sense that the anus would have such nerve bundles. The fact that you gay guys use it, is just a variaition on the original intent. Of course it is abonormal but the effect is the same. I mean no offense by saying abnorma,l and maybe I am not entirely right on that. The ancient greeks appeared to be very into the bisexual deal so it can become a bit fuzzy. I beleive God created sexual drive to ensure the survival of the human race but it is such a powerful drive it may cross some lines on its way to its intened purpose. No offense intended.

Vlady as my favorite azz man I have a question for you. I ovweheard soemone who is gay mentioned buying an "azz plug". What the Hell is an azz plug? I am guessing it is some sort of dam you stick in your anus before gay sex so as not to get any mud on your memeebr when goiing in the back door.

Is that what it is, or am I mistaken.

As the best azz man I know, I figure if anyone knows the answer it would be you. Of all of these pagan azzclowns you are the smarterst and the most homest.

I must admit I was surprised you said you were a catcher, I imagined you as a pitcher. But bottom-top, it all evens out in the end I guess.
Tom Tom

Phillipsburg, NJ

#274713 Jan 5, 2013
Conservative Democrat wrote:
<quoted text>
Look who's condemning; the one who isn't free from sin.
You're no Christian. I have known, and still know real Christians. And you're the proverbial "wolf" in sheep's clothing.
We don't hate Christianity, although we don't believe in your Jeebus. We hate hypocrites who hide behind Jeebus' toga to try and rule the world, when they couldn't tie their shoes without asking Jeebus if he approve of the shoes in the first place.
Go have your holy communion and STFU, ya p*ssy.
You are upset that kmy well written and persuasive conments are right on the mark. The truth can hurt and sometimes it can open your eyes and your heart.

Your choice. I supplied the insightful analysis.


#274714 Jan 6, 2013
Gtown71 wrote:
<quoted text>
Believe it or not, I agree 100% with both your post!
I do think it is better for "women " today then ever.
I do agree, if women don't want, or cannot afford kids they are making a good, and responsible decision.
What most pro life people are so upset with, is the fact that they wish the women would make this desicion, before she gets to be with child, but regaurdless you are still 100% correct, on how we live in a country that allows a woman to choose "whether or not, if she wants to be a mother". I geuss, what I meant to ask, was is it better for the families of america?
Again, a woman can decide for herself when or IF she will marry and have a new family. If some women decide they prefer to be single, financially independent career women instead of wives and mothers, that's THEIR decision.

What you and others don't seem to get is that you can't FORCE a woman to "have a family." This isn't the 19th century anymore, and thank goodness for that. It is for EACH woman to decide what she does and does not want for HERSELF, and some women just DON'T want marriage or motherhood. That's a fact you have to accept. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant.


#274715 Jan 6, 2013
BraveCon wrote:
So, you don't want any girl/women to suffer any kind of hardship in life, huh?
Men often tell other men, when life gets tough or when they face some kind of hardship in life, to 'man up'. If he's a real man, he won't run from a challenge and most often he becomes a better man.
I wish all women had this built-in male trait, then they would be willing to face whatever hardships of life throws at them.
If some girls and women don't WANT the hardships of motherhood, the answer to your question is NO, I don't want women to suffer THOSE particular hardships.

Furthermore, I couldn't care less what you guys tell each other. If a woman chooses to REJECT motherhood because of the hardships and responsibilities it involves, that's entirely HER decision, and none of YOUR business. Motherhood is OPTIONAL, not required, and you can't force a woman to want kids. Deal with it.


#274716 Jan 6, 2013
Gtown71 wrote:
Again when I say things like the woman is selfish, I'm talking after sg
She is already with child. I agree girls @women that are not sure, should be, and I agree, that it is just as responsible for a woman to not to have a child.
The problem is, why are these women not making theses decisions before the become with child?
I know you are going to say tough /suck it up.
This is america 2013
I agree, that women can choose to have her child's heart stopped, and the baby killed.
Now since you are correct, about girls being told that parenting is fun, and easy, should be told the truth.
My wife and I have a 5 year old girl, and I tutned 42 yesterday.
I was exhausted when she was born! Lol
no one told me either.
The truth is raising kids are tough, but it has alot of rewards.
Having an abortion, is stopping that process, does free the woman fromany further responsibilities. Here on earth atleast, but they should eaqualy be told the truth, about how some women have had regrets.
So yes -I believe in telling them the truth.
I and many believe the time to choose, whether or not the women want to be a mother stops when she becomes with child.
What you BELIEVE is irrelevant to any woman who doesn't want to stay pregnant. Just because you believe something doesn't make it a fact.

The FACT remains that ALL methods of birth control can and do fail occasionally, and that unwanted pregnancies can happen sometimes. If a woman doesn't WANT to stay pregnant, give birth, and be a mother, that's entirely HER decision, not yours, mine, or anyone else's.

Yes, there are women who do have regrets about having an abortion. There also women who have no regrets whatsoever. They only regret GETTING pregnant in the first place.


#274717 Jan 6, 2013
Gtown71 wrote:
Yes they have to give up alot, and need to think about "or be informed "BEFORE they get pregnant.
What do these women do later in life, when the coffee house, and movies are not so appealing?
you must give to up, to truly give anything.
Being informed about the hardships of motherhood before getting pregnant isn't always possible, especially if the girls/women are denied access to reliable and unbiased information.

And what these women "do later in life" is up to THEM, not you and religious institutions. Contrary to what regressive religionists want everyone to believe, motherhood is NOT required to make a woman's life rewarding and productive. In any case, it is EACH woman's decision to make, not yours.



#274718 Jan 6, 2013
BraveCon wrote:
Women should face the hardships of pregnancy and motherhood since they made the decision to have sex with their partner. You should live with the choices you make and the consequences of those choices. I believe that if you're not strong enough to endure pregnancy and motherhood, then don't have sex.
Riiiiiiiiiiight, the old "if women don't want children, they should be PUNISHED with lifetime celibacy" nonsense again.

Sorry, pal (not really), but NO woman has to face the hardships of pregnancy and motherhood if she doesn't WANT to do so. Your BELIEFS (which aren't facts, in case you're too stupid to know this) are irrelevant to any woman who doesn't want to stay pregnant, give birth, and be a mother.

Bottom line; motherhood is OPTIONAL, not required, and you can't FORCE women to stay pregnant against their will. Suck it up, LOSER.


#274719 Jan 6, 2013
BraveCon wrote:
I have to tell you the same thing. I believe if a girl/women is not strong enough and/or not ready to endure the 'hardships' of pregnancy and motherhood, then she should not have sex.
So what? It ISN'T your call to make. NO woman has to be punished with lifetime celibacy because she doesn't want to be a mother. Your regressive beliefs are irrelevant to any woman who doesn't want to stay pregnant, give birth, and be a mother. Don't like it? Too bad.


#274720 Jan 6, 2013
BraveCon wrote:
You just helped to prove the point I'm trying to make. You say women throughout history have endured many hardships and done many things to be proud of.
So, if women have proven throughout history that they can endure hardships/rise to the occasion, then why tell young girls that facing hardships no longer has any value and that it is a thing of the past?
Promoting abortion to young girls/women so they won't have to endure any hardship is promoting crowardice in my opinion.
I suppose you think that all young women should divorce their husbands after the first big agrument they have in their marriage.
Actually, YOU missed the point of Long Night Moon's post entirely. The point was that in earlier centuries, women were FORCED to endure terrible hardships, chiefly because the laws made by MEN forced them to do so.

Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Women can go to college and professional/vocational schools to get the education and skills to get well-paying jobs. Women can choose for themselves what job or career they want, instead of being restricted to a very limited number of low-paid occupations. Women can choose to devote themselves to their jobs/careers INSTEAD of being wives and mothers. And of course, women can VOTE, since we gained that right in 1920, after a 72-year struggle to obtain it.

Bottom line; EACH woman can decide for herself what hardships she does and DOESN'T want to deal with in her life. Motherhood is OPTIONAL, not required, and if some girls/women reject that option, it's entirely THEIR decision.


#274721 Jan 6, 2013
BraveCon wrote:
Promoting abstinence by telling teenagers that pregnancy and motherhood are 'bad things' to avoid, implants the idea into their brains that pregnancy and motherhood are bad things.
What Ocean is doing is weakening any teenage girl's desire to have and raise a child if/when she gets pregnant before marriage. She is instilling cowardice in teenage girls.
NO, moron, what I'm doing is encouraging girls and women to THINK about the hardships that pregnancy and motherhood involve, preferably long before they ever get pregnant, but certainly before they decide to have and raise a baby.

It seems to me that you don't want girls and women to KNOW about the specific hardships at all. Tough luck, pal. I'm not going to HIDE the facts about those hardships just because regressive idiots like you have been doing for generations. I'll go on posting the HARDSHIPS as many times as I think necessary. Don't like my doing it? Too bleeping bad.


#274722 Jan 6, 2013
Bitner wrote:
She is advocating that they think twice before having sex. Teen pregnancy IS something to avoid.
Exactly, Bitner. The way I see it, there's NOTHING good about getting pregnant as a teenager, especially when a girl isn't even close to graduating from high school.

It's wonderful how much freedom a teen girl has when she ISN'T pregnant. Girls need to think very carefully about all they risk losing by having sex and possibly getting pregnant. They need to think about it BEFORE having sex for the first time, not afterward. If they only think of it afterward, it may already be too late.


#274723 Jan 6, 2013
BraveCon wrote:
Mature women need to really stress to all teenage girls that having sex does not make you 'cool' or 'chic,'..."
Actually, I've done something along those lines already, by starting a thread in this forum called "Teen Pregnancy Education" a few months ago. Feel free to check it out when you have time. In the first post, I gave what I thought was a helpful script to help teen girls say NO to sex.


The following is a script that might help more teen girls say NO to having sex:

GUY: I think it's time for us to have sex.

GIRL: I don't think so.

GUY: Why not?

GIRL: I don't want to get pregnant, that's why not. I don't want to get an STD either.

GUY: You worry too much. I can use a condom.

GIRL: Condoms can break. I could still get pregnant if that happens.

GUY: Okay, so you can get on birth control pills or something.

GIRL: Birth control pills can fail sometimes, so I could still get pregnant. So forget it. I want to finish high school, get my diploma, go to college and then have a career. No way am I going to risk getting pregnant and get stuck being a teen mom. That would wreck everything for me.

GUY: Well if you won't have sex with me, I'll have to look for someone else.

GIRL: Fine. You can get another girl pregnant, not me. If that happens, have fun being a teen dad. I'll be celebrating my freedom and watching you give up yours. And we're DONE. Good bye and good luck.

Then the girl walks away, free and NOT PREGNANT.

A guy who pressures a girl for sex isn't worth keeping as a boyfriend. A girl is NOT a loser if she doesn't have a guy in her life while still in high school.

“Blessed Be”

Since: Jun 07

Location hidden

#274724 Jan 6, 2013
Forum Mod wrote:
<quoted text>
You just did !
Please heed it and stop the personal attacks.
Oh, go away, Troll. You're not fooling anyone.


#274725 Jan 6, 2013
BraveCon wrote:
Women used to get married before the age of 18. It is written down somewhere that all of those young brides throughout the world went on to be miserable all their lives? There was no happy endings?
Look at the country music singer/legend Loretta Lynn, she married at 14, had kids, and was married to the same man until he died. I don't think she lived a miserable life.
Oh PLEASE, THAT'S your argument? "If Loretta Lynn can do it and be successful, then all teen girls should do it too?" What a PATHETIC argument this is, and it needs to be REJECTED.

I think that for every successful celebrity who was a teen mom, there are at least ten other girls, probably a lot more than ten, who got pregnant and had children but did NOT get the breaks that Loretta Lynn did. Sorry, pal, your pathetic argument doesn't hold water.

As far as I'M concerned, teen sex is a BAD IDEA, chiefly because it leads to teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. I don't consider teen marriage to be a good idea either.


#274726 Jan 6, 2013
Bitner wrote:
The program is designed to discourage girls from having sex by showing them the hardships of motherhood, Moron.
You are an idiot.
We're not talking about abortion here, but abstaining from sex.
Exactly, although I like to use the term "sex-FREE," which simply means free FROM sex while in middle and high school. There are quite a few advantages for teen girls to be sex-free, including:

1. FREEDOM from worries about unwanted pregnancy and STD's.

2. FREEDOM from worry about how to pay for diapers and formula when they are too young to get jobs.

3. FREEDOM to concentrate on their school work, which means completing all homework assignments and studying for important tests.

4. FREEDOM to participate in non-academic activities and attend any dance(s) they wish.

5. FREEDOM to graduate from high school and go on to their next level of education, with NO restrictions.


#274727 Jan 6, 2013
BraveCon wrote:
I think we are just going to go round and round on this point.
I keep saying that its okay for Ocean to try to get teenage girls to abstain from sex but that she should also stress that if/when the girl gets pregnant, that one of the options is to have the baby and put it up for adoption.
Riiiiiiiiight, you DEMAND that I post what YOU think I "should" say about teen girls and pregnancy. Sorry, pal (not really), that isn't going to happen.

Additionally, I couldn't care less what YOU think is "okay" or not, and I don't need your approval or permission to post whatever I choose to say or NOT say. Don't like it? Too bad.

“Game on !”

Since: Aug 09


#274730 Jan 6, 2013
Bitner wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh, it's gone again. It ran away.
Bitter : " ...developed enough for medical intervention to keep it alive until it IS viable,"

Bitter: " Before a certain point, it ISN'T viable, and no medical intervention will help."

So there it is gang....It's not viable but medical intervention can help it become viable. But if it's not viable no medical intervention will help.

Stupidity reigns !!!!!!!

By the way....

GAME ON !!!!!!!!!!

“Game on !”

Since: Aug 09


#274731 Jan 6, 2013
Katie wrote:
<quoted text>
The only difference between spontaneous and induced abortion is one is controlled by the body, the other by the mind.
The ONLY difference ? But you said before there was NO difference.
You're all over the place. Make up your mind.

I do understand the ZEF is dead either way. In case you missed it, the original claim was PC couldn't possibly understand this simple fact.
A person who dies of cardiac arrest as a result of a congenital heart defect vs a person who dies of cardiac arrest as a direct result of a murderer's bullet. Both dead either way right?
Major difference in the two ? I'd say so wouldn't you ?
You're not so helpful putting unnecessary words in my mouth, Doc. You're probably better at helping your son take care of his basement. Hope they are well, Doc.
I put zero words in your mouth. I did nothing but reiterate exactly what you've said.

They are well.
feces for jesus

East Meadow, NY

#274732 Jan 6, 2013
feces for jesus wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry but I believe it is. You shouldn't be telling the moderator he's full of s__ t.
I think he's full of feces for jesus.

Since: Sep 08

Location hidden

#274733 Jan 6, 2013
Doc Degall wrote:
<quoted text>

A person who dies of cardiac arrest as a result of a congenital heart defect vs a person who dies of cardiac arrest as a direct result of a murderer's bullet. Both dead either way right?
Major difference in the two ? I'd say so wouldn't you ?
<quoted text> .
Not really now. Emotionally and during the "shock" stage, maybe - but dead IS dead.

My mom died after a LONG protracted illness. My dad died suddenly from an aortic tear. A very good friend was murdered after surprising a burgler in her parents home.

The difference between them all was the manner of death, but the end result is the same for all three.

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