Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision

Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision

There are 311364 comments on the Newsday story from Jan 22, 2008, titled Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision. In it, Newsday reports that:

Thousands of abortion opponents marched from the National Mall to the Supreme Court on Tuesday in their annual remembrance of the court's Roe v. Wade decision.

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Seattle, WA

#274228 Jan 3, 2013
sassylicious wrote:
<quoted text>
You didn't? You NEVER told us that you might be applying for food stamps? Really ;)?
Jealous of your success? I am not jealous of anyone. If you are successful in your dreams,then good for you. I mean that sincerely. All I wish is for you to be honest with yourself about what you did. My post to you was to let you know that God will forgive you and make you whole again. It is VERY clear that you are still living in denial. I don't for a second believe that you are "okay" with paying to have your childs life ended. YOU yourself even admitted to abortion killing a life. So stop attacking me for repeating what YOU are admitting already.
Oh good Lord! At one point, she said she needed a job or she'd have to apply for food stamps. She got a job. She, obviously, didn't apply for food stamps.

Last night, you blatantly claimed she applied for these. Today, above, you qualified it with "might apply".

Quit playing your juvenile word games. It snares you more than anyone else.

“Dan IS the Man”

Since: May 12

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#274229 Jan 3, 2013
sassyliciouus wrote:
<quoted text> Go reread my post. I am speaking about others who have experienced it. But yes, I personally believe in a loving, forgiving God.
Prove it's not a fact. Y 'know?
It's ridiculous to ask for proof that something unseen doesn't exist.

You claim there is a God, a heaven, a hell, so it's up to you to prove it then.

Jackson, NJ

#274230 Jan 3, 2013
You wre

“Dan IS the Man”

Since: May 12

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#274231 Jan 3, 2013
sassyliciouus wrote:
<quoted text> LMAO are you seriously ignoring what he said about "most" Jews? Or how about when foo speaksnfor all Jews?
I know authentic PRACTICING Jews...I believe them over wishy washy versions who mock God.
Well...I shouldnt say mock God. God will not be mocked.
Yes yes, of course you now claim to know "practicing Jews" since that's your usual m.o. on here.

Foo and CD are Jewish so I think they know more about it than you. Your claim to know "authentic" Jews cannot be substantiated. YOU are not a Jew, and that's what counts.

And saying "most Jews" is not speaking for all Jews. I have seen Catholics on here try and speak for all Catholics, so why is it okay for you fundies.

How many religions do you want to claim to have expert knowledge about?

“Blessed Be”

Since: Jun 07

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#274232 Jan 3, 2013
BraveCon wrote:
<quoted text>
I would have to re-read the part of the Bible that tells the story of what happens to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to know exactly what happened and why, but I believe God destroyed those two cities because of the people were in a constant 'party' mode and partook in all sorts of sexual activities, including homosexuality.
There was no respect for God's laws and people just did their own thing and they just didn't care about what God thought about them until it was too late.
Including kids? Really? And you WORSHIP such a god, who would punish children for what their parents do?

You're welcome to him.

“Dan IS the Man”

Since: May 12

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#274233 Jan 3, 2013
sassyliciouus wrote:
<quoted text>Are you denying such a thing called evil?
A "thing" called evil? No, not denying it, depending on the definition used. But because of a supernatural being called Satan? Yeah, I'm denying Satan generated evil exists.

Note the example: "an *evil* odor." Does that mean Satan is causing it? No. How about waking with an "evil temper"? Caused by Satan? No.

a : morally reprehensible : sinful, wicked <an evil impulse>
b : arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct <a person of evil reputation>
a archaic : inferior
b : causing discomfort or repulsion : offensive <an evil odor>
c : disagreeable <woke late and in an evil temper>
a : causing harm : pernicious <the evil institution of slavery>
b : marked by misfortune : unlucky

Jackson, NJ

#274234 Jan 3, 2013
elise in burque wrote:
<quoted text>She can't stand that most women who have abortions go on to live their lives without remorse or guilt about it. She seems to have fixated on me; I'm obviously one of those women. I think she is that anonymous poster who stalks me, obsessing about me being a nurse. No one else worries or cares about my job or my posting time. Do you think she's the person who posts obscene posts, lately?
""""most women who have abortions go on to live their lives without remorese or guilt about it""""

That is an outright lie.

Brooklyn, NY

#274236 Jan 3, 2013
BraveCon wrote:
<quoted text>
That's probably what Noah' neighbors said about him before the Great Flood.
Provide some evidence for your "great flood", Mr Fundie.

And yeah, I bet you know exactly what someone might have said to someone else thousands of years ago. Noooooo, you're not full of yourself!!! Hubris is your enemy.

United States

#274237 Jan 3, 2013
cpeter1313 wrote:
I've done research on both subjects--and many more besides. It's my nature. You're parroting fundamentalist christian dogma and claiming it is fact. There are thousands of christian sects, all based on interpretation of the bible. Pretending your interpretation is the "correct" one is sheer arrogance.
<quoted text>
I geuss if someone knew the truth, out of all the different interpetations, it would make one alittle arrogant.

I'm not sure, when it comes to how many fleas are on pharohs dog, and don't care, but as far as how someone getting to heaven, it is by grace through faith, in Gods only begotton son.
It is a spiritual rebirth.
If all anyone has is book knowledge, then they need the real deal. Which is Jesus christ in them.

I have studied a little, but was saved at home the night God woke me up, in a Real Born again experience.
I also learned, that what I was taught as a child was wrong.

Like Jesus said, to Paul, it is hard to kick against the pricks.
It is hard to go against what one is taught.

Saul/paul was a very religious man, zelous for the work of god, as he knew it, yet he didn't know god.

Jackson, NJ

#274238 Jan 3, 2013
Conservative Democrat wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you making a blanket statement applicable to ALL evil? Because there are many, whom if asked whether they believe the great flood, or the incineration of Sodom and Gomorrah were an evil, an unequivocal "yes" would be their answer.
Better think about that again dweeb. You and you "Rambunctious Catholic Commandos" (another term to which the RCC acronym applies), as well as you xtian hypocrite pals of all other denominations, believe that "EVERYTHING" that happens, is G-d's will. So, if that's true, then evil is of G-d, not of "Satan."
Are you evil if you punish your daughter? If you tell her that she won't be having desert tonight if she doesn't eat her dinner,are you an evil person? No.

Sin is saying "no" to God. God gave us a free will to choose him. While he allows that,and all that goes with that,he surely doesn't condone it(read the bible,he is quite clear about that). Evil is not "of" God.

United States

#274239 Jan 3, 2013
Katie wrote:
<quoted text>
Have you ever let your physician know this?
What does he or she say about it?
If they are wise, they would say Amen, if not they would give me pills, or theapy, or both :)
No Relativism

Chicago, IL

#274240 Jan 3, 2013
Conservative Democrat wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm not kidding anyone dweeb. In fact, you claim not to be prideful, yet you're overly prideful, garrulous and stupid, and kidding yourself if you think you're so indispensable to G-d that he will use you to speak what you believe is the truth, instead of using a bolder from a mountain to do it. G-d speaks in ways you can't possibly fathom, and not always through people who claim to be "truth speakers."
"The truth is the truth..." Sure, sure, sure. Truth is subjective tragaleche. You're just too blind to realize it.
My truth is that G-d teaches that the unborn's life, while valuable, is not as valuable as the mother's life. Physiology supports that truth; if mommy dies, fetus dies. Your truth is that the unborn's life is more valuable than the mother's, to the extent you'd see your own daughter dead before she has an abortion.
I'm an educated man dweeb. Yet, I cannot understand why it is you believe your religion is the proverbial "one and only," and everyone else's is sh*t. Or that a mother, who professes to be "pro-life," would admit she'd rather see her daughter die than have an abortion, which could very well save her life. As if that was YOUR decision to make.
If that's not an imposition of what you believe is the truth, then you're as blind as a bat in a cloudless day at high noon.
And you're also too stupid to realize that my point was that you'd get a whole lot less animosity and the proverbial "flack" from everyone, if you were just a tad more humble and more "christian" about how you approach other people. After all, you're the one commanded to "bless those who curse you" and the one who does it the least.
Oh yes, and if you really think G-d will use you to defend another who is being victimized, where the heck were you when Adam Lanza was killing kids in Newtown?
In the words of Winston Churchill, CD has “the gift of compressing the largest amount of words into the smallest amount of thought.”

Jackson, NJ

#274241 Jan 3, 2013
LiIrabbitfoofoo wrote:
<quoted text>Except it does NOT amount to murder. Abortion has NEVER been considered murder in the history of the United States. I know, its another tough shit moment for you, but its a fact. Never has been, never will be, and nobody that matters really cares what crazy people like yourself think.
Laws change. What is legal today might be illegal tommorow (and vice versa). So don't get to hung up on what MAN makes legal or illegal. God gave us a commandment NOT to kill. You know. I know.

“Dan IS the Man”

Since: May 12

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#274242 Jan 3, 2013
Ink wrote:
<quoted text>
They are beautiful to any mother, especially if they made them for her. Your problem is that you see ugly where others see beauty. That is because youlook at things with your eyes instead of your heart.
Are you judging me, Hypocrite? Why don't you practice what you preach for once, okay? Shock us.

Jackson, NJ

#274243 Jan 3, 2013
LiIrabbitfoofoo wrote:
<quoted text> Grumpy was correct in his comments.
<quoted text> I defy you to show where I've EVER claimed to speak for ALL Jews.
You are a lying sack of shit Skanky.
<quoted text>
Practicing Jews like myself, would never mock G-d. And yes Skanky, I am a practicing Jew.
We mock YOU and we mock you claims ABOUT your version of "g-d" since your jesus isn't g-d.
<quoted text>
ROFLMAO Whothefuckyou think your kidding? YOU mock G-d ***ALL*** the time. Your own with your lies, bearing false witness etc, and other faith's G-d as well.
Ask Bobby. He will tell you the truth. As wackie as that guy is,he at least is honest enough to tell us what *I* have been saying all along-coming STRAIGHT from the word of God in the bible,Rabbis,and quite a few Jewish friends.

YOU support killing as choice. Judaism doesn't. You CLEARLY are not a "practicing Jew".

Brooklyn, NY

#274244 Jan 3, 2013
Gtown71 wrote:
<quoted text>
You mean like the word Hell not being in my bible? Ok kenose
I don't blame you for not believing in Hell, or trying to turn it into an island.
God loves you, life is not fair, Hell is in my bible, satan changed not only the word of God, but also changes the words of the world, trying to keep people confused.
You have only proved, that you have nothing but faith in what you believe./
Once again, you're make baseless judgements. I never said I don't believe in "hell". All I've said is that Hell is not in the bible. It is impossible.

Please try to understand this simple fact:
The word Hel/hell did not exist until 700+ years after the bible was written. The word was first used by the Northern Europeans, those you would call Vikings, and had nothing to do with your religion. Facts are facts.

Did your bible scribes have a time machine?

Jackson, NJ

#274245 Jan 3, 2013
Conservative Democrat wrote:
<quoted text>
I wonder if dumbdumb would call you a faux atheist, because of your disbelief in G-d, as much as he calls me a faux Jew for my conversion to Judaism.
People reject God and/or Christ their savior all the time. Nobody is saying that that is fake. It is real. Satan roams the world seeking the ruin of souls. THAT my dear studmuffin,is a fact.

What I find fake is people like you,Bitler and Cpeter claiming to have KNOWN the RC religion prior to rejecting it. You have all proven that you are clueless about it.

I find that sad and tragic also. Something along the way in your life lead you to be deceived. I pray that you will hear Gods call back to him. I really do. As much as I bust on you people,and HATE the fact that you support killing your own flesh and blood or others,I truly don't want to see anyone lose their soul.

Brooklyn, NY

#274246 Jan 3, 2013
HuskerDu wrote:
<quoted text>Satan is all about rebellion, he went after God, you know and lost . There are more and more demonic possessions thanks to people like Bitner who throw their faith away and join witch groups like *wicca*.
Please provide one documented case of "demonic possession".

Jackson, NJ

#274247 Jan 3, 2013
Conservative Democrat wrote:
<quoted text>
You're that stupid; aren't you dweeb?
Just because Judaism does not permit abortion on demand, does not mean it forbids it, like you Rambunctious Catholic Commandos do. Judaism believes a man, and woman's free will, is paramount. And it's just that which allows us to make choices, including, but not limited to, termination of pregnancy.
So, for all Judaical practical purposes, prohibition of anything does not equal condemnation of what is prohibited. Your Jeebus spoke against divorce. Yet, how many Catholics have gotten divorced? Does the RCC condemn them for getting divorced? If so, then I renew my contention that the RCC is the most evil religious institution on Earth.
""""Just because Judaism does not permit abortion on demand, does not mean it forbids it"""" "

LOL oh THIS is priceless.

""""" ""Judaism believes a man, and woman's free will, is paramount. And it's just that which allows us to make choices, including, but not limited to, termination of pregnancy.""" """"" """

We ALL were given free will studmuffin. ALL of us,not just Jews. GOD GIVEN FREE WILL. What comes with that,unfortunately,is choices that either God approves of or doesn't. He makes it QUITE clear in the bible which ones he doesn't approve of.

For you to think otherwise,shows your ignorance to your religion and your knowledge of God.
No Relativism

Chicago, IL

#274248 Jan 3, 2013
sassylicious wrote:
<quoted text>I know what he said. As per usual,you jump in head first in attack mode without actually comprehending what was said.
He is specifically making the false claim that "MOST JEWS BELIEVE THAT ABORTINS MAY BE WARRANTED" and that is false.
ALL practicing/authentic Jews don't support killing/abortion. In other words,those "most" that he is referring to are not practicing/authentic Jews.
Let me explain further. ALL practicing/authentic Catholics don't support killing/abortion as choice. A wishy washy-Catholic in name only,will claim "I am Catholic and although I would never abort,I would never tell another that they can't-so therefore,I want it to remain legal".
88% of Jewish-Americans support a woman's right to choose abortion.

"Life of mother" is the reason given for 0.1% of abortions.

98% of abortions are performed for personal choice/convenience (i.e. elective).

"Woman's right to choose" for 99.9% of abortions does not fall in line with Foo's/Grumpy's Judaic contention of "may be necessary for life of mother" gobbledygook.

In other words, 88% of Jews will permit 99.9%% of preborn baby executions in order to support the 0.1% of abortions for "life of mother"?

If this is what foo & grumpy are saying, then they are basically calling their own Jewish-Americans imbeciles.

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