Juvenile facility (Montrose School or...

Walterboro, SC

#295 Sep 4, 2012
I was in Montrose it seemed like forever I remember being placed there and that long drive pass all those trees lined up on both sides and in the clinic having to have a total exam (hell)at that time I hadnt never had a exam pelvic before I remember mrs.king the house mother there for when you had to stay there and nurse hathaway or pathaway and the other nurse real big woman white short hair.mean as snakes up there.I remember going to the new campus cause they thought that the new arrivals should been over there well I earned my badge to go home I went by all the rules and then they changed the rules said that we now had to earn two green badges in a row thats 2 months I just said the hell with it and didnt even try anymore I made my own way I ran and was the most sucessful awoler they had I would get out stay out for months and then My mother would start looking for me I called her and told her I was fine and when i got sick or whatever i would come home and turn myself in I remember Mr. Danko and he had a black man he was training ( he is the one the others are refering to as there raper) and mrs. sanko or something like that (Drama teacher) I think Mrs. Snowden at that time was the woman in charge at the admin building.(old as dirt her face was like shoe leather to look at) Mrs.Crawford was one of the last house mothers I had in putts cottage .I liked her and she was great she made me realize that I must respect myself even if others dont and walk away with my head held HIGH.. thats funny cause Mrs.Crawford would walk and It looked like her head was in the clouds and I swear if it started to rain she would of drowned HAHAHAH.I hated that place it took everythig away from me no matter how hard you tried then they would change everything on you and love to see you cry or want something ..I had a few good housemothers also mrs.williams and mrs.haynes.

Bowie, MD

#296 Sep 4, 2012
I also wanted to respond to songs. The only one that has stayed with me my whole life and never forgotten any of it was song they would sing when you left. It began with "So long it's been good to know you". A couple of months ago I was watching TV (special or documentory??) and I heard them say Woody Guthrie and then heard him start to sing with "So long" etc. I had always wondered about that song and the computer age came in I was always thinking and saying I need to try and get info on that song but had never gotten around to it. I could not believe it when I heard that song coming out of the TV. The words were only slightly different. After all these years!!! And it turned out to be a Woody Guthrie protest folk song. Still can't believe it. 43 years later. Does anybody remember the song. I also can't believe I can't find anybody from 68/69
Gavino Rey

Upper Marlboro, MD

#297 Sep 15, 2012
i was placed in montross back in 1970, lived there for four years and loved each and evry day of it. went to school in the am. and then worked for mantenence untill 5 pm, payed me 230 every 2 weeks,was on the football team, a cook, and wall watcher.mr gorminor and mr j. bolinko were like my dads. mrs bolinko was my teacher, i miss them to this day. i have been writing down my lifes story now for over 30 years and hope to finish some day with a book also, linda,-debbie-maslow was my kid sis on compus. ms. jan truagee and mr. ray thorton helped me much. mr myers ran the grounds.we had dances with the girls side evry few weeks, it was great. at one point i was offered a job there. just a wonderful place , at least for the years that i was there. to many names to mention. ms blunt, ms basketvill. i was in charge of many thangs to help others while there , like the gpc meetings, guided peer colture program. i could go on and on, i was the only one that could wolk from gill side to field side without question.hell, i miss that place and all the wonderful people that worked there and all the ones i met there as well.

Marysville, OH

#298 Sep 16, 2012
Thanks so much for your post. It is a good thing that so many kids really liked being at Montrose.i know for many (like me) it was SOOOOO much better than what I had at home.

New Hope, PA

#299 Oct 21, 2012
Wanted to tell everyone that Terri Rowland died quietly in her home last week, just about 4 years after Margaret Shank (Miss Freddie during her Montrose days). Terri got her wish to die in her own home, not in a care facility or hospital.

Bloomington, IN

#300 Oct 21, 2012
I want to thank Gavino for some memories. I must have been more traumatized than I k new. I have a great memory and am known as the human sponge. I remember events but not names. The only names I remember are Mr Danks and Mr Stewart (science and history teachers respectively and Mrs King (housemother at Wilson cottage). I remember one girl named Susan (who was on Gill (thank you Gavino)side but went to school on Field side. If my memory is correct Gill was for the young kids(the side no longer in existance from what I gather reading here)and Field side was the old side for the older (14& up) girls. Yes, it was all girls in 68-thru early 69. To Karen:You think you got screwed by changes. While I was there the state did away with tempory commitments(which was my sentence)and commuted all to commitments, longer sentence. In the adult world you cannot!! give a longer sentence!! As for visits home, while I was there they did away with color badges (form system) and went to a punch card and time served system. I was in honor club which counted in form but not in punch card system. I had to wait 6 months before I got a visit home. I was RELEASED one week after I returned from my only home visit!! Talk about unfair and unjust. By the way, does anybody remember the name of an elderly housemother of Wilson cottage. She only seemed to work the night shift and I think she actually lived in the apt?? on the 2nd floor. She was very sweet and wish I could remember her name. It seems almost on the tip of my tongue but like I said my memory does not extend to names. That is one reason I wish I could find somebody who was there when I was. I have all of these memories and faces that I cannot put names to. I remember a Talitha.
I was sorry to get John's news. I sent condolences

Baltimore, MD

#301 Oct 21, 2012
John wrote:
Wanted to tell everyone that Terri Rowland died quietly in her home last week, just about 4 years after Margaret Shank (Miss Freddie during her Montrose days). Terri got her wish to die in her own home, not in a care facility or hospital.
I am glad John brought me up to date about Ms. Frederick and Ms. Rowland. I often wondered what happened to them. My memories if them both were two strong healthy females

Baltimore, MD

#302 Oct 21, 2012
Where did you send your condolences? Has anyone heard anything about Mr. Myers ( music teacher) and Mr. Gholston ( math teacher)?

Baltimore, MD

#303 Nov 23, 2012
I was at Montrose in 1970.. spent 1 month in Guttmacker ? Cottage.. Went to 1 month in Maryland Childrens Center, then back to Montrose. I can still remember the first thing you had to do was take a shower when you got there. We called it bug soap and shampoo. cause it smelled terrible!!! Started in Myers Cottage then to Putts Cottage. Was there for 10 months.. I remember Mama and Daddy Walker.. House parents for Guttmacker Cottage. Loved them. They were the best and helped me alot. Putts Cottage I remember Mrs Hale, didnt like her!! I remember going to New Cottage to eat our meals. Making bread pudding in the kitchen in Putts. I was a runaway child.. I stole everything to survive!! When I left Montrose for York Childrens home I could not steal a thing! I worked at Montrose in New New cottage on Gill side (think) I know there was Gill side and Field side! Also worked around the grounds with Mr Campbell.. Montrose had its good and bad.. I remember a psychologist who I was very leary of. Would rub my leg and promise to bring me alcohol. I hated going to see him! The dentist had a habit of brushing your chest with his arm during exams etc. I can remember the Lock up ward where you could hear the screams and cries from the girls there across campus.. Never knew what was happening just remember the sounds.
I remember my rooms in Putts.. started upstairs and then got moved down stairs. The only problem with down stairs was no one heard you when you knocked on the door to get permission to go to the bathroom, Once you opened the door an alarm would go off and your room number would popup on the board in the House parents office! Then you got yelled at for being out of your room!.
We had everything there. School, work, cantina, recreation, would go to maryland training school for boys for dances.
If you earned badges you had a little bit more freedom. Blue badge was the best.. Red Badge was second. all they were was a round piece of cloth sewn with the blue or red thread around the edge .. But they were like gold to us. If you earned one you had weekends home.. allowed to move about campus either with someone or alone depending on the badge. I managed both colors.
I survived it and came out a better person I believe. So all in all it was a good thing for most girls I think.
Please feel free to contact me I am not embarrased nor ashamed of my past and I talk freely about it to everyone who wants to know!
[email protected]

Baltimore, MD

#304 Nov 23, 2012
smartchick43 wrote:
A couple of things I would like to know from everyone.
WHY were you at Montrose?
If you were sent by juvenile court, did you have an attorney?
Judge Peach put me there for runaway. I remember his words. Well if we cant keep you in a foster home I know where we can keep you and know where your at! "Montrose School for Girls !!"

Baltimore, MD

#305 Nov 23, 2012
You brought back a lot of memories. I remember the fun I had at the dances. We did not earn badges we earned something called "form". We ate good. I was in Myer cottage which was called the sister cottage before I left. My sister came about 8 months after me. I was in Sandford cottage first. I graduated hihschool there and won the music and math award. Mrs. Rose was the housemother I remember. I remember Mrs. Hale. Iwas there 1965& 1966. I am not ashamed either. My email address is [email protected]
Anthony Walker

Bloomington, IN

#306 Nov 29, 2012
I was in montrose from I believe august 1973 to nov 1973 funny how people are more alike than different , I was in Wilson cottage and often think of the guys iwas shall i say locked up with. I wonder if the have families, hopefully they got their lives together. I can't say I remember anything bad happening except for a few fights of which I was apart of,we even had a tackle football team I played on. I remember a counselor name Mr Young and Mr Payne who worked the night shift and used to let me out of my room at night along with a few other guysand we would sit andtalk until we got sleepy. I also remember the girls cottages we saw the girls when we went to school and were constantly watched if you know what I mean. I feel bad for the children who had bad experiences. If anyone remembers me please write I would to hear from you. Peace

Springfield, NJ

#307 Nov 30, 2012
No males were there in the sixties. We had the guys only at the dances twice a year. I learned at lot. Have a good job. I graduated from Morgan State college and decided to work on my masters last year. Will graduate 05/2013.
Deborah Leyden

Pottstown, PA

#308 Jan 19, 2013
I was at waxter's then montrose school for girls when I wa 9. I was one of the youngest girls to be admitted. Mr William o Meyers was my piano teacher at montrose he taught me a lot about playing the piano. It brought back memories about the " form". If you we're form 4 you were locked in your room. Sanford cottage rings a bell. My sister and I were one of the first times sisters - were at the same cottage. My sisters name was Kathy Leyden, we actually roomed for awhile together than we were split up. Does anyone know what happened to mr Myers. Does anyone remember me??
I am as stated above not ashamed of montrose after leaving there was in the foster homes one after another till at 16 went or on my own. Kinda wished I had stayed it was more stable. At waxter's I remember an administrator tat looked like a penguin and we jokingly called him mr penguin.
If you know the people mentioned please email me [email protected]

Smyrna, DE

#309 Jan 19, 2013
I have looked on line for Mr. Myers and Gholston. I kept in touch with both until late 70's. Mr. Gholston's wife died. They lived in a house on Montrose grounds. I think he remarried. I think Mr. Myers remarried also. His wifewhen he was at Montrose divorced him. I kept in touch with her for years. She worked at Social Services in Baltimore. I could not find either one of them. I have fond memories of experiences at Montrose.
Deborah Leyden

Pottstown, PA

#310 Feb 2, 2013
I was in waxter's for (90) days, you were only allowed there for (30) days then I went to montrose it was in the early 60's. reading comments above I to remember events not names so much. My older sister was there also - our last name at the time was Leyden. We were put there because we were runaways from prince george's county. We were adopted out of Canada by mentally and physically abusive adoptive parents who lived in district heights md., I can write and say that now I am almost 60 years old. They died and to my surprise I finally felt really really safe. I believe waxter's and montrose did teach me stability, regiment organization, it was better then what I was living with, I have a daughter and 3 grandsons, I have never raised a hand to strike them we always talk. I do remember mr william o myers he was my music teacher, I played the piano and there used to be one in one of the cottages, I remember you stayed in (1) cottage for 30 days for physical and mental evaluation before you were placed in a regular cottage. I got out of the "system " at age 16 ran away to Pennsylvania, left my past and baggage that comes with it behind and started taking care of my own self, re starting my life. It was sad that through the prince georges court system children were seen but not heard.....it was okay in the 60's to abuse your children....they had no voice....

Mount Gilead, OH

#311 Feb 2, 2013
You are correct, back then the children had no voice. I CLEARLY remember going before the juvenile judge (at that time the juvenile court was at Pine St. Station in Baltimre) and no one represented me. My mother and step-father were there,(they claimed I was an 'incorrigible minor')and maybe a social worker. But I did NOT have legal representation, as if I were not a citizen guaranteed representation by the Constitution! Today my step-father would have gone to jail for physically and sexually abusing me. But in those days I was treated like a criminal because I ran away from home to get away from him!
But you are also correct that Montrose gave me something I did not have at home. In fact, several things. A clean bed. Enough food to eat. And no fear that anyone would enter my room in the dead of night and abuse me while my mother slept in the next room, oblivious!
Most of all, the place was CLEAN, which my home certainly was not. My mother was as scared of my step-father as was I and my siblings and she spent most of her days in La-La land not able to do anything to take care of us or prevent the abuse.
So, I thank God for Montrose, but blame the court system for locking ME up, when the real criminal was my step-father.
BTW, he is now dead, so in the end I win!!!
Kristin Davenport

Edroy, TX

#312 Feb 23, 2013
My mom Merab LeTourneau was here in 1971. I am looking for anyone who knows her. [email protected]
Kerry Pumphrey Mclean

Lockhart, TX

#313 Feb 24, 2013
I posted twice a couple of years back. Was there in 72. I was there for 3 months. Then was sentenced to a year at HOUSE OF GOOD SHEPHERD. I would like to know what they called the Mansion that housed temporary people. I was in there longer than most. Temporary kids had no privileges no activities no school. I worked in the laundry though. I was denied medical care also. I got poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumack? ALL at one time. I was highly allergic. I used to get shots to prevent it every summer when I was little. Anyway I was covered head to toe. The sores would bleed.. It was very painful. My mother tried to sneak medicine to me on visitation. Then she fought to get me in to Good Shepherd which was a he'll of alot better.

Pottstown, PA

#314 Feb 25, 2013
Sally wrote:
<quoted text>
Judge Peach put me there for runaway. I remember his words. Well if we cant keep you in a foster home I know where we can keep you and know where your at! "Montrose School for Girls !!"
I was put into montrose by the prince George's county court system. Was adopted in the USA from canada and I believe was the first case in history to be unadopted by the age of 8. I was a scared runaway child who was put thru the welfare system, was in montrose in the 60's. no lawyer or representation children were seen but not heard back then. Good and sad memories in the past of my life.

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